Sunday, April 28, 2013

| R4ND0M | * I'm Unhappy.

I'm very unhappy today.
I didnt sleep well.
I thought I was tired, but I'm not because of tired.

I'm very unhappy,
until I cant even focus on my assignment.
WHAT THE HELL if tomorrow is the due date?
I usually dont do my assignment last minute,
but this time I was like screw up.

I'm really, perhaps because of the celebration of friend's birthday yesterday.
There is something made me feel uncomfortable.
It's been running in my mind until I feel annoy.

I'm just getting unhappy to seeing you being so unfair.
Yes, because I'm not the one.
Then dont make me fall in love with you.
Why you making me love you yet hate you?
You are driving me crazy.
I really wish to send you a message telling you that I miss you, fucker?

My mood now is extremely bad, to the max.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

| 27042013 | * Happy 21st Birthday, My Friend!

Yup, I cut my fringe. Teehee.
Because everytime I look at the mirror I feel I'm messy.
Long fringe makes me look tired and so sick of it.

Today, we're out to celebrating 2 of our friend's birthday - Alvin & WenHui.
Firstly, had dinner at Shabu Garden as a birthday dinner for Alvin.
Who's there? 
PuiYi, HuiLin, PingKee, Schumann, Alvin, KaiJin, ZhengYi.
After that, we went to Sri Petaling's Food Talk yamcha,
and we met a rude waitress that make us feel so angry, ish.

About 1030pm, we left because of the birthday boy - Alvin, so rushing of time.
Even the birthday cake is out, even we are singing birthday song for him,
still holding his phone act like how busy he was.
I thought he is the one who said nobody celebrating with him?
He dont even give a damn on why are we coming out to celebrate his birthday.
I dont know what he think.
He might reading my blog, but who cares?
You dont even appreciate we celebrating birthday with you.
Hello come on man. I really speechless!

Next, Cocoon Club in Scott Garden to celebrate WenHui's birthday.
Who's there?
PuiYi, TeckSeang, WenHui, His friend, his friend, his friend, his friend, his friend and his friend. LOL.
Anyway we enjoy the party there, although I dont feeling well in the middle of session.
Anyway, thanks for the invites.

First time wearing like this, ehehehe.

Happy Birthday guys!


Partner of the day,


Saturday, April 20, 2013

| 20042013 | * Life of Pie ❤

Hi Saturday!
No self capture photo for today because of ugly looking.
Was rushing here and there and busy with assignments.

Went to Klang with Ling today to try to get her annual report for her assignment.
Thanks Chian for leading the road!
Not bad, I still can remember how to go her house, me myself also feel surprised. Ahaha!
But too bad, getting annual report fail x(

Back to Taipan's Coffee Bean for assignment.
Storyboard, Advertising Principle's Activity and a lot a lot more.
Ahhh anyway today tak sempat to finish them,
should continue tomorrow.

7pm, it's very cold in ze Coffee Bean, we decided to leave.
Went to KS's house and we go for dinner in Bangsar!
Yay, KS bring us for yummy meal and desserts.

Last minute gave call to Yaw and he on.
Picked him up and go go go!
Had our dinner at Ben's, 2 pizza and we share.

- Ceaser Pizza.

- English Breakfast Pizza.

Then, let's move to Dip and Dip!
This is the most important part where the purpose to come here!


- Not very heavy chocolate taste, I likes it anyways.

Hmm, the image above.. I not sure it call but, I dislike because it's chocolate, ahahaha!

Broke day, my pockets left coins.
But besides rushing and stress out with assignments, I enjoy great meal.
It's my life of pie.

Thank you!  ❤


Saturday, April 6, 2013

| 06042013 | * Manhattan Fish Market with AiSha.

Greetings from me and AiSha.

This morning, I woke up at 9am because have to go Happy Garden to settle my passed-away-grandma stuffs.
Then, headed to Sri Petaling for Chilli PanMee, with the big gangs of family members :)
Thank you! Fish and Gillian for the treats! :D

Back to home at about 230pm, I took a nap.
630pm, woke up and get ready to go out with the bitch!
Because mua sixta has bought The Manhattan Fish Market from Groupon and its only valid til tomorrow.
And she's not free to go for it and so..........
TADAAA me and AiSha got the free dinner!
Domo Arigato nar :)

Fried Giant Platter with mussels and salad, plus drinks! 
Guess how much is it?
RM 49.90, for TWO person.
One word - WORTH!
We both eat until carrying out stomach while leaving, TAHAHA!

