Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Today *\\09.10.2010//*

woke up at 10am,
realize that i nap from yesterday 9pm until this morning.
look at my shirt to confirm is that the shirt i wore yesterday?
yes it is.

well perhaps im too tired.
eat maggie for my breakfast and more while then,
take bath and do some other things such as watch tv, online and blabla stupid and useless things.
i do mask as well.
the mask that made from charcoal i bought from Daiso yesterday.
not bad,
but a little bit dark.

then plan to dinner with the girls and guys at klang tonight.
wore contact lens today,
for the very first time,
i wore it with my finger,
my OWN finger; myself.
feel so happy.

then wait wait wait,
around 8pm only they reached and fetch me.
KS, yilin, fei and yaw come and pick me up.
went to klang.
met up chian and andrew at Boston.
finally i got the chance to eat there.
not bad!
we ordered prawn, noodles, lala, tofu and vegetables.
woots not bad not bad.
waited for around 1 and half an hour.
really dont understand why so many people would willing to wait there.
seriously i wonder why.

chat a lot and had fun with them.
after that,
second round went to berkerly to yc with them.
also chat a lot but not that energetic.
everyone is tired i guess,
because me too.
but still we enjoy a lots.

around 1am,
we left and fei driving ks's car because ks is so freaking tired.
thanks dudesss!

- the mask that i use. (:

- look so dirty. =p

- peel off. ;D

- *JENG JENG* done! :D

- ready to go out dinner with my blue lens! *proud* xD

- by kellyetan