Tuesday, January 24, 2012

| 24012012 | * Second Day of CNY.

Its the second day of Chinese New Year! What should I do today? Parents, brother and sister has their own program. How about me this loner :(

Went to lunch with mua family members except mua brother at Kuchai Lama, 100°C Steamboat. Actually planned to go another but its off for business. So we came here. The environment is good enough and the choices of soup were many. Only tomyum also they have 3 types of tomyum, tomyum goong, normal tomyum and one more which is i forget already :P But I can guarantee the food is nice and you'll surely go back for that again! :D We ordered Chinese New Year set and another set of meat, you can choose if you're not a beef eater. 

Then, night time. Because my parent's friends came to our house for karaoke. So i dated ling out for movie! We watched Laughing Kor at One Utama. Then once end, sent her home and I back to mua house also. FYI, mua parent's friends are still there =x

100°C Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant
No.3 & 5, Ground Floor, 
Dynasti Kuchai, 
Jalan Kuchai Maju 18, 
Off jalan Kuchai Lama, 
58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-79800899
Business Hour: Monday-Sunday 11am-11pm
Website: http://www.100c.com.my/
Here's Facebook and Location map

Sunday, January 22, 2012

| 22012012 | * 新年快乐!


我呢,就希望...事事顺利,就够了!因为事事顺利就代表什么都好。今天呢,就回外婆家吃团圆饭啊,两个表妹都没有来,因为做工呢!我们在那里吃饱饱还有看电视,看了整整3套戏,他们...看起来都没有想要玩牌的念头,闷到我啊.... 今年的团圆饭,位置比较小一点,因该是每个人都长大了,不像以前这样,可以一大伙人坐一张圆桌了。今年啊,一张圆桌,两张四方桌,都不够坐啊!大家都长大了,勾起了很多小时候的回忆。小孩子,总是最喜欢新年,玩烟花,拿红包,乐悠悠。现在长大啦!一些毕业了,大家都驾车了,也因为做工而没吃团圆饭了,也没有玩烟花了,也开始有烦恼了。早一点走,下一趟赶去情人的家吃团圆饭,哪像以前?

很久都没有试过新年呆在家了,通常都会去旅行,可是今年原本去这儿,然后换去那儿,在从那儿,又换去这儿,到最后?哪儿都不去了。闷啊!已经不习惯新年在家,都不知道要干嘛好。做么哦最近............ 什么东西都会取消?就连朋友计划的看戏啊、喝茶啊、去游玩啊,都是通通计划计划计划....然后取消,就连新年也...................... 我很想出去玩啊................................ 谁要带我出去玩?=(

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

| 21012012 | * Work and Ikea Day!


Im working today! Until 7pm, went out with Sha. We went Yuan Steamboat Buffet for dinner. I am starving :( Then we went Ikea for a walk because Sha wants to buy table and some other stationary using stuffs. She's happy cause finally she bought her study table :D

Night time around 10pm, she sent me home and I got no key for door. Parents were all not home yet. Then we both went to the nearby Old Town White Coffee for our yamcha session. 

Around 11 something, we left. Tired and sleep with mua sleeping mask - O'slee :)

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

| 18012011 | * New Hairstyle!

Hello! Greet you with my new hairstyle :)

Suddenly feel like cutting my hair. In 15 minutes, I made my decision and seriously walk in to hair saloon. Just like the past, from super effing long to short. Actually i wish to be shorter but the barber seems to be so busy! Maybe its Chinese New Year season. He cut for me like few hours. So i also.......... forget about it.

Why i cut my hair? Hmm, not because of Chinese New Year, but just boring. Everyday looking at the mirror, everyday the same face, the same hairstyle. I feel boring. I am i person who easily feel boring, that's why i always change my profile picture. Because every time i look at my profile picture, i feel boring. Maybe i just don't like my face, i don't know. HAHAHA.

