Thursday, November 29, 2012

| 29112012 | * Bangkok Here I Come!

Its last day of diploma class today. Well, surprisingly, we still have to present and acting. Honestly, i feel sad. Yet, im going to Bangkok straight after class. My mood is unstable, i feel desperate to go to Bangkok, but i feel unhappy to leave the college. Ahhh Gawd! Anyway, thanks to my diploma friends and lecturers. I really feel truly thankful.

Im currently in KlIA waiting to depart to Bangkok and coming back on Monday. Will back to you guys, take care :)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

| 25112012 | * Sunday.

Oh Sunday! Oh hi Sunday! I'm not alone today, glad that :') Went to Mood Recipe do some assignment with PuiYi. Luckily she got no date today :P But we stays in Mood Recipe were boring too, but better than yesterday. I sleep whole day at home and I was like so damn slacking. No no I cant stay home!

We stayed in Mood Recipe from 2pm until now we are still here. But I guess we are leaving soon because I'm sleepy and get bored already. Thanks to my neighbor, they renovation on Sunday early in the morning. I wonder why they choose these kinda timing where I can actually sleep more. Haih, fine fine fine. So that I can go home earlier and shower and get rest early, good idea also?

It's Monday tomorrow and yeaaa I got no class still. But I will come to Mood Recipe also to do assignment. Hohoho! Maybe some self study if they not free to do assignment :/

Ahhhh I'm bored to the max! What should I do now .____. Hopefully tomorrow I will very busy and very stress, I prefer that though :X


Thursday, November 22, 2012

| 22112012 | * Mind Is Not Functioning.

Owyeah. It's another week of Thursday. Well, it's also the last day of class today, the 2 hours of class. Next week is the last week of study week and what we face were final exam. Thanks God, I only left 2 subject. Hopefully nothing goes wrong. I wants to go for degree next year, please :/

Class starts from 10am to 12pm today. Then we bought nasi lemak to eat in Mood Recipe while waiting our lecturer to give us the feedback of our assignment. Besides, because we are poor recently, therefore we try to save cost :S We also bought instant noodles from 99 Speedmart and keep in Mood Recipe. They cooked for us, awww thankius :D You guys are really nice, friendly and lovely. Seriously, you guys helped us a lot by providing us a lot of special service :D Really thanks a lot, truly from my heart.

We finally went to see our lecturer and he told us about how to change the ending part of story, luckily. I'm so afraid that he dislike our story and want us to come out with a lot of suspense idea, that will makes me scratching my head badly. Thanks sir, for loving our story! And also guide us in the ending part of the story so that we can go smoothly.

Then, HuiBin came and meet me and Chian. We discuss about the script of story and we manage to complete about 30 scenes of that. Really, we are lack of time. Besides, PuiYi, LingXing, Andrew, Caryn were here as well. They were here, it makes a lot of noise and it also add happy moments, laugh moments for us. It decrease our stress. Oh thank you guys to be here, not purposely for us but I seriously feel grateful that I have you guys to be the friends of mine. Awww.

Dinner time, Andrew helped us to take away Mc. Donalds and we enjoy the foods in Mood Recipe. Because it saves time. But today, I'm really tired. In the past few days, I stressed out, I busy, I lack of sleep, but I still can manage to complete things that I wish to complete. But today, my mind really goes blank and it cant function well. I can think, but not that much. What I did is daydreaming when they were discussing about the script. I'm really tired today. But luckily script is still easy compared to developing a story which need us to have a lots of ideas and imagination. Because Chian's laptop has some problem, therefore she cant do her things also, and we decided to back home early and take rest today.

We should rest well today and tomorrow I have no class, and I will not go to badminton session as well. I love badminton, but I'm really tired. What I will do if I have time is sleep! Guess what, my neighbor is having renovation again. I always woke up because of the renovation sound, they screw something on the wall. Hopefully tomorrow they will not do that because tomorrow is the only day I can rest as much as I can at home.

Anyways, good night people.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

| 18112012 | * A Day with Sixta and Her Boyfie.

Hawh! Good afternoon. Once I opened up my eye and it's already 2pm. We really exhaust yesterday. Ant it's rainy day, that's why we sleep so deeply. Kekeke. Then we actually plan to take PanMee as our meal, my sister asked us to join her to eat nasi lemak. So we're okay with it as well. 

