Saturday, June 30, 2012

| 30062012 | Competition Day!

Well, the story and flow is really too long. Just to note down what has happened, I will let the photos to do the talk :)

- Ready to go out!

- Setting the hair.

- Done.

- Make up session.

- Done!

- I am so worry the small cap will drop :P

- Adjust and ready for catwalk!

- Woops! My photographer did not focus on me. Good also, dont see my ugly face :P

- The naima, the model and the make up artist.

- The naima and the model :P

 Competition end, went for dinner! Together with YingHong and LeePeng.

- Steamboat!

- Beer session with KS, Fei and WenHao 

Love, kell.

Friday, June 29, 2012

| 29062012 | * Cleaning Process.

Woots! Sleeping at 9am today, because half way monitoring my grandmother...... I'm hungry! Hahaha, so I went to cook ze YiLin's method again. No choice, its easy and fast and convenient, just like instant noodles. Teehee. Then I finally go to bed for my sweet sleep. About 3pm, I heard 2 different type of music bell which is my grandmother press for help, just like how we call for nurse in ze hospital. I was feeling weird why is she pressing twice? Meanwhile, ze nurse came and knocked the door telling me that grandmother is calling me and playing with the bell. I walk towards my grandmother and she ask me to eat. Perhaps she scare I got gastric. But I was totally ruined from beautiful dream which is someone hiring me for work, hahaha! Well, I chat with her a while then, decided go to bed again, for like half an hour or an hour then, I woke up and get some food. Ohh yeaaa, once I woke up, there's a bird's nest drink and chicken essence beside me which is beside my phone, from mua lovely sixta, thankyouuuuu!

Btw, there's a lot of chicken rice today. My dad bought me chicken rice, my sister bought me chicken rice and after that my aunty cooked chicken rice! I suddenly got the fear of chicken. I wondering will I got a nightmare later on which is the chickens all chasing me holding a knife -.-" well, this is not good

730pm, wooow! My grandmother pass motion. It's yucky to tell here, please dont read IF you are EATING. This is a warning from me, hahaha. Well luckily she told me she wants to pass motion or else I really dont know what to do and my aunty is about to leave! Luckily she went to toilet before she leave so that I manage to call her in ze toilet. My grandmother poo a lot and the cleaning process is like me and mua aunty having a big operation. Fuhh, luckily everything still goes well, thankyou aunty Sandra. Thanks for being there and not leave yet, hahaha.

She's cute aren't she? :)

Auntie Sandra and grandma :)

Ohyeaaaaa, congratulations to mua big big cousin brother, he's graduating tomorrow in TARC. He's studying as a nutritionist. So he know eating what is good and eating what is not good, hahahaha. So sorry that I couldn't attend the graduation tomorrow, have fun and once again, congratulations! :)

Mum is giving my cousin brother a big prize because she couldn't attend to graduation as well.

We are so proud of you, AhCong! :)

Blogged, kell.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

| 27062012 | * Ready for Make Up Competition?

Hey. I had 11 hours of sleep from yesterday until today, I'm feeling so so satisfied! I imagine back the feeling also syok! Hahaha.

Went to Gold Goh Perfect Point again, to let AiSha's cousin, named KaMun, to practice the make up for coming make up competition. Woo, the date is getting nearer and nearer, feel so tension.

Nahh, let the photos to tell the story.

I'm looking scary right? Somehow I feel I look like a panda, hahaha. Well, night time, I went to In House Cafe with KS, Andrew, Lek, Calvin and Yumimi until 230am, sent all of them back and I'm home too.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

| 26062012 | * Super Duper Tiring Day.

Wow, I'm freaking tired today! I was disturbed a few times while sleeping, poor me. At the end I decided not to sleep because I'm getting angry of keep waking up. Haihs.

The nurse came at 8am and I thought I could sleep at that timing. Who knows mua grandmother doesn't allow me to sleeeeep. Perhaps simply because she want somebody close to her to accompany her, so yeaaa I was with her until 9am and then, I told her I go to sleep, finally she nodded her head. Thanks God!

About 945am, nurse wake me up because she need the medicine for mua grandmother and she dont know where is it. So called mua uncle and asked him whether where is that medicine and I find it for ze nurse. Then, I went to the bed again. About 10 plus, I heard my dad and grandmother shouting my name and I woke up with blur case again. I thought I've already text my dad telling him dont have to come over here and buy us breakfast because mua uncle has bought breakfast for us. Ahhhhh, who knows he didnt notice his phone. Anyway, thanks for ze breakfast. I am tired! Back to the bed again then, more while the nurse woke me up again because suddenly there are 2 female doctor need to check up for my grandmother's situation. Why no one tell me about that T.T I'm really disturbed a lot of times.

