Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thanks darling Amanda ♥

thanks dada for buying me a packet of cute, fragrant, and soft Hello Kitty tissue.
and of course a delicious chocolate with nuts.
dada bought from Thailand,
for me, puiyi and see hui.

Thanks a lot da..!! :)
thank you thank you.

- ours.

- mine :)

- by kellye tan

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Today *\\22.08.2008//*

today tell mami i go library,
then i curi curi go sunway.

lazy to blog anything here.
but i wanna say is..
WHATEVER success to giving puiyi a birthday surprise..!!!

* puiyi : hope u like everything that we plan for you, ka~!! **
* dont blame me if i post some not nice de pic, cause i only have some. keke **

- happy til wanna cry dee ber, gam dong arh? xD

- dont 暗爽. xD

- Fooohhhh~

- u know how to cut er not derrr...

- aiyah teck seang help lar. xD

- present for her. <3

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Today *\\19.08.2008//*

today went to ttc,
meet up puiyi,
then we take bus to sunway pyramid.

we gai gai for a while,
then went to 雪家燕 eat some dessert.
i order 'jee ma woo'.
not really look good,
but, not bad guar~

after that,
meet up dear and teck seang.
then went to Gasoline,
eat again~
all of us order rice.
after our food,
we went Redbox,
sing sing sing.
only me and dear sing,
lame lame deii..
teck seang got sing abit nor.
puiyi lame,
didnt sing at all.
after sing,
go gai gai again,
walk walk like that lur..
we buy sweets and some tidbits.
enter the shop and try try try,
everything try to eat.

after that,
we meet up hui lin.
then all of us stand at a corner,
deno do what.
i'm hugging my dear.
after that my dear and teck seang back luu.
then we tot wanna go redbox again der,
but then expensive,
cause at night dee.
so we didnt go dee lur.
we went sakae sushi mum mum,
saw pei ling's sister, kelvin, zhun yuen they all.
they juz sit beside me.

then we mum mum.....
after that we walk walk lur.
went J. CO,
puiyi and hui lin buy donuts.
after that we went outside see lagoon's view.
soft wind blows us.
a very comfort feel.
today last day went out lur, so we stay late abit.
around 9pm only we went back.

- 雪家燕 's view..

- my 'ji ma woo', do u spot something there?

- a nice design signboard. i love it!

- kell & puiyi.

- puiyi & kell.

- kell & puiyi.

- puiyi & kell at sakae sushi.

- kell. that's reflection.

- my teriyaki rice.

- puiyi's teriyaki ramen.

- the sushieees.

- hui lin & her soba.

- special light.

- me & myself at sakae.

- the view of sunway lagoon.

- hui lin, puiyi & kell.

- kell & puiyi.

- can u spot d cups?

- the J. CO.

- the almond donut.

- wall of J. CO.

- hui lin & her donuts, there's a dozen of donuts.

- kell & puiyi at J. CO.

- kell.

- 见光死..?!

- somebody there? yea it is.

- look like fake ppl that made by wax.

- kell & dear.

- i kiss u.

- and u kiss me back.

- the Maxke.

- by kellye tan