Thursday, May 31, 2012

| 31052012 | * Work Day III

Its day 3. Im still enjoying working. Time passed very fast today :) Had 2 meals of Chicken Rice today because I have no idea where to eat. So sick of thikng where to eat everyday. I wonder how the full time workers here, are they suffer of thinking what to eat? Hahaha!

Well, actually I got nothing much to blog about. Just to keep my blog alive. Hahaha. Tomorrow mught be my last day of working because Saturday and Sunday I am going to treasure hunt! Ahh wasted! I love this job so much! Couldnt work until Sunday, wasted wates! Arghhh! :( Honestly, a little bit of sad that tomorrow is my last day. Because I really enjoy working in familiar environment, freedom which is can eat anytime that you like, you can sit if you're tired, but on ze floor, better than nothing LOL. And people there are nice. Most importantly, my supervisor is nice and good, she's really being nice to us. And not working alone but with YiLin, at least I can talk to someone when I am bored. And living her house like nobody's bsuiness :D So yeaaa im really enjoying :)

- somebody think this is colorful LOL.

Feel thankful to YiLin cooking food for me this morning, its delicious. And I bought The Magic from Popular Book and Music Fair in Orange Concourse Sunway Pyramid during my break time and the book was recommended by AiSha. Hope it can cheer me and motivate me daily Believe :D Yeaaa that's all, good night peeps!

Love, kell.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

| 30052012 | * Work Day II

It's another day of working! Due to the reason of crowded kids yesterday, we got no more balloon stick. So we couldnt spend much time on bloeing balloon. And yeaaaa, today was quiet. Perhaps its rainy days and people would choose to stay at home and hide inside the blanket which i wish i can do the same thing T.T
Today was good, having ling to accompanird me for my 2 break time. The first meal was in Chicken Rice Shop and the second meal was in Shilin. Having people to eat with, the food is much more delicious than eating alone. Hahaha!

Well, i snaked earlier, i left my job to YiLin at 9pm because i got free premiere screening from Nuffnang! Teehee, i wanna watch Piranha 3DD so so badly and know what, free popcorn from TGV Cinema somemore! Wow this is so cool! So yeaaaa i have to go i have to go and i must go i must go! Its in Sunway Pyramid! Thanks YiLin! Hohoho, im watching with AiSha, PuiYi and TeckSeang, yoohoo :D

Movie have cut a lot of part and it probably shown only an hour. Movie ended at 1030pm and we decided to yamchaaaaa! In Station One nearby. And yeahhh im blogging in Station One using IPad actually. Hahaha! That's all for today! Buhhbaiiz! :)

Love, kell.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

| 29052012 | * Work Day I

Hi today. Its 1218am. Im currently blogging in YiLin's house. Yeah its another roadshow which is Moms and Juniors' fair in Sunway Pyramid and i'm working with YiLin, selling Novalac milk power which can soften the kid's stool to prevent constipation. Its not a famous brand but from the customer feedback, it is useful. So i guess it is a good product :) Well, i'm enjoying my job today because its a roadshow, time pass very fast and dont have to break with the time that they set for us, it is flexible. We can choose our break time when we about to getting hungry. It's not strict, still enjoying and have fun, except the annoying kids.  

- My break time meal.

Besides, got a bad news from mua sixta saying that my grandmother fell down this morning. I'm worried and try to find replacement but I cant make it seriously. My mood is actually quite down, right now. Just because i'm worried. My grandmother is currently in Assunta Hospital and need injection to control her pain. I thought yesterday was just a good beginning because she start eating a lot but today what I got is this bad news. I'm very worry about her, how I wish I have car right now and can driver over there and visit her. I wonder how is she right now, I wonder what is in her mind? Is that she is thinking something negative? Can I be there to cheer her up? Can I be there to show her the support? I hope she didnt think much, I hope she's doing well, I hope everything is fine. These are what in my mind, right now. I miss her so much. She will be good, I pray. Hope she were blessed. Take care, my beloved grandmother, we are here for you.

Love, kell.

Monday, May 28, 2012

| 28052012 | * Exhaust!

Hello everybody! See, I'm hardworking blogging right? Haha! Nahhh, it's my interest of doing this, my pleasure :D Well, i'm awakened by my mom's shouting. I dont know why is she shouting early in ze morning, her sound is much more powerful than my alarm which is Big Bang's Fantastic Baby. It's so noisy but her sound is much more noisier than that. Hahahaha. She's shouting at me, ask me go to grandmother's house and I was like WTH? Yesterday she is the one telling me that i'm staying at home. Then I was like shouting at her, yesterday you said dont have to go and today you give me suddenly plan. Then she didnt wake me up anymore.

But you know, people will get guilty, just because of I shouted at her. And I probably already wake and couldnt get back to sleep again. Besides, I'm thinking about coming freelance job and will not have time to visit my grandmother. So I decided to wake up, talked to my mum.

After my brunch that cooked by my mom, packed and get ready and went to the office because she wants to do something a while. Then switch driver which is ME driving to grandmother's house. Because you know, the women, which is my mom, she's a very busy person. You cant imagine how busy she is until you see it. LOL.

