Friday, June 15, 2012

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Hello, familiar uniform? It's Windows Microsoft uniform.

I am not suppose to take any job but I cannot tahan anymore! I am boring! So I rather sacrifice my sleeping time and go for work. Wao, fantastic! Or else I'll feel so damn effing lifeless. Arghhh! Thanks to Winnie and ChuanYi give me call and hire me for work, again. Another nice job, last time I work with AiSha before, Windows Microsoft. But this time, AiSha couldn't work because she have class. Huhuuu. Then, PuiYi takes over her :D But because I know this job is kinda enjoy and relax, then only I asked PuiYi to work, if not I wont, am I caring enough? Woohoo!

Well, where's the location this time? Management and Science University (MSU) which located in Shah Alam. Hello MSU, we are here to visit you! :) 

On call taking care for grandmother until 615am. Then wake my sister up and hopefully she can allow me to sleep at least an hour so that I can pay attention because I still need to drive. I am a safety driver =P Waking up at 720am and take shower. Then help my grandmother to clean up. Then went out from house. Besides, thanks to auntie to make me a tuna sandwich bread so that I dont have to think what am I suppose to eat in ze early morning. Thankyou :)

Picking PuiYi and Winnie in Subang and then went to MSU. This time the venue is at main entrance. Wao! But too bad there's no air cond, so hawt. And this time, our job is much more relaxing than the previous time! The 3 of us sitting, is SITTING. At the booth to be a gift redeem ushers. My task is just sit down and key in data of students, silently, rapidly. Hahaha. They are using HP laptop which is last time I used, so I type like F1 because I familiar with the keyboards. I do this until the end of event which is 4pm. Packing up some stuffs until 430pm, then we may leave. Ohh! And we've got free ONE WHOLE BOX of ice cream, lime flavour which is my mum's favourite!

Dropped Winnie in Subang and then, went to visit my grandmother, together with PuiYi. And also picked my sister up. Around 6pm, dropped PuiYi and back to home to store the ice cream in ze refrigerator. Then me and mua sixta went to the nearby Giant Hypermarket to but some stuffs. While walking, I'm yawning. LOL. Ohh ya, in Giant Bandar Kinrara, there is a restaurant named Mango Chili. It's a thai food restaurant. You can actually judge their food are sux by the looking of restaurant, but let me tell you. Their food is awesome! Serious shit, you guys can go for a try. I never lie :)

Around 9pm, we left. Back to home, take shower and sleep, like for an hour. 1020pm, woke up and get ready. Waiting for AiSha to pick me up. We are going to KS's house to yaaaaaaam sengggg! Thanks KS for letting us party in your house, and your Vodka, thanks to Aaron for Gin drinks, thanks for Fei for cooking maggie for us, ohh and KS's instant noodles! The members are me, AiSha, KS, Andrew, Aaron, Fei and Andrew. Ribuan terima kasih to all of you.

- This is God.

- This is the mother of God LOL!

- Blue label.

- Gin sponsored by Aaron.

- Dabez.

- Thankyou.

We left at around 3 something in ze midnight, thanks to AiSha be ze driver. Then, she overnight at my house because it's toooo late to drive home alone. Good night!

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