Monday, October 10, 2011

| 10102011 | * Kepong TomYum Steamboat.

morning class as usual. yup, boring classes. after class, went Chatime to get some refresh drinks with puiyi and teckseang. then wait for mua sister come.

then went to La' Glace donut with puiyi and teckseang. then i go for korean class with sister and puiyi drove my car back to teckseang's house.

9pm, puiyi drove my car and come to pick me up after mua koean class. after that sent puiyi home and went to office to meet up mua sister. then we went Kepong to help my mum do something. after that we eat steamboat at Restaurant Happy City Steamboat. awww their tomyum, shiok ahhh! i like it so so much and i ate alot! =p

1am, we're both home safely =)

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