Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Today *\\29.03.2009//*

i had a bad dream this morning.
dream until i cry.
when i woke up,
look at the clock,
its 8am.
my tears is with me and im still crying very sad.

know what?
i dream that my mum throw ar bou away.
my baby hamster.
luckilt thats only a dream.

ar bou cute enough.
and he's from a human who really i love.

- Ar Bou. ^@^

- by kellye tan

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Today *\\28.03.2009//*

its the pure brightness today.
woke up very early.

after that,
im home and i shower.
and after that,
mami and sister fetch me to school.
cause im having LM Gathering today.
but im late.

we're having games all that.
my group is purple which is name Cats.
the members are zhen ming, amanda, jared, puiyi, yongqing and some of the juniors.
they play water but i didnt join them.
cause i didnt bring shirts all that.
and i called dear and ask him bring one of his slipper for me.
cause i forget to bring slipper and my shoe is making me so uncomfortable.
thanks dear.

this year gathering was not bad.
in game side,
the clue they gave had a little bit problem and make people feels not really know what they meant it and quite confused.
and we also knew that some of the game they use something dirty to let us play.
very dirty and dont feel really nice for us.
and besides that,
their food not enough for the LM human.
for me,
i feel that last year is much more better.
more fun and nicer.

we had our food at reading corner.
cause dont know why.
we feel that canteen is the place not really suitable for us.
i feel that im just like transparent.
few of us,
amanda, puiyi, jared and xin yuan.
we syok sendiri at reading corner.
candle light dinner.
no one cares where we are.
no one cares where we suppose to be.

after that,
me, puiyi and jared went satellite eat again.
cause really no food left.
after that,
we went back school and all the form 5 gather outside wakil store.
this is the real gathering.
i love this.
i dont feel like leave there.
i really hope that the moment stay more longer.
we chat there and they are fun.

earth hour.
dang yao is the one who most persist with it.
anyone who went in wakil store and open the light,
he shoot.
but he's funny.
anyone who called him,
when he pick up the phone,
he ask ppl did they switch off light.

dennis drive car!
so nice.
he drive his car until outside wakil store and all of the boys run there and disturb.

around 11pm,
my brother fetch me and amanda back home.

and finally,
im home.
talking phone with dear and crying.
i still cant let go LM.
hurts badly.

- during game.

- candid shot. xD

- dear der slipper. Hohoho..~

- Us. kellye*amanda*puiyi.

- yummm seng..~

- candle light dinner. (:

- there......~

- what? hmmm.

- Lalala me~ xD

- buahah. xD

- pi-ka-boo.

- satellite.

- he belanja me drink ice water. xD

- the gathering.

- dennis drive. (:

- by kellye tan

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Today *\\27.03.2009//*

Oh i miss my dear very much.
he's going to another state, Penang to study soon.
its May.
May is coming soon.
i miss you very much.
why you always dump me?
you go so far.
how could i meet you?
why dear always leave me and go?

after school.
actually winston should come to school and be my tuition teacher.
but then she got something to do.
so we cancel that.
so i met dear after school and i eat with him at satellite.

after that,
we went mid valley for a movie.
Hotel for dog.
its cute and touched.

after movie,
should be my brother to fetch me home but he suddenly got work.
so he ask me to back myself.
i met luii luii sophia there too.
she first time talk with her baba,
means my dear.
^^ wheeeee..~

so we have to go back ourself.
i mean dear bring me home.
we went toy r us to see see lur.
thn we saw tamagotchi.
and we plan to buy each other one.
although its very expensive but..
one year anniversary i think i should make it for him.

after that,
heavy rain again.
rain is always hard to take taxi.
so we take bus to back puchong ioi and from there we take taxi home.
i left 1 dollar only.
my dear paid for me.
around 6.40pm,
im home.
having happy day with him today.


Kellye JeeSeng

- by kellye tan

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Today *\\26.03.2009//*

today school day as usual.
having oral presentation today.
but we dont know what the script talking about.
the script is wrote by alvin and ronald.
all lame things.
i didnt really care it and i just ignore it.
we still got one week time to make it.
some of the groups start their oral presentation today.
the first group,
ronald, natasha, siti, brandon and yau seng.
their topic was tongkat ali.
its meaningful and not bad.

second group will be xian zhong, sim xie, lik chin, jo yee and raylene.
their topic is about school life.
they are pro~
i really speechless.
their drama act looks real and their character acting was so funny.
and their drama takes long time.
they are pro~
*clap claps**

what my group had?
how how how?
anyone can help?

chs idol is coming soon.
me and ronald take part of it but we had no time to practise yet.
actually we're done before holiday.
because of someone...~
recess time,
we practice in class.
not bad gua?

after recess,
its bm.
get back result paper again.
fail already.
when teacher called my name,
i haven see my marks but i saw teacher using red pen writing something,
i already know that i fail.
i expect i pass ler.
36 marks.
and i realise i just bought der pen lost dee.
yesterday only start use it ler.
new pen.
hate it er..!!

school end,
i eat with dear, puiyi and teck seang at ipoh chicken rice.
after that,
i went tuition and dear went sunway.
after tuition,
im home and at night,
boiled phone with dear until late midnight,
then sleep lur.
im tired..~

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Today *\\25.03.2009//*

teacher didnt really teach in class today.
quite free.
so i play sudoku.

and after that we get some of the exam papers back.
my maths get 48 marks,
econs get 19 marks,
and my chinese get 29 marks.
my chinese..~
first time get so low marks.
but many classes fail too.
maybe they too straight already?
or really too hard?

after school,
went ampcorp with puiyi again.
went there eat lunch together.
finally i bought my things.
something wear at the hand there.

after that,
brother fetch me home.
it's heavy rain.
i am very scare.
everywhere tree falls.
im alone at down stairs and my brother was sleeping up there.
im alone.
im scare.
the thunder and lightning is keep repeat and reapating.
heavy, heavy rain and wind.
i worried that ar bou scare and i step in the study room.
he's playing with himself but i though he's shaking.

after that,
i cook maggie for myself.
xD i first time fried egg ler.
but i think its still okay bahs?
after maggie,
mami fetch me tuition loo.

- my maggie and eggie~ Hohoho~

- is this cute? my brother's. (:
- by kellye tan

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Today *\\24.03.2009//*

having seni exam today.
but exam after recess.
playing sudoku in class.
and in class only i decide what to draw.
my friend draw a sketch and i follow that.
this is what i always do.
only in seni.

what they draw is sea, ocean.
i hate to draw ocean very, very much.
i dont like it...
the title want us to draw weird weird and those fish look like down syndrome.
so i just simply draw.
i imagine lobak and tomato to become a fish.
imagine everything become fish.
what a fool am i drawing.

i knew my science marks today.
i got 54.
still happie.

after school,
dear came school and we had lunch together at satellite.
after that we went ampcorp gai gai.
on the way coming back,
we use the way taman jaya to go back.
i realise that the lake was so dirty and oily.
those drain fish live there.
but if the oil become more and more,
fishes will still finally die.

why dont the human being cant throw their waste foods or waste rubbish bin?
do they provide rubbish bin for us anywhere around there?
i saw.
but why dont they?
we must love our country.
we must take care of them.
this is what God gives us.
we have to protect it and care of it.
used them positively.
take care of our environment.
thanks for cooperate.

Science - 54%

- during exam...

- tong is drawing. xD

- her draw. nice? hohoho. *wink wink*

- this is me. ngeks (:

- my lobak tomato fish. xD

- killer whale? xD

- jelly fish.

- star fish.

- whatever fish. xD

- oily and dirty. =(

- by kellye tan