Saturday, February 27, 2010

▪ random post.

awwww what a tiring day.
woke up damn early and went listen undang with ziyang at kelana jaya.
what a boring talk.
wasted 5 hours there.
and i damn sleepy.

after that,
back to office and mami sent me home.
have a late nap until at night.

after woke up,
start doing my work.
i done 3 work today and yesterday.
tmr i can relax a bit bit.

i still got assignment, outline, cards, research.
can i finish it by tomorrow?
well i will try my best.

northing much,
just feel like typing my blog.
and wanna wish my JS here.
it's his birthday today!

Happy Birthday to JunSam, shazaii.
once JS, forever JS.

- by kellye tan

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