Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Today *\\31.07.2010//*

today woke up at 1pm,
then shower, eat my BREAKFAST and everything ready.
around 4pm,
puiyi's baba come and pick me.
then we went to chong hwa independent school to pick up her sister.

then went to CHS for PMO Concert.
met up alvin and ziyi there.
ziyi with his mami and sister.
tong babe still stuck in traffic.
then we went ICR ordered and eat first.
everyone's hungry.

then after eating,
tong finally reached.
we went 7 eleven and buy some snacks.
then went in to school.
find the LM junior and the committees.
awww happy that they still remember us.

have some chit chat and then we enter to the concert.
after few song played,
there are 15 minutes break and we found our chinese teacher and chat with her.
she will always remember me because im the only one always sleeping in her class.
know what?
i ask her,
miss ahh, now your class still got people always sleeping like me?
she ask me why am i always sleeping in her class.

she always very slow,
until i wanna sleep.
but i didnt fail her subject also ma right?

besides that,
we also met a lot of friends there.
but most of them are from inti lah aduik!
all joking around only.
damn fun.
i kinda hyper.

then we went canteen and met the LM's again.
chat with them especially jiayong a.k.a yongyong.
didnt take photo with him.

then we went DK and met the members also.
then chat with xietong also.
he's cute.

then more while,
we went back into the hall and continue listening the concert.
after the concert end,
see the LM members duty and keep all the chairs again.
it reminds me of what we did last time,
i seriously miss the moments of duty.
if i am given the chance,
i still wanna work for LM.

i am seriously in love with LM.

after that,
tong left and jiayong ffk us.
left me, puiyi and alvin went to the kanna and YC again.
then around 11.30pm,
we left.

- tong, puiyi and me before the concert.

- before the lights off.

- after the lights off.

- concert end and the LM duties. =D

- me, puiyi and tong. =)

- they tied this for me. xD

- by kellyetan

Friday, July 30, 2010

My Today *\\30.07.2010//*

woke up at around 9am,
went to college for enrollment.
of course i met chian, yilin, jonathan, puiyi, teckseang, amanda, wen hui and alvin too.

after settle everything.
chian sent me to sunway pyramid and i met all my secondary friends.
puiyi, schumman, kaijin and alvin were there.
then i saw my bii too.
go and have some chatting with him.
after that we went sakae sushi to have our lunch.
then met huilin and ronald too.

we spent quite a lot of time in sakae because of dont know where to go.
after that we decide to go to the cinema and see whether what movie to watch.
also spent quite a lot of time there of discussing.
and end up my sister help us to pay online via her credit card.
but due to the timing problem,
some of them might not watching with us.

we still left some time and decide to go for redbox.
then we walk there and they said have to wait until 3pm.
but our movie time is 4.45pm and it's not worth of singing in redbox.
so we walk somewhere else.
and end up we YC in snowy.

until 4.30pm,
kaijin and huilin left.
then left me, puiyi, ronald and alvin.
four of us went for movie.
The Jade and The Pearl ( 翡翠明珠 )

the movie not bad,
kinda funny and touching also.
rating for this movie i would rate it 3/5.

then after that,
we went to pepper lunch and eat our dinner there.
then more while,
we walk walk somewhere,
find yilin also.
then went popular and buy some stuff.
then alvin and puiti left.
me and ronald sitting on the chair and have some chatting.
he seems unhappy.

then i saw jianvyee pass by.
then i message him.

after that,
around 9.30pm,
ronald left.
i go and find yilin and shermaine for a little while.
then they left and i sitting somewhere and wait for my brother, sister and cousins.
because today is my cousin's birthday.
then we celebrate with her at Frames Cafe.
jianvyee was there too,
celebrating his friend's birthday also.

after that then,
they went to clubbing.
me and my sister back home.

- with them in sakae.

- the girls. =)

- the group, schumman left already. =/

- mushroom soup in Frames Cafe.

Happy Birthday Ating!


- by kellyetan

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Today *\\29.07.2010//*

woke up around 6.15am today.
because 7am uncle come and pick me up and go to Hulu Langat learn driving.
what the fish i cant sleep weih.
around 4am only sleep.
and before my alarm ring i already woke up.
i sleep not well recently.
just like the day before i working for the TM Net.

woke up and get ready everything,
drink a cup of nesvita and out from house.
around 8 something,
we reached there and start learning and learning.
and there are 2 ways, A road and B road.
uncle bring us go along for twice.
but i tell you guys,
how am i going to exam?
damn scare weih.
and quite many cars there.
bless me peeps.

then keep on driving for few hours and my car keep restart the engine and i get angry,
so i off the air cond while the car moving but when stop i on back the air cond.
because it is so freaking hot weih.
the hot sun.

