Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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I started my blog title and I was like, Wah, so fast then 20th of June. It's already middle of June, time flies right? So we people must cherish our time, people and everything we have. We have to appreciate and pass our day lively but not deadly. Fill our days with full of positive mind so that we are happy, everyday! :)

First of all, I wanto thanks to my dearly sister. She bought me a lot of foods because she know I have to on call of taking care of grandmother and she feel sorry because she could not accompany me. I understand that because she needs to rush accounts in office, so I never put the blame on her and I willing to stay up on call alone in ze midnight. She bought me...

T A D A !

1. Kimchi instant noodle cup which I find for few Jusco outlets.

2. Vono instant soup.

3. Promoter gave her sampling and she said it taste good. Ayam Brand Sambal mix with rice.

4. Six small yet expensive Mochi Sweets.

5. Three magazines to kill me boredom. 

What will you do if you have such a lovely and caring sister? Will you kiss her immediately? Or hug her? Or just simply shy and act cool then thanks her? Well, what I did is... "Why you bought so many?!" Then she said, I scare you nothing eat, hungry, boring... Because I couldn't be here, so I buy this this this and this. Then my answer, Oh. HAHAHA, do you feel like punching me? HAHA. But inside my heart I'm deeply happy and appreciate. I love you, my dear sister. Thank you 

Besides that, today me and my cousin Sabrina brushed teeth for grandmother. She is superb cute! Actually i'm just passing toothbrush and my cousin brush for her. And I'm just beside taking pictures because she is just way too cute until I cant stand it. Even if I can stand, my camera cannot stand and automatic capture every moment of her. Nahhh just joking. HAHAHA. Let's see...

- Brush brush brush.

- Waiting for gargle. HAHA!

Isn't she cute? OMG, she is so cute! I am keep repeating this. Hahaha! Besides, auntie cooked dinner for me. My favourite sambal petai. Woohoo! Actually she planned to cook yesterday but then she asked me whether I like to eat or not, then when I answer yes, she keep it back into the fridge and say she will cook the next day. So sweet! Hahaha, thanks auntie! Love you mwah mwah! :D

Be grateful.

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