Hope people wont feel that im a kid and watch movie, please don't check IC anymore :)

And today! FINALLY, I got the chance to eat LokLok. WAO, a lot of people feel surprise and unbelievable. Yes i am serious. I never eat LokLok before, even once. Today finally i got the chance to eat with Ling, in Puchong. But i don't know the price is so expensive through. Not full also, but the price is RM20+. Waoooooo. O.O What a good experience :)

- Say goodbye to my lovely long hair.

- Seeeee i eat until sooo happy! :P

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Friday, January 13, 2012

| 13012011 | * Bloggers CNY Dinner.

Thanks to the invitation from Jayren. I've got chance to join the Bloggers Chinese New Year dinner. This is my first time of meeting him after so long.

After class, straight away went Sunway Giza's Uncle Prawn with Ling. Cause my class end around that time and reach there is almost that time. I invited Ling to go along with me because I scare. Hehe. I think i heard they said this is the second time they organize such event and im a new comer. Nice to meet all of you, Eunice, Benjamin, Jun Fok, Choulyin, Sherrie, Choulyew, Simon, Rachel, Jia Jia. Anyone else i missed out? Yes i think i do, I really cant remember so much because we only shake hands and say hi. LOL. Anyway, hope i have chances to come out events together with you guys again (:

I know im quiet there because, too many strangers for me, its too sudden. HAHA. I'll try to talk more next time :P

Enjoyed dinner. After dinner, never take the group photos :( then we left.

- Rachel, JiaJia, Liki, PuiYi, me and PeiWah.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

| 11012012 | * Proud Yet Boring.

Feel so proud today. I managed to woke up at 615am this early morning for the damn early class. I thought i'll be late but no, i am not. Hohoho. That's first. Second, i parked in front of Starbucks which is the first place, yoohooo. Third thing, after few days of MIA in gym, finally im back to gym today; alone again. LOL. And i finally washed my car today. Fifth, i napped and i manage to woke up. Usually i can nap from 6pm to 12am. Then what i get in insomnia. But i managed to woke up from nap! YAY........................ actually nothing nice to celebrate but i feel good LOL. pleaseforgivemeofbeingsuchalame

Still, im feeling gawd damn boring. Teach me what to do, teach me. I am boring! Can Chinese New Year come as soon as possible? Can assignment or project start as soon as possible? Can the lecturers start teaching with slides as soon as possible? I am boring................

Monday, January 9, 2012

| 09012011 | * Semester Break Has Finally End.

Ello buddies! Semester break has finally end. Have to back to college and start busying and stressing with the assignments and tests. But that's what i like :D I love school like the most.

Went to college at 9am and start doing payment. As i mentioned, stupid college. Still, we have to wait for 100 numbers.Wao, awesome right? WTF.

So we skipped the 10am class because we're waiting for payment. Then we had our breakfast in Asia Cafe. then mua sixta and chian's left. Me and Yilin went to Mr. Andrew's class for Web Development. Hopefully this is better than Mr. Tang's assignment. I dont wanna create webpage because i dont know how to use Front Page. I dont wanna like do nothing in group assignment. But this is better huh? Its about blog. YAY! benefits for blogger, hohoho.

Skipped Mr. Khairul's class as well because our timetable doesn't exist that subject at all. LOL. so we'll just leave the college. Went to OldTown with mua mum. Not the OldTown White Coffee but the real Old Town in PJ State. LOL. until around 5 something only we're home.

Received a Christmas gift aka Souvenir from Chian today. Its all about................ Lilo and Stitch! :DDD Thankiews :D

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Friday, January 6, 2012

| 06012011 | * Overnight Ling's House.

Well well well. Planned to go for gym in ze early morning and yes we did it for the very first time. LOL. I mean for me and mua sixta. Ahhh my throat is so pain, until i cant really talk. But i still talk alot, no worries. I am a G JA POH LOL.




Went to gym with mua sixta but i didnt really do because im having headache as well. Just did a little bit. Then eat mum mum.

After that, went to college for enrollment but WAO. I need to wait for 100+ people and the number is moving so damn slow. And the whole room is swarming. WTH. We waited for like 45 minutes and we gave up because mua sixta and rushing to other places. So we left. Stupid college this is real one. Please do not come to Inti College. This is what i really wanna say. LOL.

