Saturday, February 27, 2010

▪ random post.

awwww what a tiring day.
woke up damn early and went listen undang with ziyang at kelana jaya.
what a boring talk.
wasted 5 hours there.
and i damn sleepy.

after that,
back to office and mami sent me home.
have a late nap until at night.

after woke up,
start doing my work.
i done 3 work today and yesterday.
tmr i can relax a bit bit.

i still got assignment, outline, cards, research.
can i finish it by tomorrow?
well i will try my best.

northing much,
just feel like typing my blog.
and wanna wish my JS here.
it's his birthday today!

Happy Birthday to JunSam, shazaii.
once JS, forever JS.

- by kellye tan

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Today *\\25.02.2010//*

college as usual.
and as me and my classmates know,
Thursday is the most tiring day.
having presentation today and guess i not doing very well also.

after class,
have some chat with the dears outside college.
and then wait for my baby free.
then we go for the movie?
i mean the movie in college.
well we got cheated by christin our senior.
she said that mass comm students compulsory to buy the tickets!
okay fine.
my dears are not coming,
so im going with my baby.

we watched hangover.
okay it's a quite funny comedy movie.

and i know that i am super tired.
and i am so sleepy.

after movie,
baby accompany me eat at asia cafe.
more while then,
baby leave and i back home also.
what a tiring day.
i need to get some rest at home.

ohh yesss!
tomorrow is a public holiday!

- tickets. :)

Happy Birthday Darren korkor!

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Today *\\24.02.2010//*

college as usual.
went sunway pyramid after class.
have our lunch there and then chian send yilin back home.

after that,
me and chian went back college for assignments and study for tomorrow's test.
OMG tomorrow test!

still a normal college life as usual.
but today is my first time to sit chian's car.
she drive!
i feel so proud.

that's all for today.
Bless my tomorrow's test.

- my food. :)

- my dears, chian and yilin. :)

Happy Birthday Jared Tang!

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

▪ random post on 23.02.2010

Life is getting busier and busier.
I was thought college life is much more better than secondary but it is not.
college life is much more busier than secondary life.

In this chinese new year,
i dont really have new year mood because of a lot of things need to hand up after chinese new year.
And yes,
finally i've done with my mass communication test today.
But more and more is coming,
it's not time to rest.
This week,
i will have english homework need to pass up,
i will have some work about mass communication need to hand up.

These two things bothered me in my mind and never let me rest at all.
And my sister and mother is like keeping on want me to go for dinners and stuff.
I guess they never seen me so busy before is it?
Busy until like,
it's so awkward to see me not going dinner and all the places.
Because for the past years i always nagging and wanted to go.
But these days,
i dont feel like going anywhere.
I only feel like either staying at home,
or staying in college,
just to do my college stuff.

And before i left college just now,
D.I.E lecturer suddenly gives us work again.
She asked us to have presentation for our assignment on coming Thursday.
Oh my God,
Thursday again!

I might going dinner later again.
And i will come back at around 11pm?
Probably, i think?
And then i need to shower, do the english stuff.
Basically i need to transform into owl tonight, again.

And then the same thing tomorrow i need to stay up my mind and do the mass communication work and presentation.
And these days,
i seriously realize that i've been keep splitting rude words, and my friends around me do the same thing.
Is it a human stress will do something like this?
I dont know but i hope you guys dont mind about that.
Please just ignore me if i said that or if i ever offended,
i am just tired and i am just stress.
What i need is to relax myself a bit,
to control myself a bit,
and to have a peaceful mind.
I dont like to hear the world always noisy noisy and it is so annoying.
Everywhere is so noisy and even my house.
Sometimes the family member talking so loud is like worry people cannot hear or like arguing something.
I hate that.
Stop! Please.
Dont do these kind of stuff in front of me.
Sometimes i do noisy, but sometimes i dont.
I need to be quiet sometimes.
It is so noisy everywhere around the world.

perhaps Friday only i will update my Chinese New Year posts and other stuff.
Thanks for reading and thanks for listening.
Because i need blog to help me to release stress and some unhappiness things.
Thanks a lot, reader.
Thanks a lot, my bloggiiee.

by kellye tan

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Today *\\20.02.2010//*

today is catholic high session.
the first station is at my house at around 4pm.
puiyi, ronald, alvin and continue by teckseang came.
play cards, watch movies blablabla.

then all of them waiting for ME to take bath.
around 8pm,
we all sit puiyi's baba car to her house,
we're like sandwich in the car and luckily we're not eaten by anyone.

reached puiyi's house and her mum ready dinner for us.

after dinner,
play cards and so on again,
and before i leave,
photo session!

then went yamcha with joshua for a little while,
then back home.