Then, I managed to slept for an hour and mua sister came and kinda noisy. Then, I decided to woke up had my meal. Shower and rest in the living room, only rest. Then after that, I went to ze hospital and I thought I could rest there, who knows my mum kinda need help for this and that. I am pretty tired today. End up, I back to home and went to bed on 1am, good night!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

| 25062012 | * Tiring Day.

Hi day, woke up at around 130pm. Get ready and wait AiSha to pick me up and went to Cheras Gold Goh Perfect Point make-up. Her cousin's make-up learning centre to let her try to set up suitable hairstyle for me because the coming Saturday is ze make up competition and I'm the model.  first time, hohoho

After all done, its around 7pm and back to Sha's house and she sent me back to mua house. Then I took shower and rush to WenHao's house and give her brother mua hard disc to copy movies for me because I am freaking bored while on calling. Broadband cannot support PPS and I dont have movie to watch. And also, everyone is sleeping at that hours and nobody will chat with me. Ahhh bored. Thanks WenHao, thanks to your brother too :)

Then, rush to hospital and pass notebook for mua sixta and copy ze movies to her notebook also. Because mua mum can watch there also, she love Hong Kong drama. After that then, rush back to mua grandmother house and continue on call, how tired. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

| 24062012 | * My Meal.

Fuuuu! Nothing to eat today. I have to cook muaself. Cooking a meal that learnt from YiLin. Easy, fast, yummy. Anyway, thanks for teaching me that method. Hahaha. At least it overcome my problem of getting hunger.

Nahh, its not as yummy as YiLin cook, because she is a pro of cooking this. She used to cook this, she said. Everytime she's eating this taste. This is what she told meeeeeee! Hahaha.

Today I'm sad. I cried. My heart feel so pain. Not because of LOVE of course. I'm strong for that, I guess. It's because my mum. I'm unhappy because I feel that she dont know how to think, for us. I dont wanna talk much here because I wanna keep it for myself. But that's a thing I will never forget, because it makes me worry to the max, sad to the max and cry for several times in a day. I should be more cheerful, sometimes.

Blogged, kell.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

| 23062012 | * Congratulations.

Went to pay a visit for mua mum. The hospital is freaking noisy because of the construction. The construction is just one level below and I can feel the drill when they drilling on the ceiling which is our floor like so damn close serious shit like nobody's business, even the nurse also get shocked. How the patient rest like this? So we request to change the room to new wing single room, that's best. Well, my mum is getting better compared to yesterday. Hopefully she's getting better and better. Everything need time to recover.

530pm, I left from hospital and back to home. Get a quick shower and get ready, then picked up AhLek and WenHao. Then parked my car at KS's house, bump into his car and he bring us to Klang to attend Chian's brother wedding dinner buffet in her house. Grabbed some food to fill our stomach. But most importantly, congratulations Chian's brother! Wishing you happy always with your wife yea, stay lovely 

After that, went to yamcha in Sri Petaling In House Cafe. Suddenly I'm craving for Egg Tart. Hahaha, so yeaaa I ordered and nom nom nom its inside my stomach. Of course the taste is just so so and not as delicious as Tong Kei. But, I'm satisfied. Then, we leave like kinda late. Thanks for KS be ze driver, then sent WenHao and AhLek back, and sent muaself back to home.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

| 22062012 | * Late Dinner in Shabu Garden.

My mum finally has done her operation. But from what we see is, she really suffer a lot. Even when the nurses push my mum into the escalator also her face shows painful. After everything settle, including sending my mum to her room. Poor sister havent take her meal yet and me and PuiYi was ready to go for dinner, so we asked her to join us, so yeah she did.

We had our dinner in Shabu Garden that located in Kuchai Lama. Well, for me it just taste so so but most of the people and comment were nice. Perhaps I prefer buffet. Hahaha. 

- ze choices of sauce.

- set that we ordered.

- me and mua love sixta :D

After dinner, sent mua sixta back to ze hospital to accompany my mum, then following sent PuiYi home and I went to on call for mua grandmother.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

| 21062012 | * 不开心;顾虑












Wednesday, June 20, 2012

| 20062012 | * Thank You.

I started my blog title and I was like, Wah, so fast then 20th of June. It's already middle of June, time flies right? So we people must cherish our time, people and everything we have. We have to appreciate and pass our day lively but not deadly. Fill our days with full of positive mind so that we are happy, everyday! :)

First of all, I wanto thanks to my dearly sister. She bought me a lot of foods because she know I have to on call of taking care of grandmother and she feel sorry because she could not accompany me. I understand that because she needs to rush accounts in office, so I never put the blame on her and I willing to stay up on call alone in ze midnight. She bought me...

