Saturday, November 17, 2012

| 17112012 | * Working Day in Sepang.

Sleep at about 3am and woke up at about 6am. Owyeah! Damn high, I dont know how am I going to work. I cant even open my eyes. But no choice, I have to work! 

Reached Subang and waited for almost an hour. Camwhore in the car, listening to ze musics, this and that. And the transport has arrived. Walked out to the bus stop and sit their car to Sepang. Everybody seems to sleep in the car. 

We reached Sepang in about half an hour time. Then start to gave us tag on our hand with our name on. Then they start to tell us what we need to do. At first, me, YiLin and 3 guys were in charge of tagging session which when the people enter to the stadium and we have to check their ticket and wear the hand tag for them. After a moment then, we were changed to food and beverage session. We are giving goodies bag for the VIPs, there are Carlsberg and Redbull, kekeke! Fun fun fun!

- This is the place where I work. I can see the stage, the DJs.

- I can see people drifting with varieties of cars.

- With tins, buckets and curtains of Carlsberg.

- And the Redbulls.

- And also manage to see the party at the middle of night.

The party ends at 2am. We were all starts to packing this and that at about 145am. Ohyea, we also had free murtabak, laksa and cendol as our meal. Dinner time, we pay RM5 for nasi lemak because their food was taste not that good. But still, thankyou :)

Then, we collect our salary and some of the free gifts. Travel all the way back to Subang, and went back home. We reached home at about 330am. Awhhh, good night!

 Thanks for today,
Thanks for the job,
Thanks for the cash,
Thanks for the free gifts,
Thanks for the meal,
Thanks for everything.


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