Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Today *\\30.06.2009//*

sleep late today.
and i sit ar yen's car.
dont know why.
im very tired.

in ar yen's car,
i sleep until i reached school,
and i went canteen and continue sleep until went to assembly,
i continue sleep.

after that,
went in class for around 20 minutes,
i sleep again until the 4th period,
and i wake for do some card thingy for friends.
then went for recess.

after recess,
chat chat with the friends for around 2 period and sleep again until the last period.
i wake and count the marks.

i cant imagine what happen to me.
but i feel like im sick.
im not feeling well.
but i didnt fever.
but i running nose and my head is heavy,
the whole person is very weak.
dont have energy.
but i didnt fever.

after school,
im not going to mid valley for lunch and i sleep in tuition centre.
after that called my mami to fetch me when my tuition end,
cause i not feeling well and dont wanna take taxi back home.
so my mami ask me not to tuition,
but i think i still can tuition gua.
cause i can stand for school already,
tuition that one hour plus i think it's ok for me.

before tuition,
everyone is talking about NS thingy.
and im very worry that i kena enot.
and i send msg check out and i didnt kena!
i dont wanna black anymore.

during tuition,
i pay 100% attention.
and i feel that im okay already.
energy is back.

in car,
when i told my mum that NS list is out,
she is very worry and she said she dont wanna go.
and i told her that im not going.
she said she dont wanna me go if not she'll very worry all those thing.
i didnt know ler.
i thought she want me go.

thanks God!

- by kellye tan

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Today *\\29.06.2009//*

nothing wanna post today.

Happy Birthday to Joseph Low..!!

dont touched till cry hor..
he's my shyshy,
the only shyshy for me.

thanks for being my friend for around 5 years,
you are really my best buddy.
im your bakbak and you're my shyshy.
when im sad,
you're always the one who cheer me up.
but when you sad,
you always hide yourself.
weih buddy,
tell me larh weih.
we're best best friend wor.
we always bully aisha's cow wud.
you are my best friend forever.
SPO the besssssssst!
super pro onion?

Happy Birthday!

- by kellye tan

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Today *\\28.06.2009//*

wake at around 12pm today.
feel so happy that i dream about i am a singer.
and having concert.
saw many friends support me there.
but that's a dream.
but also hope that this dream will comes true in a day.

went bandar puteri eat breakfast with sister, mami and grandmother.
after our lunch,
went tesco buy something.
my grandmother long time didnt come out to have a walk already.
cause she cant really walk long distance.
but today she walk with us.
she buy prawn nar, vege nar, tomatoes and blablabla.

after that,
we went home and do our own things.
i shower for ar bou today!
first time.
i dont dare to touch him.
i just throw him inside a pail and i use cup to shower his back only.
normally my friends help him to shower but today,
he's really very smelly!
ar bou smelly~
so i shower for him today.

more while then,
mami bring me to eat buffet with her.
thai buffet but im still sore throat.
tom yum soup, this.. and that..

after that,
went home and chat with my baby boy.
and ask him to show me the lobak he bought for me.
that's so cute!
i like it..!!
he always hug that lobak and gaogao.
i also want!
wait him come back and show me.

- food food.

- can you see the lobak? keke. cuteeee!

- by kellye tan

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Today *\\26.06.2009//*

end school and went mid valley with tong.
take taxi with the girls.
and went shilin to eat mum mum.
after that,
went redbox with tong.
sing for around 3 hours and i sent her back.
sent her until bus stop only.

after that,
i wait for my sister come to mid valley.
and i went to MPH book store to wait for my sister.
i need to wait her for around 2 hours.
and what i do is sitting on the floor and read bible for 2 hours.
proud of myself.
i so miss the past when i was a kid and i went to church.
but now..
mami not allowed me to go anymore.
she dont like.

i not dare to shop alone everywhere cause i dont know the road.
my direction wasn't good.
and i dont know where is where.

then then,
finally my sister reached and we fly to a restaurant and eat.
cause im freaking hungry.

after food and we went home.
dang dang!

- always support red box. ;)

- by kellye tan

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Today *\\25.06.2009//*

skipped school today.
when i opened my eye and there's already 1pm.

thought i'll get scold by my mami but she didnt.
she said : " haih, i also tired, lazy wake you up, exam end already, its okay! "

and i realise that i'm really very very tired.
puiyi called me, amanda msg me to wake, sister, mami and baba wake me.
and i still cant wake!

my dear always called me,
i guess he didnt call wrong.

and i follow mami went out to work today at mon kiara.
where is it?
dont know.
she fetch me.
and i went pj and state also.
passed by my school for around 3 to 4 times.
can see that my mum is so busy~

when we went to pj state,
mami bought a bitter tea.
dont know what is that but can cure sore throat.
so i drink it.
very, very, very bitter!
until my face tied up just like a rubber band.

when we done our work at mon kiara,
we went those street and buy something.
just like shopping like that lur.
me and my sister bought a dress cost 65 dollar.
we share.
got white colour and black colour but the last decision is black colour.
we bought it.
but honestly,
i prefer the white one.

after work,
mami fetch me home.

