Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Today *\\25.02.2010//*

college as usual.
and as me and my classmates know,
Thursday is the most tiring day.
having presentation today and guess i not doing very well also.

after class,
have some chat with the dears outside college.
and then wait for my baby free.
then we go for the movie?
i mean the movie in college.
well we got cheated by christin our senior.
she said that mass comm students compulsory to buy the tickets!
okay fine.
my dears are not coming,
so im going with my baby.

we watched hangover.
okay it's a quite funny comedy movie.

and i know that i am super tired.
and i am so sleepy.

after movie,
baby accompany me eat at asia cafe.
more while then,
baby leave and i back home also.
what a tiring day.
i need to get some rest at home.

ohh yesss!
tomorrow is a public holiday!

- tickets. :)

Happy Birthday Darren korkor!

- by kellye tan

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