Saturday, April 25, 2015

| R4ND0M | * Boots Essentials 3 Minute Cucumber Clay Mask Review

Recently I've tried a lot of different skin care products.

Today I'm gonna write a review on a cheap but nice skin care.
I've recommend this to few of my friends.

It's Boots Essentials' 3-minute clay mask (cucumber).
This is their in house brand, that's why it is cheap.
Thailand have Boots store but I'm not really sure whether they sell this.

I have an app in my phone that always discuss different topics.
And one day, I saw it recommend this product.
Then I started to do research about the product, review and feedback.
And overall are positive.
So I'm giving a try.

I got it in Boots store for 3 for 3 pounds, mix and match.
If get it individually it cost only 1.50 pounds, it's cheap anyway.
But its a little bit too small, it's only 50ml.
Product made in Germany.

I've used it for almost 2 months, and I really like it.
I really feel my skin were smooth and hydrated.

The texture of mask is creamy, rich and really thick. 
And I really love the smell, it's a refreshing cucumber smell.

Images above is the first time I used the product.
After cleansing, I applied a thin layer on my face, and leave it for 3 minutes.
It wouldn't really dry out because it's only 3 minutes.
Then, wash off with a damp cloth or rinse with water.
According to direction stated, you can use it once or twice a week.

And, this is the recent photos that I used the product.
I applied thicker layer on my face because I wanted my face to fully moisture.
I really think my face getting better and smoother.

After cleaning, splash a little bit of cold water to close the pores.
Then, continue your skin care routine like toner, serum, moisturizer.

OH, they also have other products such as cleanser, eye gel, face scrub, moisturizer etc.
It is really cheap and affordable, most importantly, it works! :D

Recommend to buy: A DEFINITELY YES.
Rating: 5/5
Repurchase: ABSOLUTELY.

P/S: This is not a sponsored or an advertorial post, it's all from my personal opinion. 


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

| R4ND0M | * 说好的承诺呢?

他不希望我因为一些小事哭,就好像他整个星期 Skype 我,突然一天他忙了,我就不高兴了,我就哭了。
有时两个星期都没 Skype,偶尔我会发发脾气,然后他就 Skype 我。
如今,我们超过一个月没 Skype 了。
让我心疼了,是不是我不发脾气,他就不 Skype 我?
很开心 Whatsapp 有了 phone call 的用途,
如果我不是会发脾气的人,如果我之前都没发他脾气,我们是不是就会从一开始到现在都没 Skype 过?



只有我 —— 想和他结婚?
只有我 —— 想和他聊天?
只有我 —— 想和他庆祝什么周年纪念日?


是不是... 我太在乎了,在乎的有点过火了?

但... 也罢。


Thursday, April 2, 2015

| 01042015 - 02042015 | * 2D1N Trip in York, UK.


It's been a while that I never been to trip except for London.
This time imma go to York! 
Many friends told me it's more than enough for one day in York, but I still chose to stay over.
What comes to my mind when talk about York?
Castle, tea, relax, enjoy, music.
So yea, we chose to stay one night over there, no rush but just to relax and chill.


Let's goooooo, Janet!



Depart at 1110am from Newcastle and reached York at around 1230pm, about an hour and 20 minutes from Newcastle.

Look, their train station is so pretty! I like the ceiling/roof/whatsoever, heheh!

We only stay for a night, thus we don't have much things to carry.
We did not leave our things in hotel but carry our stuff with us and walk around.


First stop - National Railway Museum.
Its really near to the train station, around 5-10 minutes walk from train station to the museum.
It's free entry, but you can do some donation, it's up to you.
We spent around 2 hours to see different type of trains/coach such as Mail Rail, Queen Victoria Royal Train etc.
It' really cool.
They had really old trains.

- Mini train, so cute! Btw the mini train was moving, hahah.

- Hello, welcome to National Railway Museum, hahah.

- This is what inside the train.

- Mail Rail.

- Reeeeeally reeeeeally old train.

- Janet is selling train tickets, hahah.

- Imma go travel!


- I really like this clock thingy, soooo nice!

There's some setting for you to take picture or rest.


- Fuiyooooooo read book worrrr!

They have cafe as well, you can eat there if you're hungry.

Second stop - Betty's Cafe Tea Rooms.
Everybody told me this is a must-go-cafe.
I'm not a dessert/high tea lover, but no doubt, this is really good!
We ordered an afternoon tea, and we add some side order as well because it's sooooo good!



They said people had high tea must always handle tea with nice pose,
like..... slightly show up your little finger, hahahahahah.


Spent around an hour and move on to next stop.
And we passed by the York river - River Ouse.

Third stop - York Minster.
I started to get so excited when I was here.
It's really beautiful.
I love it, the cathedral is so, so so, large and pretty!

The ticket entry is £9 and it last for 12 months, so you still can come back next time.
FYI, it closed at 5pm.
For more information, 
this is their website:



Isn't it pretty!? *excited*


Next stop - Stonegate & The Shambles.
Stonegate and The Shambles is a close street, like it's just next to it.
So I'm actually kinda confused, because the street look kinda similar.
Hahaha, so i'll just post the both photos together here.

Photos below are The Shambles (if some of them are not mistaken/confused).
Look at the building and shops, it's like going to fall.

- I almost same height with the door!

Most of the shops closed at 4pm.
Aww so sad, there's quite a lot of special thing/vintage to sell here and we did not manage to shop around.
But we plan to come again tomorrow.
Then, we head to hotel and then dinner!


Hotel Ibis York Centre


Not bad, nice setting.
But Janet did not sleep well, so do I.
I felt so hot in the middle of the night, and I opened the window.
Janet did not sleep well because of the bedding and pillow wasn't really comfortable.
But overall everything is fine.

Then, dinner time!
We're really tired to go out, thus we had dinner nearby.

The Longboat York Yorkshire | Table Table Pub Restaurant
Well the foods are so so only, not to say really good, but not too bad.
Its just near and convenient.
The restaurant is located next to Premiere Inn.


After meal, go back to hotel and rest.


Day II

2 tired zombie woke up at around 9am, get ready and check out.
Had breakfast at Caffe La Tazzina, a nearby cafe.
Overall the food is fine, relaxing and good service.

- Passed by the city wall.




- Passed by some nice building~

First stop - Clifford's Tower.
Yes, you have to pay for the entry.
Forgotten how much is it, but it's less than £5.

- Structure of Clifford's Tower.

To go up, the staircase is behind this mini shop.
Be careful with the staircase, as it's only one way for the staircase.
The staircase is really narrow and uneven.

- Seriously, only 1 person in each staircase.

- Wishing well? Errrrrrrr...


Next, less than 5 minutes walk - York Castle Museum.
£5 for ticket entry.
Quite a lot of things to see, including a house setting (kitchen, dining table, room) from old times to modern, and some shops setting, wedding gifts and clothes from old times to modern etc.

Next stop - Museum Gardens, St. Mary's Abbey and Yorkshire Museum (it's all nearby).
About 15 minutes walk from York Castle Museum.

Museum Gardens


St. Mary's Abbey
Another beautiful monastery place.


Yorkshire Museum
FYI, it closed at 5pm.

After that, we went to Stonegate & The Shambles for meal.
I forgotten to note down the restaurant name because was too hungry :(

We thought of have a quick shop in Stonegate & The Shambles after meal, but it's too late.
It's around 4pm again and those shop were closed :(
So sad of that.
Really love York and hope to come again.
It's really a nice and relaxing place.

Around 630pm, we left York.
Goodbye York, I'll come again if possible.