- follow mami run everywhere. (:

- bitter!

the blackiiee dress. ;)

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

▪ a letter for you - GPY

Dear GPY,

i dont know how i gonna start and how i gonna to tell you.
the main things i wanna said is..
you changed already,
i feel that you didnt take our friendship important.

i can said is i very angry that you use file to hit my head.
i dont like people hit head.
cause head is important.
you know?
will stupid,
you know?
you know that head there got fire right?
you know i dont like right?
and i just play with you and you use your file and hit my head for few times.
do you like if i treat you like that?
i guess you dont like too.

just playing around,
kidding around.
what happen to you nowadays?
so easy to get angry?
and scold me.
you know know how i feel.
and you wont know.
what i most remember is that,
you told me,
before that i got play with you but you just ignore me.
and you study yourself.
you told me what?
we jiayou together?
this is together?
or you're just trying to copy my words but not really comes out bottom from your heart?

why you said that i didnt care you?
i got talk to you but you're just like ignore me.
but you said that i didnt care you.
why not my fault but i should be the one who bow on you?
why not my fault but i should be the one who say sorry to you?
why must i am the one who go and tam you go and talk to you but not you are the one who come and comfort me and to automatic talk to me?

i feel myself damn useless nar like this,
ini call FRIEND ah?
are you sure?
really very sure?
you know what is friend?

i really feel that im suffering.
and i feel im very xin ku.
i dont know what to do.
or like tat nar,
you teach me nar.
you teach me what to do nar.
should i say sorry to you?
or should i bow on you or you want how just let me know nar.
i do it until you happy nar.

you know me wud,
you understand me wud.
you know how i feel when im not talking to you one,
like last time me and tong.
you know one.
but why you still wanna treat me like that?
this is what i keep thinking in class.
and make me so disappointed!
i know you or i didnt know you?
why you dont understand me at all?
or really your boy is your everything and dont need me already?
if yes,
its okay.
just let me know.
tell me the truth.
i dont wanna guess guess until i gonna become crazy.
just let me know.
i will try my best to achieve what you want.
you dont likes me,
tell me.
i wont ever talk to you.
you hate me,
tell me.
i wont appear in front of you.
you dont wanna treat me as best friend,
tell me.
i'd not treat you as my best friend.
you can just let me know.

friendship is just like love.
what i always need is being honest.
i need this only.
i care for you but then you treat me like dog,
hit my head all those..
i'll feel im just like a useless beggar.

tell me the truth.
i beg you.

Love your enemies, do good to those who have you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.
-Luke 6:27-28

so God,
i'll pray for GPY.

- by kellye tan

My Today *\\24.06.2009//*

the last paper.
econs and end the second term exam.
wooooohooooooooo baybeh!
lets party~

after school,
went mid valley with amanda, tong xuan, puiyi, ronald, alvin, kai jin, schumman and shwu pui.
we went there actually for hannah montiana movie but then dont have the movie.
so we buy 17 again.

after we bought the tickets,
went shilin to take our lunch cause we still have time for around an hour something.
and we celebrate ronald's birthday.
kinda fun and memorable with them.
loves you people.

after that,
went for movie and after movie,
tong xuan back with puiyi and ronald back with kai jin.
shwu pui and schumman dont know fly where since before the movie.
me and amanda back to school with bus.
and tong xuan and puiyi told us that they dont know where is the taxi driver fetch them to.
and finally found out that the diver sent them until sri hartamas.

we reached school and saw ronald and we told him everything,
then ronald's baba called tong xuan and let him talk with the driver.
and the driver said that he listen wrong and finally bring them back to school.
danger danger.
how lucky were they?
be careful next time okay?

at night,
im home and take shower.
suddenly everywhere was black!
no electricity supply again?
everywhere was dark!
i couldn't see!
i open the door and cover myself with towel and went back my room and take torch light and went back toilet continue shower.
after that,
went downstairs.
and my sister play with candle again.
fun ya?
more while then,
everywhere bright back and i went to my bed to gaogao.

Happy Belated Birthday to Ronald Ng.

- ronald ng. (:

- discussing.

- eating eating.

- the main character.

- kell and puiyi.

- the cake.

- ronald with the cake.

- behind the scene.

- dont know all doing what...

- light up.

- photo photo.

- make a wish. (:

- bla bla bla..

- ronald and me. ; )

- 4 girls and ronald.

- kell and tong.

- the cherries. me and amanda ate it all.

- disturb ronald. xD

- in the cinema before the movie starts.

- candles.

- mami use torch light to read her newspaper. xD

- (:

- by kellye tan