Thursday, October 27, 2011

| 27102011 | * Korean Final Exam.

accidentally skipped my class today =p because i see the wrong timetable, i thought today was monday ahhhhh! no choice, i got my own holiday today. LOL.

its my korean final exam today. ahhhhhh, so nervous! whole day study at home. then went out to SS15 with sister at around 4pm. then we had our light food at Face to Face. after that back to ICLS study. ahhh stress douuuu. 

finally 7pm, we started to take exam. and also the speaking test. doesnt really doing good. some of the part im careless. and i score 95% 

after class, we went DaSaRang to had our late dinner. because some of the friend is not going to continue the lesson and some of them might continue for next few months due to their busy work. so its like a farewell dinner maybe? 

we dinner until around 11pm, then back to home =)

- this is how my stress look yesterday of revising the Korean.

- mua sixta and me (;

- Da Sa Rang.


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CleverMunkey ® said...

wahhh congratz on ur korean cert! now u can go korea and act like Korean ady :P