Saturday, April 27, 2013

| 27042013 | * Happy 21st Birthday, My Friend!

Yup, I cut my fringe. Teehee.
Because everytime I look at the mirror I feel I'm messy.
Long fringe makes me look tired and so sick of it.

Today, we're out to celebrating 2 of our friend's birthday - Alvin & WenHui.
Firstly, had dinner at Shabu Garden as a birthday dinner for Alvin.
Who's there? 
PuiYi, HuiLin, PingKee, Schumann, Alvin, KaiJin, ZhengYi.
After that, we went to Sri Petaling's Food Talk yamcha,
and we met a rude waitress that make us feel so angry, ish.

About 1030pm, we left because of the birthday boy - Alvin, so rushing of time.
Even the birthday cake is out, even we are singing birthday song for him,
still holding his phone act like how busy he was.
I thought he is the one who said nobody celebrating with him?
He dont even give a damn on why are we coming out to celebrate his birthday.
I dont know what he think.
He might reading my blog, but who cares?
You dont even appreciate we celebrating birthday with you.
Hello come on man. I really speechless!

Next, Cocoon Club in Scott Garden to celebrate WenHui's birthday.
Who's there?
PuiYi, TeckSeang, WenHui, His friend, his friend, his friend, his friend, his friend and his friend. LOL.
Anyway we enjoy the party there, although I dont feeling well in the middle of session.
Anyway, thanks for the invites.

First time wearing like this, ehehehe.

Happy Birthday guys!


Partner of the day,


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