Reached grandmother's house and heard some stories about her from my brother and sister. As we can see, she is very weak. Even she is talking to us half way she can fall asleep. She got no energy and she fell down twice in a day, yesterday. We were worried, very very worried about her. We sent her to Tung Shin Hospital which in Jalan Pudu to visit a China doctor. At the same time, me and mua sixta visit the doctor as well. Because mua sixta is weak as well, and my menstrual cycle period is not constant and my digestive system have problem. That's why i'm fat I think, I used to think that way -.-"

After visiting the doctor, although she didnt eat any medicine yet. But her appetite is getting better, she eat more rice and vegetables. Me and mua sixta ordered Domino's Pizza she also wanted to try some. When we asked her: "Do you still want?" She said no but her finger is still taking from the bowl. I saw that scene, I smile :) Because I'm happy that I see her having appetite and start to eat more. She starts to chat a lot and smile. In the morning, she is so weak and her facing expression is totally let people worried. Compare to after visiting the doctor, she is totally different. I hope she maintain like this and keep on going and getting better and better. I talked to mua sixta about The Secret, The Magic, and we should start thinking positive. 2 is better than 1, me and mua sixta, 2 person's positive must be stronger than my grandmother's negative thinking. So we should think positive, we must believe :)

Around 7pm, my uncle came to grandmother's house. We got shift one you know LOL. His turn to take care of grandmother. Then me and mua sixta went to Mid Valley to buy some needs for my grandmother. We bought wheel chair as well just to in case she need it. Then she sent me home and she overnight at grandmother's house. I'm fully exhaust. Although tired, but I fulfill my time for my family especially my beloved grandmother. Pray that she's getting better, healthier. People who dont know to cherish her, let it be. They will get old and they will face the same thing. That time they will know what happens to them. My grandmother, don't worry about us, dont worry about we got not enough money to use, dont worry about we will get bully by others. We've grown up now and we know how to earn money, we have savings, nobody can bully us, you know? Dont worry about us, take care of yourself and eat more. I feel unhappy when you worry at people bullying us.

Alright, I'm really writing an essay here. But these are what I wanted to tell out and nobody would willing listen to me. And I think it is not good to talk about these with mua family LOL.

- Doctor's handwriting.

Good Night all, Imma gonna work tomorrow.

♥ kell

Friday, May 25, 2012

| 25052012 | * Hey Mickey!

Went to visit mua beloved grandmother today, together with mua sixta. Brother and mother joined us after. Evening, went MidValley with sixta. Actually the main point is not to see Mickey nahh. We came here to restock things that goes empty in our house such as Maggie, vegetables, snacks etc.

Besides, had our dinner at Pastis in The Gardens. The look of food were pretty nice but it taste bad. Either too salty or too sweet. The taste are overly heavy. Me and my sister cannot finish the food. After bought the stuffs, picked up mother and we went D' Rich for second round, for delicious food. LOL.

- i like this! :D

Blogged, kell.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

| 24052012 | * Doll Model.


Went to KL for helping Sha's cousin to be model for dolly make up. Let her try try :p

Night time, went to Pavillion for movie with ze ITMC. Sha joined us as well. Watched Men In Black III.

Blogged, kell.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

| 22052012 | * Working for Windows Microsoft.

Well, got a called while I'm in Melacca saying that needed 2 girls for work in University Malaya. And it's a fun job, yeaaaa! University Malaya is a big and huge school for me -.- Even we get lost in there. Luckily we saw the Microsoft booth there, or else we really need to make a call and ask whether where is the place LOL! We spent an hour to find the place weihh, fuhhh!

- see the map! -.-

- before work.

- the booth.

- while waiting for supervisor.

- gift from them: Cut The Rope! 

After work, we went to Kepong for steamboat. Too bad PuiYi couldnt join us because she's rushing assignments. But she wants to eat badly, so next time we'll go again :)

After dinner, we 2 used to be home late these days. And we went to Ikano Power Center, The Curve, Ikea. LOL! For jalan jalan and spend time. We're getting hyper and hyper. Being enthusiasm to the worker of WWF there and have jokes with them and leave message to the WWF.


Besides, enjoy the RM1.00 ice cream in Ikea.

Great Day!

Blogged, kell.

Monday, May 21, 2012

| 21052012 | * Melacca with Dabez Day II.

Oh well, its another day in Melacca. Had a great bed time sleep. And realize how people usually sleep. She hide in the blanket like nobody's business. And she sleep so near to me and her its like nobody beside me and I wondering where she go. LOL.

11am, woke up and we make up. Of course not pretty like yesterday because we're tired. HAHA. Checked out and continue hunt for food. Ehh, before that, update!

- Update update :D

 First stop, Baba Laksa in Jonker 88.

- Yummy!

Then, durian cendol :D


Full? Of course not! Another round of chicken rice ball in Woh Gei.


Another round of Durian Cendol AGAIN
Back to Jonker 88

- Rojak cost RM7 but its delicious!
Then, we are about to leave. Say bye to Melacca. We will be back again, for sure :) And once again, thanks to ze Dabez Sha to plan and schedule the trip, and also accompanied me. Haha! And thanks to Susan and Cindy ze GPS and Google Map, Digi 3G, my Perodua Myvi, cash in my wallet. If without all of you, I wouldn't have this trip so successful. 

- Thank you Susan :D

- Thank you Cindy :D

- Thank you Sha :D

- And thanks to myself :)

Blogged, kell.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

| 20052012 | * Melacca with Dabez Day I.

After so long of planning, we Dabez finally got a trip to Melacca. As usual, we come out with Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D until Plan Z. LOL. Like we've planned to Thailand, Singapore, Cameron Highland, Genting Highland and more and more. Final decision, Melacca. We're getting excited few days before the trip. So, let's begin the stories as the photos shown below will do the speaking.


- The bag packs :D

- What we need is parking tickets.

- We take turns to drive :D

- Speeeeeed 160km/h.

- IPad keep us update :D

- I need sun block to prevent me from getting dark.

- Camwhore around, what girls usually will do :p

- Chicken rice ball in Chung Wah Kopitiam.

- Satay celup in Capitol for dinner.

- Shopping is a must and finally bought mua slippers.

- Thousand Layer Cake in Nadeje in Mahkota for tea time.

- ze Dabez.

- Yeeen Wohhh (bird nest) mask before sleep.

- And rest! Good night!

Loves, kell.