Friday, June 29, 2012

| 29062012 | * Cleaning Process.

Woots! Sleeping at 9am today, because half way monitoring my grandmother...... I'm hungry! Hahaha, so I went to cook ze YiLin's method again. No choice, its easy and fast and convenient, just like instant noodles. Teehee. Then I finally go to bed for my sweet sleep. About 3pm, I heard 2 different type of music bell which is my grandmother press for help, just like how we call for nurse in ze hospital. I was feeling weird why is she pressing twice? Meanwhile, ze nurse came and knocked the door telling me that grandmother is calling me and playing with the bell. I walk towards my grandmother and she ask me to eat. Perhaps she scare I got gastric. But I was totally ruined from beautiful dream which is someone hiring me for work, hahaha! Well, I chat with her a while then, decided go to bed again, for like half an hour or an hour then, I woke up and get some food. Ohh yeaaa, once I woke up, there's a bird's nest drink and chicken essence beside me which is beside my phone, from mua lovely sixta, thankyouuuuu!

Btw, there's a lot of chicken rice today. My dad bought me chicken rice, my sister bought me chicken rice and after that my aunty cooked chicken rice! I suddenly got the fear of chicken. I wondering will I got a nightmare later on which is the chickens all chasing me holding a knife -.-" well, this is not good

730pm, wooow! My grandmother pass motion. It's yucky to tell here, please dont read IF you are EATING. This is a warning from me, hahaha. Well luckily she told me she wants to pass motion or else I really dont know what to do and my aunty is about to leave! Luckily she went to toilet before she leave so that I manage to call her in ze toilet. My grandmother poo a lot and the cleaning process is like me and mua aunty having a big operation. Fuhh, luckily everything still goes well, thankyou aunty Sandra. Thanks for being there and not leave yet, hahaha.

She's cute aren't she? :)

Auntie Sandra and grandma :)

Ohyeaaaaa, congratulations to mua big big cousin brother, he's graduating tomorrow in TARC. He's studying as a nutritionist. So he know eating what is good and eating what is not good, hahahaha. So sorry that I couldn't attend the graduation tomorrow, have fun and once again, congratulations! :)

Mum is giving my cousin brother a big prize because she couldn't attend to graduation as well.

We are so proud of you, AhCong! :)

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