Thursday, April 26, 2012

| R4ND0M | * What's Me?

H E R R R O O !

Blog has been dead for 2 months. Well, this is not what I want but, you know sometimes we had to follow what is happening around us. I got no time, that is the fact and I cant change it. So I'm just following my life, although I miss my blog, I will only visit my blog, somehow listen to my blog's music. But I can't log in and post about something else. 

Finally, my semester has end, but not at all. I still have one more week left for finals. After that, I will and I can come back to my blog. Continue my blogging life, as usual. 

Actually there's a lot of things had happened in the past 2 months. Really a lot, some of the thing I cant even remember because Im a forgetful person. But I'll try to recall back and post it in my blog. As I always said, blog is my best friend. I tell everything here. So that whenever I want to find back my memories, I will look for my blog. 

One more week to go, then I'll be back. 


Actually I feel, kinda unhappy today. I'm happy with finally we've passed up our assignment and this is really an ending for the assignments. Although there is finals coming on, but I prefer study more than doing assignments. LOL. Perhaps I can write a lot while doing revision. HAHA. 

On the other hand, I'm unhappy because of I-dont-know-why. For no reason but just randomly feel that. Or I should say, I feel nothing. I don't know who am I, to some of you? What states am I to you? A friend? What kind of friend? A friend that you will call whenever anything happened to you? A friend that you will ask for yamcha? A friend that you will call for movie? A friend that you will think of everytime when you go out for gathering? Who am I, to everyone of you. 

I dont know how to express of what I want to tell here. But, Im just wondering. Sometimes I feel that Im a weird person. I hardly show what's in my heart to people. But I'm trying to do, I'm trying to do my best. But still, I feel like, am I not perfect enough? Is this what I should do? HAIH, I know you guys might feel complicated of dont know what am I talking about, I think only me myself know what am I talking about. It's okay. I'll chill myself :)

I'll be back in 1 to 2 weeks time.

Love, Kell.