Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!! *\\31.12.2008//*

oh yes!
went outing with seksyen 4 buddies again!
i'm sick
but, its okay.

woke up and cook some soup and drink.
then evelyn and ching wei come to my house.
around 1.20pm,
brother fetch us to sunway.

we do nothing there.
only walk here walk there.
just bored.
besides that,
i also find teck seang and dear.
after that,
ckc join us.
then we walk again.

then we also meet sha and chor ee,
cause they also went there.
dinner they didnt join us lur.
cause they eat with other friends.
nest time.

went popular and mc D.
we also walk to some fasion shops.
i saw a cutie jacket with ears..!!
cost RM39.90.
i borrow money from teck seang and he say that at nite he need to use.
i forget about it.

but then i saw a girl wear it!!
my heart get pulled..!!
then i wait dear finish work and wanna borrow money from him.
then dear say he buy for me.
and we enter the shop and try lur.
and i like it very much.
i love the jacket because of the ear.

then dear pay and i say i'll return him money back lur,
but then dear say he buy for me..~!!!
thanks dear.
really thank you ^^

then i change that jacket to eat steamboat.
cause look nicer.

then we sit ckc's car went to summer.
nearby sunway der steamboat.
and we eat lur.
after that joshua also came already.

more while,
darren fetch dear go sunway there lur.
and he went IOI fetch hong lim.
but then hong lim macam in bad mood.
so i also seldom talk with him.
i play with darren and evelyn play with hong lim lur.
joshua, ckc and ching wei also leave edii.
joshua got other appoinment and ching wei have to back home early.
so that ckc fetch her back lur.

before that,
i wanna say,
Joshua use ant to bully me!!

so after that,
we sit darren's ferrari.
SAGA in blur colour.
thn we just in car,
drive here drive there.
dont feel like back home lur.
then keng gaii in car.
hong lim sleep in car.
then darren, evelyn and me keng gaii lur.

then dear say duno who fetch him back,
so darren went sunway again and fetch him back home.
dear der house so damn big.
now only i know.
very OMG der big.
cant imagine~

then we drive here drive there again.
until around 2am midnight,
fetch hong lim and evelyn back,
then fetch me back lur.

Happy New Year 2009!!

i dont know when will i have chance to meet them like that again.
* i miss them *
i love seksyen 4.

- buffet. (:

- omg ant!!

- ckc and ching wei.

- add soup! xD saw joshua? thats joshua (:

- darren. (:

- kellye (:

- egg. ==0

- play with the egg. xD

- kungfu? xD

- kell with jacket ear. ^^

- kellye and darren (:

- this is aw hong lim (:

- evelyn, my muii (:

- thank you dear..!! ^@^

- by kellye tan

Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Today *\\27.12.2008//*

well well.
woke up at 6.30am.
went nearby shop and wait for yongqing cuz need to listen undang thingy.
reached the shop at around 7.10am.
then im in the car,
wait yongqing lur.

after that went in the shop with him.
the uncle said cant wear short nar.
what theee..
yesterday i ask the women she say wear anything normal.
bla bla bla.
ask baba fly car back home and change nor.

then gao dim everything,
sit van go the undang place.

listen nor.
at start quite interesting der.
cause chinese man speak malay.
so that i can understand abit abit.
and he likes to joke.

after that abit bored dee,
sit too long dee nar.

very tired weih.

break time.

take my breakfast+lunch there.
the maggie goreng very nice.

after that continue listen again.
but another tutor.

its a malay.
and he speak so fast nar.
i cant even understand.
also duno wat he crapping about.
im just dreaming and sms.
bored sia.

then sms with zi yang nor.
ask me go yam cha.
ok nor.

then end dee,
went in van again.
so damn hot man.
im so sweat that time.
i think everyone's sweating also.
cause really very hot!

we reached..!!
im so so excited and i knocked the van.
so pain..
but i really very happie cause end dee.

then rest a while and went mamak with zi yang nor.
then we keng gaii keng gaii.

he told me der things all so funny.
but he said that's all are secret.
but anyway,
thanks for belanja me eat and drinks.

after that,
went back shop again lur.
work and do some computer things.
at nite,
dinner with zi yang at restaurant do re mi again.

- by kellye tan

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008..!! *\\25.12.2008//*

wow wow.
it is Christmas day!
is Malaysia snowing?

wake up early today.
and get ready for everything.
and make a bottle of honey for dear.
thn baba fetch me to sunway.
then i meet dear and teck seang there.

walk walk with dear lur.
dear find shirt for work.
then we went shilin eat.
i mean,
only i eat.
cause i haven eat nehs.

after that we walk walk again~
we dont know what to do.
then we went to take sticker photo~!!
yay yay..!!~~
very nice..!!
but i very rush like that,
not careful press 2 pattern only.
RM 26 for 2 pattern only.
sad case...~
i very angry nor..!!

after that,
we walk walk again.
then i really bu shuang nor.
then i pull dear and take sticker photo again..
this time i stay cool.
i dont rush.
so nice..!!
i love it baby.

dear hungry nor.
we went subway nor.
i didnt eat.
cause i dont like the smell.
dear first time eat subway.
and i belanja him lerr.
i no money already.

after that,
we go sushi zanmai with teck seang nor.
he break time niao.
then dear also back edii.
so i eat with teck seang nor.
i order my favourite eggs again.

after that,
we paid and went da geii there and find nicholas.
then teck seang also back lur.
more while,
sha also reach edii.
im missing her!

then we walk together,
shopping nor.
then wear christmas cap together.
take photos..
then duno how,
we change to take steamboat at bandar puteri.
so i telephone and book lur.
then we beg nicholas go but he duwan.
maybe he tired?
he back home lur.
then i follow sha's car and back home.
sha's at my home too.
then ching wei and darren also come to my house lur.

then wait my baba come back and fetch us to bandar puteri.
while waiting,
we chat chat chat..~
* love them **

then baba fetch us there.
4 of us.
and after that hong lim came,
then ckc ( ching wei's bf ),
then joshua.
we eat together,
talk craps.
and laugh together..
fun fun fun!!
i really love them much.
* i miss that moment **

after eat,
ckc fetch me, sha, ching wei and hong lim back.
around 1 something midnight.
and darren follow joshua's car.
in ckc's car,
dabez play what 'piu yiii'.
then play play play nor.
talk craps again.
very sweat,
but fun!

Merry Christmas..!!

- dear dear. ^@^

- teck seang, what he doing ya? xD

- in fitting room. xD

- the first two pattern.

- and the second time. (: love it.

- ummmmmm. ^^

- the purpose that i post this is wanna you all see his cutie FINGER! xD * i keep on laughing**

- my favourite! xD

- and udon.

- sha.

- kell.

- sha, kell and nicholas.

- so many..~

- yummy yummy.. ^^

- darren ten eng loong, my brother (:

- sha, dabez partner (:

- kell, behind is ching wei. blur. xD

- he's eating chicken, hand oily and ching wei help him to hold the phone. xD

- here eat eat eat.

- here pak thor pak thor. ( see ckc so cute, xD )

- and Dabez pictures..!! (:

- ice cream, creative Dabez. (:

- and add white spot? xD

- Dabez gurlx sha (:

- by kellye tan