make me so sweat and i feel like vomiting.
know what?
maybe because of my ON and OFF air cond,
the air cond not function at all already!
even i ON it!
what the fish.
i am gonna seriously die inside and step on the oil and fly it somewhere cold country.

i seriously damn headache.
and keep on driving and driving and i think i am old and i cant remember the formula.
what the fish again?!
i bang the tiang for twice today.
and i keep mumbling in the car,
talking to own self like an idiot shit.
what the fish.
i kinda angry of myself though, honestly.

finally around 1pm,
we left the place that gave me a lot of pressure and sweat,
thank you so much Mr. Hulu Langat.
and around 1.30pm,
finally i'm home.
shower and drink some milk and get rest.
but i cant sleep!
although im very very tired!
im gonna cry.
perhaps im having heavily headache and so,
i cant sleep.

Bless me. =)

- by kellyetan

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Today *\\27.07.2010//*

woke up at around 12.30pm,
it this counted early?
for me is early,
because i thought i will sleep till the sun back home.

thanks to JJ 4 missed calls.

i guess he miss me so much until spam my calls.
i heard the phone calls but i never pick up because i scare they tell me the results.
i wanna check myself.

then i woke up and check for the results but still dont have yet.
then chian called me and said it's at the past semester session,
so i get up and had a look again.

thanks God,
i only failed for 1 subject and i thought my law will fail.
thanks God i no need touch all the stupid Act and stupid Statue anymore.
and also thank God i dont have to read all the whatever criminal cases and many more.
i guess is the lecturer help us to pass the subject.
thanks Miss,
and i feel so regret of always skipping your class and not paying attention while you're teaching.
and you still help us to pass this subject,
thank you so much Miss.

for journalism,
i thought it was half way hanging there,
either fail or pass that's it.
end up i got a F here.
honestly i dont really care and it doesnt really affect my mood.
because i admit the assignment i kinda simply do.
and for the event,
the lecturer keep said do this add marks do that add marks,
but honestly i dont think he really mean it.

i though i will fail 2 subject but i passed 2 and failed 1.
that's already good for me.

i never expect i can pass 2 also.
so im happy more than sad.

for human communication,
this is the subject i am very interest on.
and overall still okay.
although i never get any A and B,
but i am satisfied.
if not satisfied then i am gonna emo again.
satisfied luhhh,
at least it is better than what i expect.

after that,
today i did 1 of my mission also.
clean my ear hole,
the hole that i put my ear ring.
finally clean clean.
hygiene mahh.



nahh now here,
my results.

and yeahh hey guys,
friends that upset with their result or unhappy with it,
chill babes!
dont so down.
study hard for our next semester okie?
Hand in hand,
we're all together.

sorry dear, sorry bii.

- by kellyetan

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Today *\\26.07.2010//*

woke up at around 12pm?
and get ready everything,
then follow mami and sister to the office.
today mua whole family also in office.

i long time didnt come to office already lur.
cause i dislike to come here.
boring and no purpose.
but the purpose i came office today is to activate my bank account and to bank in my salary cheque.
other than that,
i wanna make an ATM card and also make another nicer spectacle.
but too bad,
ATM card can only make after 24 hours after activate the bank account.
so that mean i cant make it by today.
and the spectacle,
my sister said A Look will have more choices.
so i decide not to make here.

tomorrow and wednesday,
i could not make it to learn car at the exam places.
although i am very scare and lack of confidence,
but every night before i sleep,
i will surely think of that and i will cheer myself up and motivate myself must go and learn and i can do it!
but after i woke up from my sleep,
i will surely lack of confidence again.

what happened to me huhhh?
currently i am still in office,
waiting them finish work,
so that i can back home.

what i did in office today is only do some paper work for timtim.
and i also boiled phone with dear chian.
because i was too boring!
we boiled for around half an hour.
we chat a lot.

alright my readers!
i will be back!
miss you guys!


- by kellyetan

Sunday, July 25, 2010

▪ random post.

kinda boring these days.
yesterday went for midnight movie with sister and a cousin.
watch 人间喜剧 in leisure mall, cheras.

before that,
went Gobi had dinner with mua sister.
eat kinda a lot and i damn full.

the movie for me is,
not bad.
not very funny like what i expect.
but not that worst also.
the ending still a little bit fake.
i dont know bahh?
still okay only, for me.

i woke up at 4pm.
accidentally heard my mum said that my life kinda up side down.
and i also heard that Myvi got a scar in front there.
dont know who's the people who caused the scar.
forget about it.

next week,
guess result is coming out soon.
sure will fail for my law subject one nor.
and finally 1 more week to go,
then college start.
kinda boring staying at home and do nothing.

i prefer to meet my friends everyday,
i prefer write write in class,
i prefer hand holding files and documents.

and i'm gonna work for next 2 week,
PC fair!
it's tiring maybe?
but it' fun.

i successfully escaped the dinner.
but staying at home,
do nothing also.

thinking next week am i seriously gonna go the exam place to learn the car??
i kinda scare weihh.
very very scare.

but i wish i faster pass nahh!