Home, napped for few hours. Then went out with ling Puiyi. Went to Subang SS15 for mum mum again. Due to my sore throat condition, we eat at Da Sa Rang again. Because there got cold noodles can make me feel good. Owyeah!

Then, i dapao noodles and bring back home for mua brother. Then we went to Shiok Cafe for updating blog. Around 12am, we went to her house and i overnight at her house again and again. Hope her parents wont hate me. HAHAHA. Then we blogging, watching PPS and MSN until late night only go to the bed. Good Night! 

Love, kell.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

| 04012011 | * 2 Round Of Gym

Good Molling! What a hawt weather.

Waking up at around 815am. Actually was planned to wake at 550am and go to the MidValley's gym but i couldnt manage to sleep. So im waking up late. Picked Puiyi up and we went to Subang SS15 to had our breakfast first- Pork Noodle! Yumyum. After that, we went to Sunway Pyramid's gym because we are all club members. Woohoo. Then we do gym at Sunway Pyramid. 

Say Hello! (:

After that, we jalan jalan cari makan like that. And i met 2 stupid guys that making me angry! While im walking to Auntie Anne from Juice Works alone. Suddenly a guy walk towards me and i thought its my friend at first. Then there's 2 guy, one thin and one fat. The thin guy is just like a MC keep on talking and the fat one just standing beside and looking. The thin guy at first introducing himself to me and i thought they were those whatever VISA or Maybank or whatever who cares. Then they bring out some photos all that and told me that they are student from the place and want me to donate some money for them to help those orang upaya. And requested me to donate RM30 for a tin of milk powder. Hello? Im just a student, if i would take out RM30 for donation, I wont be drinking Juice Works but Starbucks. So i said im sorry, because I donated money and foods to them personally every year. Ya wud, I would rather send to them personally and I wont be believing them, how i know they were true or fake? 

Then the thin guy say, Ya this thing we also organize once a year. I still say, Im so sorry. There's too many, how many i can help? Then he requested RM10 from me. I said sorry, seriously sorry. Then he was like talking to me damn fierce. I can feel the force. He said, then miss i ask you! if i request RM1 from you is it very difficult?! WTH is he talking? Is he forcing me or something? But i gave him the RM1. And he said whatever thankiew, i just left and never hear what he say. I feel that he's forcing me and talk to me so loud. Donate is people who willing to do. He is forcing. WTF. I angry him! Seriously! Grrrrr.

After that, me and ling went to MidValley for second round gym. We swim there. We dont really do exercise there cause i dont think there is a place suitable for me. I feel strange. So we swim and Jacuzzi there (:

After gym and after dinner, we went home.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

| 01012012 | * Welcome 2012! ♥

Welcome 2012!
All the best to all of you peeps!
Best blessings for all of you,
Happy New Year!  

Went to Macoto Tea in Subang SS15, its a milk tea aka dessert shop under Jogoya. WAO! My friend's working there and he told me that. I never know its under Jogoya tho. HAHAHA. Anyway, they'll give egg roll which made by themselves, its handmade. You can never find it outside except Macoto Tea. They're selling egg roll as well, 4 for RM6. Its expensive? Ya it is kinda but it taste good! And no worries, you ordered a cup of Macoto Tea and they'll give you 2 egg rolls. You can choose whether you want small pearl or big pearl, isn't it special? Hehehe.

Macoto Tea
62, Jalan SS15/4D, 
SS15, Subang Jaya, 
Selangor, 47500 Kampung Subang, Malaysia.

Business Hour: Monday-Sunday 11am-11pm
Website: www.macototea.com
Here's the Facebook and here's the Location map

After drinks, we went Da Sa Rang for our brunch. Well, its coming to dinner time actually. We actually spend most of the time in our beauty sleep. 

Night time, me and ling went to IOI Mall for movie time! The Darkest Hour. Fuiyo zhun! I think its nice to watch. Exciting! kekeke. Then, I overnight at her house again yo!

That's all for today (:

♥ kell