Monday, October 31, 2011

| 31102011 | * Noob Day.

Hey guys! Today our course Diploma In Mass Communication have to dress up anything we like for the Halloween yo! Therefore, i dressed up like a noooob today. Well, its just a small little kiddo.

This is my first time to draw the bottom eye line and i felt its weird O.O with a noob spectacle, people dont really realize? (;

Before class, went Starbucks to had a piece of cake as breakfast? Class from 8am to 9am and went Jojo to have some food. After that, bounced to Sunway Pyramid with Chian. Then met up HuiBin and Yilin. Have a so called High Tea in Sushi Zanmai.

After that, went Asia Avenue to buy Yilin's Fresh Kon. LOL. Then we back to ze college! Continue class from 2pm to 4pm, the very boring writing class zzz.

After class, went TongKei to buy egg tarts for mua sixta and her boyfeee. Then, left back home and took a nap until 10pm :p


Saturday, October 29, 2011

| R4ND0M | * 别再惊动爱情

很想知道,几岁才是让爱情萌芽的时候?我寻寻觅觅,和数位的男生开心过、伤心过、争吵过... 才知道谁是最好的。

近来,发现了自己很想有个男生在我身边,很想谈恋爱,很想牵牵手,拍拍拖... 想再次谈恋爱,是很想很想... 也许还是不习惯一个人吧?






Thursday, October 27, 2011

| 27102011 | * Korean Final Exam.

accidentally skipped my class today =p because i see the wrong timetable, i thought today was monday ahhhhh! no choice, i got my own holiday today. LOL.

its my korean final exam today. ahhhhhh, so nervous! whole day study at home. then went out to SS15 with sister at around 4pm. then we had our light food at Face to Face. after that back to ICLS study. ahhh stress douuuu. 

finally 7pm, we started to take exam. and also the speaking test. doesnt really doing good. some of the part im careless. and i score 95% 

after class, we went DaSaRang to had our late dinner. because some of the friend is not going to continue the lesson and some of them might continue for next few months due to their busy work. so its like a farewell dinner maybe? 

we dinner until around 11pm, then back to home =)

- this is how my stress look yesterday of revising the Korean.

- mua sixta and me (;

- Da Sa Rang.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

| 25102011 | * Shark Night Premiere Screening by Nuffnang.

woke up at 12pm. because of my sister annoyed me. had my brunch at home - bread and chocolate. then watch movie watch movie watch movie.

after that, took shower and puiyi and teckseang reached my house at 430pm. around 5pm, my sixta back and wait for her to take shower. then we get ready to MidValley! yoohooo!

me and puiyi got a pair of tickets from Nuffnang. thanks alot! what's the movie this time? Shark Night 3D. teehee ;) i wanted to watch this so so so desperately! im so excited! :D

after movie, 1030pm, we went to Scott Garden to drink beer at The Beer Factory. me and my sister kinda blur blur and back to home sleep. i dont know what am i talking about .___.

- on the way going.

- im just being a small kid today.

- me and my sixta.

- dinner!

- puiyi ling and me =)

- bring excited for the movie =)


Sunday, October 23, 2011

| 23102011 | * HomeDec Fair 2011.

Hello! Another working day! 

woke up at 830am as well. went to KLCC for work again. finally its last day. fuuuuh! doing the same thing, demo food, cake, cheese bread, eggs. and promote a little bit.

most of our breakfast, lunch and dinner were all cooked by ourselves. so good i dont have to spend my money, teehee ;)

lastly, i did stock check today. kinda blur and messy. until now, i still cant confirm the amount i've pass up =p wooopsiiee! because its last day today, there's a lot of things to pack up today.

1am, finally home and get good rest. sleeeeep! luckily the next day morning class has been cancelled. teehee ;)

- marble butter cake.

- eggs!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

| 22102011 | * HomeDec Fair 2011.

Hello! Its working day!

woke up at 830am. then get ready and off to KLCC for work. im working for HomeDec Fair 2011. im a promoter or food demo girl =p

im tired! night time after work, went SS14 to have Bakuteh as dinner with mami and sixta. after that we went NSK to buy things that we need to use for the next day.

around 1am midnight, we're home. tired dayyyy!

- cheese bread! always the famous! 

- rendang curry chicken!


Friday, October 21, 2011

| 21102011 | * The Buddies' Celebration.

class as usual. went to La'Glace together with puiyi, teckseang and chian. besides, we also met up yaw and lek. after that we went AsiaCafe and wait for chian and makan and yamcha also. then back to mua house together with chian.

we took nap until 6pm and its heavy rain. but 7pm we have to out for dinner. im forced to take shower during heavy rain. thunder very scary T____T

due to the bad weather, everyone's late. 930pm only everyone can meet together -.-" therefore we change restaurant. the restaurant we plan to go close at 930pm. we went to Mei Mei Hou steamboat. but ahhhhhhhhh, no tomyum! ;( NEVERMIND =/

we celebrated KS, YCM and Sheng's birthday there.

1130pm, we left. thanks to Lek sent me home because i got work tomorrow. =)

- wore my new lens today ;)

- Happy Birthday Noobs! x)


Saturday, October 15, 2011

| 15102011 | * JeeSeng's Birthday Celebration.

H   E   L   L   O   O   O   O   O

today, we.......... sleep until 12pm. JeeSeng and Puiyi disturb me and make me cannot continue my sweet sweet dream. arghhhh! finally from 10am they disturb me until 12pm, im awake. LOL.

get ready and went to Shiok Cafe for our brunch. Mmmmmmm.. tomyum nyum nyum! x)

3pm, we went SS15 Snova ze dessert shop to yamcha. we also met up TeckSeang there. after yamcha, me and puiyi back to home and took a nap.

FYI, we're having a BBQ session 2 tonight again because our food materials are still a lot. mua sixta will join us as well.

8pm, TeckSeang reached and start up the fire and we start BBQ. 930pm, JeeSeng came and join us. then we eat eat eat until around 11 something. we start giving him present as his birthday. woohoo! of course, we took alot of pictures and he left at 12 something midnight.

Happy Birthday TANJEESENG! =)

- my hair so long O.O

- i like this picture =)

- bringing out his present just like a small kid.

- best ever! =)

- huggies time!