T A D A !

1. Kimchi instant noodle cup which I find for few Jusco outlets.

2. Vono instant soup.

3. Promoter gave her sampling and she said it taste good. Ayam Brand Sambal mix with rice.

4. Six small yet expensive Mochi Sweets.

5. Three magazines to kill me boredom. 

What will you do if you have such a lovely and caring sister? Will you kiss her immediately? Or hug her? Or just simply shy and act cool then thanks her? Well, what I did is... "Why you bought so many?!" Then she said, I scare you nothing eat, hungry, boring... Because I couldn't be here, so I buy this this this and this. Then my answer, Oh. HAHAHA, do you feel like punching me? HAHA. But inside my heart I'm deeply happy and appreciate. I love you, my dear sister. Thank you 

Besides that, today me and my cousin Sabrina brushed teeth for grandmother. She is superb cute! Actually i'm just passing toothbrush and my cousin brush for her. And I'm just beside taking pictures because she is just way too cute until I cant stand it. Even if I can stand, my camera cannot stand and automatic capture every moment of her. Nahhh just joking. HAHAHA. Let's see...

- Brush brush brush.

- Waiting for gargle. HAHA!

Isn't she cute? OMG, she is so cute! I am keep repeating this. Hahaha! Besides, auntie cooked dinner for me. My favourite sambal petai. Woohoo! Actually she planned to cook yesterday but then she asked me whether I like to eat or not, then when I answer yes, she keep it back into the fridge and say she will cook the next day. So sweet! Hahaha, thanks auntie! Love you mwah mwah! :D

Be grateful.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

| 17062012 | * Happy Father's Day.

This day, thanks for my mum for mopping my room for me. But, can you mop softly? She mop so hard like the floor got coffee poured on it and never clean for 1 month like that. And her mop kena my bed like so many times, noisy ehh. How can I sleep?! After 5 minutes, got a called from my sister, asking me to accompany her to Mid Valley. I am very tired, but if I still dont go out, I'm really lifeless .___.

Get ready and had my meal. Then chu faaaa! Checked in Foursquare and realize brother was in Mid Valley as well. Called him and we meet up. ShiYi which is his girlfee walk with us and he left because he has something to do. We went to Amarin Heavenly Thai Restaurant to have our meal. Wow, yummy! Their green curry is awesome! I feel like eating now, slurrrp! :D

After meal, went to Jusco to buy some stuff that we needed to restore and some vege so that we can cook. Then we went to grandmother's house. That moment, brother and his girlfee met again. Hahaha, so dramatic :D

After a while then, we left and back to home. I am suppose to rest and take a nap because I am so so so sleepy. But I used my time to update my blog and watch movie with my family. Oh yeah, its Father's Day today. But....... My house doesn't seems like having any mood. Heard my mum said that we'll postpone the dinner to next week because everyone is busy and tired. Good idea also, I hate to go to a restaurant and crowded, then have to wait the food for kinda long time. Anyways, wishing all ze Papa, Happy Father's Day! :)

Love, kell.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

| 16062012 | * A Day with Dabez.

"Kellye!" A sexy sound wakes me up early in ze morning, which sound out from AiSha. Open the door for her and she leave me. LOL. She went home. Then I teruuuuus tidur (continue sleep) until 1215pm. Then quickly wake up and get ready. Luckily AiSha extend the time to reach my house so that I can slowly make up and all that. Figure below is the after make up, tried my new maybelline eye liner, nice!

Me and AiSha went to Ampang for korean food, together with mua sixta and her boyfee's family. I am shy, hohoho. The name of restaurant, Meureung Dowon Korean Restaurant. The service is terribly bad and the food does not taste good. I didnt even get the chance to try their kimchi. Arhhhh! Maybe we are Groupon buyer, that's why they treat us so bad, maybe.. maybe.

Besides, we are not full. Actually I'm full because drinking a lot of water and 2 tiny cups of soju. Then, we left. Accompany AiSha to TARC to take her things. During the time, I know their studio password, ngekz ngekz. LOL!

Then, she fetch me home to take my stuffs. Then we went to IOI Mall for gaigai and makan. Went to Mc Donald's, she has her burger, I have my Mc Flurry Oreo. Then walk walk and back her house at around 630pm. Online and update few posts of blog.

930pm, went to picked up YingHong and yamcha in Old Town Sri Sentosa. We chat alot until 12am, then left and thanks to dropped me home. Teehee.

Loves, kell.