- by kellyetan

Saturday, July 24, 2010

▪ random post.

They facing complicated problem again.
i admit,
i really think that he will hurts her.
i dont know what is happening,
perhaps is the girl who hurts him?

but seriously,
i admit that i believe they are having problem soon.
but after i've been checking them out.
found out that the guy would do something that he never did that to me before.
but still,
i feel that they will having problem.

and now,
they really having problem.
a complicated problem.

bless them.
i will bless them too.
hope that they will get their happiness.

i am leaving.
i am not the guardian angel, anymore.
i am the guardian angel of someone else.
i am sorry,
i am leaving you.

be happy!

iloveyou, deong!

- by kellyetan

My Today *\\24.07.2010//*

woke up at 2.30pm and i am still thinking about the job.
i was thinking my friend is working.
i was thinking if today i am still working.
i was thinking if yesterday never end early.
and i was thinking how to escape the dinner for Sunday.
seriously i dont wanna dont wanna dont wanna go.
my sister is not going though.
and dont lahh ruin my keep fit plan.

woke up and wash face,
brush my teeth until my teeth blink blink.

of course without the lipstick lahhh aduikk!

and after that,
was staying in front of my cutie laptop for 1 and half hour, i guess?
what i did?
facebook lahh,
this lahh that lahh.
bouncing blog for a lot.
and of course now i'm blogging!

and now,
guess i wanna go and hunt for some foods.

will be back to my cuttiieee bloggiieeeee.

- by kellyetan

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Today *\\23.07.2010//*

I aren't in a very good mood today.
Yes perhaps i will not being so fool anymore.
but still,
i'm not in a very good mood.
yet, i'm not in a very bad mood also.
i'm just neutral.
but i seems and sounds like moody or no energy.
because of i'm sleeping kinda one to two hours only.
and i'm hanging at pyramid for 10 hours.

i just dont wish to listen people complain and talk about that anymore.
because let me feel that i am so so wrong.
i know.
i heard a lot of these case before.
i know,
i really know.

i did print screen or did some thing and try to prevent.
this is not my problem,
this is their managing problem.
never mind guys,
never mind my parents,
never mind my family members..
don't keep on yelling and blaming.
it's alright okay?
i am fine with it.
what i wish is not to listen you guys complaining and worrying about the salary.
what i wish is not to listen you guys to tell me this is not worth and spend whole day there.
what i wish to listen is,
this is the first time, never mind.
what i wish to listen is,
take it as your experience.

i am alright with it, seriously.
i just need you guys to guide me up to carry on.
it's not with the salary and other stuff.
it's about i am growing up and i am absorbing the experience right?

so i fell down,
i should know to climb up and not to walk the slippery place anymore.
just like,
i knew this "company" was not so good,
and next time,
i will never work for this anymore.

Happy because i got my experience.
don't take it so serious.
i need you guys' support.
not others.
that's what truly from my heart.

- by kellyetan

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Today *\\21.07.2010//*

for the few days of sitting in front of laptop and wait for the updated from the website.

although the salary is kinda low,
although sell something that i dont really know.
i success escape dinner!

very lucky and coincidence,
after i done everything and confirm the job,
my brother came into my room and told me about Sunday eating together.
then i said nope, im not going!
he asked why and i said i got work.
luckily i already found job!
jobbiie jobbiiee~
i love you!

and not im working alone weih.
im working with my friends!
dear chian, sarah, jeremy, thina and hau neng!
i guess we'll have fun!

where am i working at?
of course Sunway Pyramid nohh!


perhaps someday can eat dinner with bii?

- by kellyetan

▪ randomly love ♥ ♥

missing people is kinda suffer?
yes i guess so?
i am missing him so so much.

nagged to clean up the rooms and everything in my house.
it's kinda messy!
but i was like not motivated.
would you motivates me?

Love, is the movement.
i miss you.
i need your motivation.

Love is missing someone whenever you're apart,
but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart.

Bii, i miss you so much.
hope you're doing the same.

Lately night,
i miss you, where'd you go?
after work, where'd you go?
i miss you, do you know that?

I miss you i miss you i miss you.
i am missing you.
i miss you my dear,
i miss you.

Just like the balloons,
flying everywhere without the string,
just to searching for you.
Just to find more about you,
just because to see you.

Because, i love you.

- by kellyetan