We also go for shopping!
Wanna digest digest or else will fat fat!
Besides, we also took some photos in ze toilet like girls usually love to do that :P
Because the toilet lightning is so good!

Great day,

Friday, April 5, 2013

| 05042013 | * 21st Birthday Present from Dabez.

I had 8am class this morning and woke up at 6am in the morning, feel so good :)
I think it's the very first time I see a lot of parking in Taylor's. Hahah!

Good day today, attended a few classes and found it well, I learnt something.
Class ended at 430pm but we still have some questions to discuss, therefore we went to the library.
Stayed up until 530pm, we left. While driving home, I received whatsapp from AiSha asking me out for badminton. I'm very tired, but I guess after exercise I will more energetic, maybe?

I rested half an hour at home, then pick up AiSha to badminton!

- The sweat yet tired face LOL! This is so ugly...........

After badminton, we went to Meenas for satay! Nahh, yamcha and update our life. LOL.
And, I received 21st Birthday present from bitch! Wow, thank you! :)

- A very nice packing with my K.

- With a cute hamburger-look-box and old style letter note.

- A pair of My Diamond earring! Award me as her best listener in her life :D

Thank you so much, bitch! :D


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

| 03042013 | * The Power is The Motivation.

Morning sunshine!
I have no class for today and tomorrow.
But today I have something important to do.

Woke up early in the morning 630am,
get ready and went to Semenyih Nirvana Memorial Park.
Owh it's Ching Ming tomorrow!
Is that weird we go on weekdays?
But we have avoid the traffic jam, cool. Hah!

So healthy ah, waking up so early.
So when afternoon I seems like zombie.
Back to home and sleep!

730pm, talk talk talk with ling.
I fetch her to Sunway and she accompanied me for my dinner.
Actually plan for movie but end up..........


Finally I bought this.
Actually more interested to English version but it cost me RM79.90 if not mistaken.
And too bad, I didnt bring my Popular Card,
so this book cost me RM39.90.
But I cant wait to read it!
I'm very negative and need motivation.

Good Night peeps!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

| 02042013 | * My First Class in Taylor's.

It's my first time having class in Taylor's.
Thanks to ling, sending me to college because it's full. 
Luckily TeckSeang's house is pretty near, keke.

Enter to the first class,
grammar that lecturer use is pretty deep and hardly to be understand.
But I will try to understand it.

Met some new girl friends,
nice to meet you - Ruby & Pauline.
And, thanks to Ruby (:

After that,
we skipped a class because we're late.
And the classroom seems too small and not much of space :(
Feel so bad and sorry to my mum and sister.
This morning my sister still purposely text me and wish me luck for the first day of class,
but I skipped class :/

I'm comforting myself and telling me that it's only the first week,
so it's okay I guess (:

So, went to Sunway Pyramid thought of going Popular to get some books.
Who knows, they had stock check and closed until tomorrow.
Argh. Then, accompanied ling for her Hot and Roll.
Then back to home and rest.
645pm, met KaiJin and went to IOI Mall to do his Maxis stuff.

And then - Uncle Jang!

As dinner.
After that, home!
Thanks for being driver for these 2 days yo!
And the nice song and woofer, bass in your car.


Monday, April 1, 2013

| 01042013 | * Fool, No Fool.


Skipped my very first class because everything is not ready yet.
For example timetable, student ID and mood.
Well well,
yes I'm pretty desperate for class!
But it's like lack of something so make me feel imperfect and so,
I skipped :P
But, I went to Taylor's take photo for student ID today.

Then, me and PuiYi went back home and waited for KaiJin.
We went to the Puchong dont-know-where for YongTaoFu.
They said it's nice yet expensive.
I never try before but too bad,
It's closed on Monday!
I guess they're in Monday blue too :D

So, we went to Setia Walk - Padi House Cafe like again.
That's not the worst,
the worst is I'm ordering the exactly same thing with yesterday!
Bwahahahaha laugh die!
Anyway I like their green apple juice without sugar.
It's nice and I pass motion after that.
Fibre, yucks! Healthy me. Hahaha.

Then, sudden plan - Kajang Satay!

Chicken, fish and goat taste good but for duck...
The meat is too.......... "chewy"?
Dont like at all.
I'm not really a satay lover.
Enjoy while on the way to Kajang and the food.

still, we run here and there. 
Sri Petaling Chatime, blablabla.
And spam whatsapp until my phone left no battery -__-"

Duh, then home!
Ready for tomorrow, my first class! 
Wheeeee! :D

April Fool!
But I didnt get fooled today :P