So we went to Uptown Village Park Nasi Lemak. Their nasi lemak is very nice! I mean their fried chicken actually. Kekeke. Then, we went to Ikea for a walk. I bought blanket, yay yay! For friends that overnight at my house. Because our house lack of blanket :(

- Saw this lobak in Ikea, kekeke!

Then, we went to Wonder Milk to have a small piece of cupcake and a cup of tea. After that then, sent YiLin home and went to grandmother's house.

830pm, we went to Sunway Giza's Tain Shiang Hui Wei to have our dinner, steamboat. Yea, extremely expensive steamboat. But their soup is delicious and a lot of people telling me it's worth because they are using the natural herbal to cook it. So okay, I think I should just stop complain about it.

1215am, went to LCW's sport centre to play badminton. Wao that is crazy, we're really exhausted!  130am, we went to Kenari's In House Cafe for tea. Then back to home. Oh great, I'm sleeping late today, again.

Blogged, kell.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

| 17112012 | * Working Day in Sepang.

Sleep at about 3am and woke up at about 6am. Owyeah! Damn high, I dont know how am I going to work. I cant even open my eyes. But no choice, I have to work! 

Reached Subang and waited for almost an hour. Camwhore in the car, listening to ze musics, this and that. And the transport has arrived. Walked out to the bus stop and sit their car to Sepang. Everybody seems to sleep in the car. 

We reached Sepang in about half an hour time. Then start to gave us tag on our hand with our name on. Then they start to tell us what we need to do. At first, me, YiLin and 3 guys were in charge of tagging session which when the people enter to the stadium and we have to check their ticket and wear the hand tag for them. After a moment then, we were changed to food and beverage session. We are giving goodies bag for the VIPs, there are Carlsberg and Redbull, kekeke! Fun fun fun!

- This is the place where I work. I can see the stage, the DJs.

- I can see people drifting with varieties of cars.

- With tins, buckets and curtains of Carlsberg.

- And the Redbulls.

- And also manage to see the party at the middle of night.

The party ends at 2am. We were all starts to packing this and that at about 145am. Ohyea, we also had free murtabak, laksa and cendol as our meal. Dinner time, we pay RM5 for nasi lemak because their food was taste not that good. But still, thankyou :)

Then, we collect our salary and some of the free gifts. Travel all the way back to Subang, and went back home. We reached home at about 330am. Awhhh, good night!

 Thanks for today,
Thanks for the job,
Thanks for the cash,
Thanks for the free gifts,
Thanks for the meal,
Thanks for everything.


Friday, November 16, 2012

| 16112012 | * MidValley.

Oh it's Friday! What plan do you have? Party? Drinking session with friends? Or perhaps a movie? With friends, girlfriends, boyfriends or with family? What plan do I have today? NOTHING.

I have no plans today. Because I'm late to go home yesterday. That's why I sleep until 1pm. And I've missed the badminton session. Arghh! My badminton of ze day. Well, today have an outing with YuanYuan and his sister to MidValley. What we plan is to watch movie - Skyfall. This is a movie which I want to watch so damn badly but the person print the wrong timing tickets for us! Arghhh! No wonder when I collect the movie tickets and I felt something wrong with it. I checked the movie and other stuff but what I didnt check is the time! Why tell me why!? Ishhh. I felt something's wrong. I kept on take out the movie tickets but I didnt realize that. Even when we're waiting the hall number to bright the light for us to walk in. We waited for so long and I was thinking, MidValley, it is impossible to let the audience walk in late. So I wonder why and started to look at the movie ticket's timing. Yeaaaaa, they printed the wrong timing. Luckily they could refund the money for us. Thanks Gawd. But too bad I cant watch my Skyfall T.T

After that, went to Comebuy to chill ourselves. About 530pm, we left. Back to home and rest. 830pm, me and PuiYi went to Chilla Cup, Setia Walk Puchong to do some studies and she wanted to do her assignment there. Who knows I suddenly got a call saying that I have job tomorrow. And there's a lot of interruption between that, this and that this and that. YiLin work with me tomorrow and we have to wake up early in the morning and work for 17 hours in Sepang. 1130pm, we left.