- dinner.

- yaaaaaaam senggggg session. :)

- okay this is the first shot.

- what a nice shot!

- here's a short lame type of yamseng to show you guys but it's upside down because i dont know how t rotate it. :)

love you guys now and always.

- by kellyetan

Friday, February 19, 2010

My Today *\\19.02.2010//*

owh what a belated post.

darren, my kai kor,
is my whole day driver today!
hang out everywhere for visiting friend's house.
of course we went somewhere to have our breakfast first.
and then went evelyn's house,
continue by sengyew's house,
then jiaye's house...

and then went somewhere and find something eat again,
we've got nothing to do larh.
damn bored.
he also came to my house for few hours already,
for facebook.

at night,
sengyew, joshua, ziyang, zhengyi, kokonn, cheeyang they all came to my house.
for what?
clubbing meeting.
what the..
But not me,
is their meeting.

after that,
me and darren went to joonkit's house visit visit again.
and around 1 something,
i am home and play cards with darren until 3 something,
then he leave lur.
Happy Chinese New Year!!

- the best ever brother. ;)

- by kellyetan

▪ random post.

a random post for today.

although i went out from morning till night,
but i never stop missing you, my BABY!
i miss you like a freak,
and that freak look more freak than a freaky freak.

it sounds scary right?
yeahh that's it!
that's how much i miss you.
it's sooo scary!

i miss you!!

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Today *\\17.02.2010//*

finally it's today.
desperate for today.
cause i hang out with my baby.

this is our first dating.

we went sunway pyramid for 2 movies.
and baby treat me eat canton-i.
OMG the food is expensive weih.
and then finally,
today i could sit the ferry wheel!
and baby sit with me!
i cant believe i'm inside the ferry wheel.
and baby accompany me sit some more.
OMG that's so sweet.
iloveyou baby!

and met puiyi and teckseang today.
puiyi's baba send me home.
OMG thankyou so much!
if not your baba sending me home,
probably 8.45pm i leave and i got no time to have dinner with baby.
i enjoy my today.

- kidz park. o.O im a kid. xD

- ferry wheel. ^^

- loveyou!!

- baby sek me? o.O

- sek you back! xD

- eating dinner with baby. ^^

i said forever, i mean forever. ♥

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

▪ random post.

I am back from Thailand!
should i update about my trip?
it's okay.
perhaps photos will do but not going to blog it so details.
gonna postpone it ba?
i'm not that free to upload the photos with big size yet.
that's gonna take me much time.

love you guys!

- by kellye tan

Sunday, February 14, 2010

▪ speaking.

Happy Chinese New Year!!

and also,
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day Baby.

i'm going Thailand soon.
miss me kayy?

i will miss you guys!
and also my bloggiee.

- by kellye tan

Saturday, February 13, 2010

▪ random post.

Just finish cleaning up my study room / my future room.
not totally clean up nar.
around 1 hour only,
how possible i can clean it up.
it is so messy here!

i cant finish cleaning up is because not only my things here,
there's also my sister and my mum's thing.
messy messy!
shoes and documents,
presents and foods,
bags and thin bed.
everything is here.
i dont think here is a study room,
it's just like a store room.

okay fine,
next time people ask me,
i will just answer here is OUR store room.

but after i clean up some of the stuff,
much more better.
*clap for me please*

i found out a lot of stuff that i received N years ago.
such as cards?
and some other things.
a birthday card from tong when i am sixteen.
presents such as bears, bottle, saving box from puiyi, phooiyee, weiyean, joseph, leong, karhoe, honglim.
and also handmade card from joonkit when i am sixteen also.

wow i am so touched.
i keep until now ner.
thankyou weih.
suddenly feel like hugging you guys!

and the books,
too many until like mountain.
i just leave it aside first because i guess no old news paper today?
and also found out some cards that i've made but i never give out,
for joshua, boonkin and my baba.
i dont know why i didnt give it to them,
can i give it now?
because i feel that is very nice and it's like..
one thing one thing go and stick it,
need a lot of time to make it der weih,
you ask me throw it?
i better jump into the sea.
but i just wonder why i never give it out.

and some of my friends,
aisha and joseph,
my besties!
comes back from NS because of CNY!
woo yeahh.
miss you guys lots weih.
enjoy your day.

my dear chian went vietnam liao lur.
i also going thailand tomorrow.
baby is going to grandma's house?
everyone have own events?
have fun and Happy CNY!

i got many events invitation ahh.
i where got so many time?
i still got assignments and tests.
but one thing i must do is hang out with baby after i come back.

and oh well,
he is sleeping now.
wonder what he did last night,
sleep early than me but so tired?
or he purposely make me miss him weih.

am i happy when i am with him?
yes of course.
i beg some of my friend sure will think about,
am i really love him and did i really let go?
but my answer is yes, i do.
and i also believes that my relationship will goes more happier than the past.

my dears;babes,
dont blame me if we're too sticky,
i cherish every moment when i am with him.
but also,
i love you guys, darlings, dears and babes too!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Happy Birthday Dear Babe Eileen!

