Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Today *\\26.10.2010//*

went college early and do some assignments and revision.
then met up chian, andrew and yuan yuan to had lunch together at jojo.
after that went FBI yamcha,
also play games there.
kinda fun and happy.

after that,
went class and they went home as usual.
nothing happening in class today.

- yilin.

- yuan yuan.

- chain.

- andrew.

- kellyeeeee.

- playing. :D

- very high. o.O

- yilin and me.

- chian and me.

slowly found out that it's boring.
- by kellyetan

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Today *\\24.10.2010//*

it's another day of working.
the job is so so so boring.
because no one is there and i can do nothing.
OMG its like whole day wasting my time and learn nothing.

i decided next week not gonna to work and pass the job to other person.
yes i decide!
seriously bored like hack.

same like yesterday,
my sweet daughter puiyi came and accompany me for whole day again.
even lunch and dinner,
toilet and after work.
and today there are special guest come and visit me.
TJS and teckseang!

happy weih.

we eat KFC together when i break.
close friend know i seldom eat fast food.
and these 2 days i've been eating Mc Donalds and KFC.
save money because working.
and save time mah.

another tiring day again.
- by kellyetan

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Today *\\23.10.2010//*

woke up early today.
went subang parade work as Dove promoter.
puiyi didnt take the job but she's there accompany me for one whole day.
awww so sweet right?

break time eat with her,
went toilet also meet her up.
i scare she boring.

and even i finish work she also go home with me.
how sweet she is?

tiring day.

- by kellyetan

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Today *\\20.10.2010//*

class as usual.
after class,
lepak at somewhere college.
went tastebuds eat lunch with dears and JJ as well.

after that,
watch Running Man for a little while.
then met up the IT guys,
went for badminton with them.
after badminton then,
went swimming.

wow nice!
and fun of course.
a one day exercise trip.

after that then,
went andrew's house take bath.
thanks anyway.
then went murni mam mam for dinner.
after that back home.

- by kellyetan

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Today *\\16.10.2010//*

went to seang's house and met him up,
went to jeeseng's house,
tot wanted to give him surprise but fail.

picked him up and went sunway pyramid together.
went to wong kok and have lunch together.
then eat cakes and celebrate his birthday,

after that,
went amp square to sing song.
kinda bad quality there.
still prefer redbox.

after that,
seang left at around 8 something night,
we still continue sing.
then went and walk walk,
went to pei chai primary school to met teckseang up again because he's coaching there.
then in car,
thanks to jeeseng made me cry.
he used my frog inside my car to scared me.
and i cried.

my tears as his birthday present.
then we went somewhere ss2 to yamcha.
until around 12am,
we left.

- card for TJS.

- Happy Birthday. (:

- Whatever love you. (:

- see his head. xD

- kell and yi. (:

Happy Birthday TJS!
- by kellyetan

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Today *\\13.10.2010//*

class as usual,
went sunway pyramid celebrate ks's birthday at zanmai.
with whole big gang of friends.

after that,
went home and rest because get heavy headache.

- by kellyetan

Monday, October 11, 2010

▪ random post.

just came back from IOI dinner with puiyi and nicholas.
happt to meet nicholas because we long time didnt meet already.

a call from teckseang telling us that his car no petrol,
we wish to help but only me and puiyi 2 girls at night and i am worry my parents will call and ask whether where am i and i am a beginner driver and supporse not to out too late and go help at bukit jalil.

but i kinda pity that his car stop on the middle of the road and cant move at all.
end up he walk to the petrol station and done everything himself.
but still i feel bad that i couldnt help him.
i imagine if i was him.
it's really feel so helpless.
and his phone no battery and cant get other friend's number.
some more he cant let his parent know about it.
what should i do?

okay end up we didnt help anything and i sent puiyi home and after that i back home.
it is 9.30pm,
and my car is driving near and near to my house.
and i saw that still no any cars there and no one is back.
at that moment,
i feel so sad.
why is there no one at home,
it is 9.30pm already.
is that i suppose to be alone always?

i really feel so sad.
the first thing i do is looking at the time,
and then look around and in my mind is..
okay, nobody is home.

me, bo happy.
- by kellyetan

▪ random post.

currently im at starbucks.
doing advertising notes.
my class is 12pm but i came out from house at 6.30am.
i know i sounds crazy but somehow i dont know why also.

i just randomly feel like waking up and take breakfast outside and come to study.
perhaps my notes is messy and i cant stand it,
and so i wish to do it nicely and write it nicer.

a very sudden met up jasontan and study together?
but he's too famous and know a lot of people,
he keep going here and there to chat with his friend around.
im still the original me,
sitting here and studying.

wear lens today,
still very tired.
i mean,
more tired.

early in the morning and the flu visit me.
hat-chuuuu for 3 times in the morning and cause my nose blocking now.
i feel so not feeling well.

i feel like going home and rest.
my head is a litle bit heavy and i am very cold.
maybe this starbucks is cold.

now im boring tho,
so im here to blogging about somerandom stuffs.

ciaoz people!
will be update again.