Home, shower and met YiLin in my house. YiLin, PuiYi and me, the 3 of us do mask together :)

Good Night, kell.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

| 15112012 | * Outing with Loves.

It's Thursday! As I'd promise, I bring my friends to Kepong for the delicious tomyum steamboat, which is Happy City Steamboat that located opposite of Carrefour. I'm there with PuiYi, TeckSeang, Ronald, Chian, LingXing and Vincent. Wao, finally I met Ronald, like after so long. He's still that handsome. Hahaha!

730pm, we met at Kepong steamboat and it's crowded! So damn a lot of people there. After enjoy our dinner, we went to the nearby famous dessert shop which is K.T.Z Dessert shop. Besides, we met Schumann there. At there, I felt extremely unhappy and angry. My mood is kinda killing me. I wish I could have a knife so that I can stab someone. Even now, I still can get angry of that LANCI-ness. Ish!

Half way of chatting, Schumann suddenly pop out his words, let's go Genting! Yeaa, he always said that but no once is real. So I'm start to take it as a joke. But I still ask friends who follow me car, they were all okay with it. Then, Schumann seems take it serious. So I'm okay with it too. With half an hour time, we finally reached. Blow wind, sit one side and start chatting a lot of stuffs. Taking photos. Wao that feeling is good. How long I never hang out with you guys yea? That time I was thinking, It will be perfect of KaiJin and HuiLin was there too. How I wish you guys were here.

About 3am, we came back from Genting. And we finally home! :)

- I like this side capture man! Hahaha.

- Oh let me introduce, this is my family 


Sunday, November 4, 2012

| 04112012 | * A Day in Damansara.

Due to yesterday late outing and sleeping late, I woke up at 1130am today and my eye is pretty tired and dry. Actually planned to go for badminton with AiSha but because she jogged in the morning and causes her muscle pain, she off the plan and we decided to go Ikea. I asked ITMC whether they want curry puff so that I can buy for them and they damn steady, the few of them went there by themselves and we meet up to have lunch together. They are Yaw, Andrew and WenHao.

We reached there by 230pm, long queue while going in to parking and also long queue while buying foods. Luckily the gentlemen help me to buy foods, thanks a lot. We enjoyed our lunch happily and we chat a lot, until 430pm, the food finally cleared, because they order a lot. LOL.

Went to Ikano Power Centre, The Curve, and Tesco together. I can hardly believe the boys go Tesco with us, I feel weird. Yet, I feel happy because I dont think guys will go supermarket. I saw miracle, hahaha! Not about what, I always see guys went to supermarket but friends around me, I dont see that. Get what I mean? Uhmm. We spent kinda lots of time in the malls.

About 7pm, we left. Thanks AiSha to sent me home safely. And, thanks for meeting you today :')

Blogged, kell.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

| 03112012 | * HuiBin's Birthday Celebration.

Today, we are going to celebrate HuiBin's belated birthday which is yesterday. Now, she's officially 21, aww big big girl already :)

Well, I picked up YiLin and have to meet HuiBin and Michelle in SS14. While waiting, we both are hungry and we went down and eat chicken rice, ahahah! Then we got a call from them and saying that they are reaching soon, then we quickly pay the bill and ciaoz.

Then, bump into HuiBin's car and we were ready to go Sunway Giza - D'Italiane' Kitchen. We ordered few dishes and share together. The food there is seriously delicious!

Then, we take photos, laugh, talk like nobody's business. We had a lot of fun there. And so do in the toilet...

- And the so called OOTD (Outfit of the day)

Then, second round - Paradox Bistro yamcha! There have a lot of our kiddo card games and so on. OMG and it's a very nice place to chill there owyeah. We also spend a lot of time taking photos there. Being dai-b :P

Then, we still got third round - Pelita SS15. We were all poor, pockets without money. We were all using coins to pay the bill. And guess what, we share roti canai, OMG. My very first experience. Good one :D Hope you enjoy your day, babe :)

D'Italiane' Kitchen
Sunway Giza Shopping Mall
Block D, F.10, First Floor,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 5/14,
PJU 5, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03-61481828
Click here for location map
Operating hours: 10am - 10pm daily.

Paradox Bistro
2-1, The Oasis, 
Tingkat Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03-77298962
Click here for location map