Wednesday, April 3, 2013

| 03042013 | * The Power is The Motivation.

Morning sunshine!
I have no class for today and tomorrow.
But today I have something important to do.

Woke up early in the morning 630am,
get ready and went to Semenyih Nirvana Memorial Park.
Owh it's Ching Ming tomorrow!
Is that weird we go on weekdays?
But we have avoid the traffic jam, cool. Hah!

So healthy ah, waking up so early.
So when afternoon I seems like zombie.
Back to home and sleep!

730pm, talk talk talk with ling.
I fetch her to Sunway and she accompanied me for my dinner.
Actually plan for movie but end up..........


Finally I bought this.
Actually more interested to English version but it cost me RM79.90 if not mistaken.
And too bad, I didnt bring my Popular Card,
so this book cost me RM39.90.
But I cant wait to read it!
I'm very negative and need motivation.

Good Night peeps!


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