- by kellye tan

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Today *\\12.02.2010//*

finally hand up our assignment!
skipped one class,
but she mark our attendance because we still rushing the assignment.
she forgive us.
what a last minute assignment.

but a very bad luck chian,
because of pen drive got virus and she need to redo the photoshop again.
i can understand the feeling of..
if that's me,
i sure very, very, very i dont know how to express out the feelings.
guess will no more CNY mood?
that day i redo also,
because of the saving problem,
my mood also like dying already.
she need to redo the whole thing and during CNY some more.

after everything done,
staying at starbucks with baby for a little while,
because im waiting my mami,
and thought going lunch with baby but mami suddenly ask me go with her.
then follow her go this place go that place,
my spirits is coming out already.
tired like hell and like dying dying.

soo sadd eihh.
i miss baby so much.
valentine's day is the same day with CNY.
and i actually dont give a damn at first because i didnt know i will have the chance to have valentine's day this year.
okayy well,
i'm going thailand again.
gonna miss baby badly badly bad-badly!

i dont care,
after i come back,
i wanna go hang out with baby.

miss you.
love you.

Happy Birthday Aquarius Babe Tong Donggiiee!

- by kellye tan

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Today *\\11.02.2010//*

miss my blog so muchiieee!
*hug hug*

what's about today?
it's my photoshop assignment's last day!
tomorrow need to pass up already.
luckily my nails long enough so that i can scratch the wall.

these 3 days i eat damn less.
i got no appetite.
not i dont want,
i am hungry but i dont feel like eating.

yesterday or i mean this morning,
5 something AM only i sleep.
and i woke up at 8.30am.
i can stand till now.
*clap for me please*

and know what?
i just back from college!
went starbucks do assignment with girls and baby.
know what baby?

i am his and he is mine.
i'm couple, again?
feel like i couple for so many times.
i damn dont like ahh.
and one thing,
i am not playgirl.
have to take note about this kayy?

couple with my senior.
dont wanna tell his name.

nothing lur,
like that.

i told him about what i worry for his internship,
and he promised me,
he will never do so.
although at first i still suspect,
but i choose to believe,
because not everyone flirt,
i shouldn't put the blame on him.

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Today *\\09.02.2010//*

what a tiring day.
pissed off of something happening in class.
during 2 hours class can make me so damn pissed off.

okay whatever,
after class,
went asia cafe eat with chian.
she's overnight at my house again.

after food,
we went starbucks and jeremy lend his laptop for me and chian to do assignment.

stay there until 10.30pm.
very tired,
damn tired.

and unbelievable,
jeremy lend us the laptop,
to bring home!
he so believe me?
but still thanks for believing.

and now,
and i am so tired like a freak.
need to have rest,
later gonna wake early and continue my photoshop.
please allow me to shout once again,

loving you.

- by kellye tan

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Today *\\07.02.2010//*


bored ah bored ah.

whole day doing my assignment.
look very fun but not easy weih.
my eye going to blind also.

what a bored day.

got tears comes out from my eye today.
i mean,
i cry today.
because of some unhappy thing.
honestly damn unhappy today.
feel like screwing everything.

but im fine,
no worries kay?

tuesday maybe my dear chian coming mt house overnight,
for doing the lame photoshop.

- by kellye tan

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Today *\\05.02.2010//*

class as usual.

stay back for doing assignment with yilin.
she's the only one.

around 3pm,
she went back.
wanna know why i'm not leaving?
because i attend an event in college.
its a Chinese New Year event.

met up jeremy and do assignments together.
then OMG,
i am hungry and cant go out for searching my food.
actually can but i dont like.

after that,
around 5 something i guess?
finally rain stop.
went asia cafe and mum mum with jeremy.
then chat craps for little while.
and then went into college again,
buy tickets.

ohh i didnt mention?
i went the event with jeremy.

we also got goodies bag that consists of shower soap, some facial thingy and stuff.
enjoy the event?
yeaa, i think so?
i am very sleepy!
i know i damn blur just now.
keep dreaming.

i am happy,
and honestly enjoy also.
do you?

around 11.40pm,
my mum pick me up and i'm home.
he is home too.

- goodies bag. and i know my hp camera not clear. xD

- booklet. ;)

- by kellye tan