Tuesday, April 2, 2013

| 02042013 | * My First Class in Taylor's.

It's my first time having class in Taylor's.
Thanks to ling, sending me to college because it's full. 
Luckily TeckSeang's house is pretty near, keke.

Enter to the first class,
grammar that lecturer use is pretty deep and hardly to be understand.
But I will try to understand it.

Met some new girl friends,
nice to meet you - Ruby & Pauline.
And, thanks to Ruby (:

After that,
we skipped a class because we're late.
And the classroom seems too small and not much of space :(
Feel so bad and sorry to my mum and sister.
This morning my sister still purposely text me and wish me luck for the first day of class,
but I skipped class :/

I'm comforting myself and telling me that it's only the first week,
so it's okay I guess (:

So, went to Sunway Pyramid thought of going Popular to get some books.
Who knows, they had stock check and closed until tomorrow.
Argh. Then, accompanied ling for her Hot and Roll.
Then back to home and rest.
645pm, met KaiJin and went to IOI Mall to do his Maxis stuff.

And then - Uncle Jang!

As dinner.
After that, home!
Thanks for being driver for these 2 days yo!
And the nice song and woofer, bass in your car.


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