- by kellyetan

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Today *\\10.10.2010//*

around 4am slept yesterday.
quite a long time i didnt sleep that late.

woke up at around 12pm.
get ready and stuff.
went around SS2 lunch with family and brother's girl.
celebrating brother's birthday.
its belated one.

a very delicious lunch we had.
after that sent brother's girl home and we went home too.
rest for a little while while someone is helping me to wash my car.

after that,
around 5pm,
out from house and get nagged from grandmother that i went out again.

went to pick puiyi up and went to sunway pyramid to buy my stuffs.
cards, and some other stationaries,
contact lens container and eye drops,
sweets and blablabla.

after buying stuffs,
it's around 7.30pm already.
then we left and fly to petrol station fill in petrol because my petrol bar is lightning already.
i am so afraid and worry.
somehow my driving skill scared puiyi also.
im sorry!
cause i really scare traffic jam and the car petrol is empty.
sorry yah.

after filling petrol,
although its not full tank but at least...
after that sent puiyi home and im home too.


- by kellyetan

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Today *\\09.10.2010//*

woke up at 10am,
realize that i nap from yesterday 9pm until this morning.
look at my shirt to confirm is that the shirt i wore yesterday?
yes it is.

well perhaps im too tired.
eat maggie for my breakfast and more while then,
take bath and do some other things such as watch tv, online and blabla stupid and useless things.
i do mask as well.
the mask that made from charcoal i bought from Daiso yesterday.
not bad,
but a little bit dark.

then plan to dinner with the girls and guys at klang tonight.
wore contact lens today,
for the very first time,
i wore it with my finger,
my OWN finger; myself.
feel so happy.

then wait wait wait,
around 8pm only they reached and fetch me.
KS, yilin, fei and yaw come and pick me up.
went to klang.
met up chian and andrew at Boston.
finally i got the chance to eat there.
not bad!
we ordered prawn, noodles, lala, tofu and vegetables.
woots not bad not bad.
waited for around 1 and half an hour.
really dont understand why so many people would willing to wait there.
seriously i wonder why.

chat a lot and had fun with them.
after that,
second round went to berkerly to yc with them.
also chat a lot but not that energetic.
everyone is tired i guess,
because me too.
but still we enjoy a lots.

around 1am,
we left and fei driving ks's car because ks is so freaking tired.
thanks dudesss!

- the mask that i use. (:

- look so dirty. =p

- peel off. ;D

- *JENG JENG* done! :D

- ready to go out dinner with my blue lens! *proud* xD

- by kellyetan

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Today *\\07.10.2010//*

out to college with yilin.
Joan told us that moral class had cancel.
went to eat pock noodles and after that went yilin's house sleep.
because we're all so tired.

until around 1pm,
we left and find parking at college area.
got informed that psychology class had cancel as well.
if we knew that then we dont have to woke up so early larrrrr.

then went sky village to eat,
then ewnt college after 2 hours for advertising class.
unfortunately met Ms. Cheryl and she shouted at us of wearing shorts.
she even ask us to see Ms. Nalena the Head of Programme.
but we are still considering.
at the end they came in and Ms. Wong said out my name and ask me not to wear shorts.
i was like WTF?
at that time,
i dont really have mood.

- by kellyetan

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Today *\\06.10.2010//*

marketing class cancel.
so our class end at 10am.
early right?

make up and wear contact lens in the toilet with the girls.
we spent quite a lot of time.
know why?
because today we're hanging out with yan!

this is my first time to wear contact lens for so long time.
we went mid valley.
sushi zanmai to eat for our brunch.
we also spent a lot of time chatting there.
besides that,
we went toilet for capturing a lot of pictures.
hugging here and there,
molest here and there as well.

after that walk walk somewhere,
we also headed juice works and buy some drinks,
chatting again.
besides that,
we saw a girl stole laptop and run away.
kinda sad of seeing the scene like this.
a young girl and good looking with dressing appropriately,
never know about that.
is that she really need money until do these kind of thing?
i wonder.

around 5pm,
we left and OMG traffic jam!
went to college and drop chian because her car is there,
went to yilin's house and wait for them to shower.
then around 8.30pm,
we left.
yilin sent me home and overnight my house because i am very tired.
i keep sleeping when im home.
keep sleeping sleeping and sleeping.
until yilin told me she's hungry and im still sleeping.
WTF with me.
but still at the end,
we ate maggie.
hope she wont gastric.
God bless.

after maggie then,

- yilin and me. (:

- chian and me. (:

- yan and me. (:

- chian, yan and me. (:

- four of us. (:

- can see me len? =D

- by kellyetan