Thursday, November 22, 2012

| 22112012 | * Mind Is Not Functioning.

Owyeah. It's another week of Thursday. Well, it's also the last day of class today, the 2 hours of class. Next week is the last week of study week and what we face were final exam. Thanks God, I only left 2 subject. Hopefully nothing goes wrong. I wants to go for degree next year, please :/

Class starts from 10am to 12pm today. Then we bought nasi lemak to eat in Mood Recipe while waiting our lecturer to give us the feedback of our assignment. Besides, because we are poor recently, therefore we try to save cost :S We also bought instant noodles from 99 Speedmart and keep in Mood Recipe. They cooked for us, awww thankius :D You guys are really nice, friendly and lovely. Seriously, you guys helped us a lot by providing us a lot of special service :D Really thanks a lot, truly from my heart.

We finally went to see our lecturer and he told us about how to change the ending part of story, luckily. I'm so afraid that he dislike our story and want us to come out with a lot of suspense idea, that will makes me scratching my head badly. Thanks sir, for loving our story! And also guide us in the ending part of the story so that we can go smoothly.

Then, HuiBin came and meet me and Chian. We discuss about the script of story and we manage to complete about 30 scenes of that. Really, we are lack of time. Besides, PuiYi, LingXing, Andrew, Caryn were here as well. They were here, it makes a lot of noise and it also add happy moments, laugh moments for us. It decrease our stress. Oh thank you guys to be here, not purposely for us but I seriously feel grateful that I have you guys to be the friends of mine. Awww.

Dinner time, Andrew helped us to take away Mc. Donalds and we enjoy the foods in Mood Recipe. Because it saves time. But today, I'm really tired. In the past few days, I stressed out, I busy, I lack of sleep, but I still can manage to complete things that I wish to complete. But today, my mind really goes blank and it cant function well. I can think, but not that much. What I did is daydreaming when they were discussing about the script. I'm really tired today. But luckily script is still easy compared to developing a story which need us to have a lots of ideas and imagination. Because Chian's laptop has some problem, therefore she cant do her things also, and we decided to back home early and take rest today.

We should rest well today and tomorrow I have no class, and I will not go to badminton session as well. I love badminton, but I'm really tired. What I will do if I have time is sleep! Guess what, my neighbor is having renovation again. I always woke up because of the renovation sound, they screw something on the wall. Hopefully tomorrow they will not do that because tomorrow is the only day I can rest as much as I can at home.

Anyways, good night people.

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Anonymous said...

I pray that God give you wisdom and peace of mind in your coming final exam.
Wish you all the best and take care.