Sunday, June 17, 2012

| 17062012 | * Happy Father's Day.

This day, thanks for my mum for mopping my room for me. But, can you mop softly? She mop so hard like the floor got coffee poured on it and never clean for 1 month like that. And her mop kena my bed like so many times, noisy ehh. How can I sleep?! After 5 minutes, got a called from my sister, asking me to accompany her to Mid Valley. I am very tired, but if I still dont go out, I'm really lifeless .___.

Get ready and had my meal. Then chu faaaa! Checked in Foursquare and realize brother was in Mid Valley as well. Called him and we meet up. ShiYi which is his girlfee walk with us and he left because he has something to do. We went to Amarin Heavenly Thai Restaurant to have our meal. Wow, yummy! Their green curry is awesome! I feel like eating now, slurrrp! :D

After meal, went to Jusco to buy some stuff that we needed to restore and some vege so that we can cook. Then we went to grandmother's house. That moment, brother and his girlfee met again. Hahaha, so dramatic :D

After a while then, we left and back to home. I am suppose to rest and take a nap because I am so so so sleepy. But I used my time to update my blog and watch movie with my family. Oh yeah, its Father's Day today. But....... My house doesn't seems like having any mood. Heard my mum said that we'll postpone the dinner to next week because everyone is busy and tired. Good idea also, I hate to go to a restaurant and crowded, then have to wait the food for kinda long time. Anyways, wishing all ze Papa, Happy Father's Day! :)

Love, kell.

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