Saturday, June 30, 2012

| 30062012 | Competition Day!

Well, the story and flow is really too long. Just to note down what has happened, I will let the photos to do the talk :)

- Ready to go out!

- Setting the hair.

- Done.

- Make up session.

- Done!

- I am so worry the small cap will drop :P

- Adjust and ready for catwalk!

- Woops! My photographer did not focus on me. Good also, dont see my ugly face :P

- The naima, the model and the make up artist.

- The naima and the model :P

 Competition end, went for dinner! Together with YingHong and LeePeng.

- Steamboat!

- Beer session with KS, Fei and WenHao 

Love, kell.

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