Monday, May 17, 2010

▪ random post.

rules changed?

No more shorts for college.
No more slippers for college.
If not,
dont have to go for classes.
Study mass communication must it be that way?
If outsiders see me,
will they think that i'm studying Mass Communication?

Kinda sad about hearing that,
because i love to wear shorts lahh.
How am i going to college now?
I got only 2 shorts and i have to go for college 4 days a week.
What ohhh.

and know what?
Miss Wong said lobak; carrot is not cute at all.
It's kinda hurting lahh.
She's so straight forward and doesn't even care how am i thinking about that.
She doesn't care my feelings lohhh.
I think back the way she straight away shoot me back also feel like crying d lahh.

Me: You can call me kellye.

Chian: Lobak, Lobak.

Me: Ah ya, or Lobak also can lah.

MissWong: Lobak?

Me: Lobak, carrot lahh.

MissWong: Why?

Me: Lobak cute lahh, carrot cute mahh. :D

MissWong: Well carrot is not cute at all.

Me: Harrrr, hurting weih..

kinda angry her lahh.
How can she say carrot like that?!
This sentence irritate me weih.
Feel so angry of her by stepping and saying carrot is not cute?!
One day if i knew what she love the most and i go and irritate the things she love a lot.
See what she feel.
What lahhh aduii..
Damn bushuang one norrr.


- by kellyetan

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