Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Today *\\10.10.2010//*

around 4am slept yesterday.
quite a long time i didnt sleep that late.

woke up at around 12pm.
get ready and stuff.
went around SS2 lunch with family and brother's girl.
celebrating brother's birthday.
its belated one.

a very delicious lunch we had.
after that sent brother's girl home and we went home too.
rest for a little while while someone is helping me to wash my car.

after that,
around 5pm,
out from house and get nagged from grandmother that i went out again.

went to pick puiyi up and went to sunway pyramid to buy my stuffs.
cards, and some other stationaries,
contact lens container and eye drops,
sweets and blablabla.

after buying stuffs,
it's around 7.30pm already.
then we left and fly to petrol station fill in petrol because my petrol bar is lightning already.
i am so afraid and worry.
somehow my driving skill scared puiyi also.
im sorry!
cause i really scare traffic jam and the car petrol is empty.
sorry yah.

after filling petrol,
although its not full tank but at least...
after that sent puiyi home and im home too.


- by kellyetan

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