Friday, December 28, 2012

| 28122012 | * Results Out.

Got a called from my mum. Well, she greet me early in the morning and makes me cant fall asleep, as usual. I'm used to it to get annoy by her. Oh well well well, it's 28th December, our results is out and I was worry about my Advanced Advertising because I feel like I learn nothing and even the project, I didnt touch at all, I was in Bangkok. I am so thankful to Chian, ShiQi, HuiBin and Jason for cover me. Thanks so so much, if not I guess I will be resit or fail :/

Really thanks that I passed my subjects although it's a C but better than nothing :) I'm satisfied. 

Noon time, me and mua sixta went to out to have lunch. I thought I will have a way or an idea where should I be after I knew my result. It's a pass, so I should move on to other university or to wait Inti until August. If I would like to wait, then what else should I do? If I dont, which university should I apply? These are the questions that stored in my mind. Today, having lunch with my sister and she told me something and she wish I could help her out. She told me, I can take January intake and also help her out at something. But after I heard what she said, I actually wish to help her and maybe wait until August. Hell, what should I do and where should I be? I'm very confused. I am unhappy. I dont know how :(

Got these from mua sixta, thanks.

Love, kell.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

| 19122012 | * I Have Plan!

Hey Wednesday! I woke up at 11am and did some simple house work. Then met up AiSha for badminton! Ngekz. At the same time, I found that I'm old :/ We played for half an hour and we feel tired already! OHMAIGAWD. Dont know why, feeling my leg lack of energy today, like I can easily squad down :/

After badminton, we went to have lunch in restaurant nearby. 230pm, I went home. Rest, start blogging and so on. Facing the computer watching YouTube and browsing some social website. That probably spent me like 3 hours. dwing dwing My whatsapp pop out a message from PuiYi, asking me whether I have any plan tonight but no. Still wondering I should stay at home or going out for food because my wallet left cents. LOL, pretty poor recently. She straight away come to my house, she said that decide at my house. Meaning I MUST go out -.-" Anyhow, I'm okay with anything since she so miss me. I let her have a look on me :P

We planned to go SeaPark for Nasi Lemak! At the same time, I asked the few friends which we long time never meet. KokMing, KaiJin and Schumann. Surprisingly, they were all ON. Wao that's cool? First station, SeaPark Nasi Lemak. Then, it's raining and we plan to have second round to yamcha at Piccadilly. Suddenly, blabla this and that and we end up order a towel of Carlsberg. KaiJin met us there and chat a lot of stuffs. We left at about 1115pm. Still early and we go for third round in Taman Megah Ming Tien Foodcourt. KaiJin left. Left me, PuiYi, Schumann and KokMing. We chat a lot today and we planned something on Christmas! WAO I'm so happy that I dont have to be alone! I have a bunch of friends with me on Christmas! Aww I love you guys. I have plans! Yay I have plans! :D

He dont let me shoot the beer only.
Die die also wanna be there -.-"
Hahaha, this is Schumann!
Good time with you guys,
thanks for renting the house for us to have Christmas Party :')

Blogged, kell.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

| 18122012 | * Work for HP Event.

so not me today :p

Got a one day event job in Jalan Alor, Havana Bar, as HP's thanking and a Merry Little Christmas dinner night. Me and AiSha are actually work at registration booth. WAO, the lighting there is probably 'good', I guess I'm gonna blind. The few of the participants were wondering can we actually find their names? 

Our work is actually started at 5pm but before that, we were working as event crew. Anyway, I enjoy working as a crew which I like it so much! Dont have to hard sell, dont have to hit target, dont have to stand whole day and do nothing, I learn nothing. Today, I learnt something! I learnt to decorate a christmas tree, I learnt to open the photo photo frame by using a card and push it without hurting my nails, I learnt to register for the participants, I learnt to see the words with only a candle of light, I learnt to greet people before wanting their name cards, I learnt teamwork. All of these little bites were added in my experience of work. I'm glad that I learnt something new :')

Besides that, we've got free drinks. And guess what, today I knew that there is a mineral water tat cost RM12. WALAO TO THE MAX. But I didnt try it because I'm afraid to get scold :P I've enjoy the work and the beer that treat by the bosses, cheers. I can see the budget that a client would willing to give out on prizes and something else. That moment, I'm thinking on something... Is this what I wanna be in the future? Is this what I want to study in the future? For what my mum told me, an event planner might need to sacrifice something to people, to get the business/project. I was thinking, did they sacrifice something? Is it this world are cruel or this is reality? I wonder.

Anyway, they sent us back to Subang on 12am and we are home safely.

Before work and after work, different huh? :p


Cosmetic I used today:

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
Skin Food White Grape BB Cream
Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer (Beige)
A'Pieu Waterproof Mascara (From Korea)
Shu Uemura Blushers

Be thankful, kell.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

| 16122012 | * What's Education Lead to Future.

Good Morning!
Today I have to woke up early because I've dated mua sixta to Mid Valley.
Woke up early and sleeping late is a very bad idea.
Why watching HK drama? Why? frustrated

Woke up at 830am and get ready.
Meet up mua sixta at grandma's house and she is still sleeping.
Once I reached, got a called from my mum asking me to buy food for them.
What a good timing! I drove out again, to buy foods. 

About 10am, me and my sister went to Mid Valley and I accompanied her to take her breakfast.
OKEH! Education fair is the purpose we went there on SUNDAY.
I hardly hang out to shopping malls on weekend because I feel that's really scary.
The people can walk and bang you like nobody's business which like a boss and I extremely hate it.
I wonder did you experience in people who are sweating and they bang on you and it was like yuckkk! 

Okay back to topic :/

Went to survey all around, asking a lot of questions which wasted a lot of saliva of mine, my sister as well.
I still feeling unwell.
Seriously this thing has been stuck in my mind and always disturbing my mood.
It causes my mood unstable, always worrying of this and that.
Ahhh, tell me what should I do?

Anyway, there are a few university gave me good offer.
But I still feel something which disturbed me, which I cant find out what is that.
I think I still need time, to calm down and think properly.
Why should education related to the future.
I know I studying this course might not be what I work in the future,
this are what people always tell me.
But then why should I consider about my job in future while now I choosing my major?
Ahhhhh! walk away angrily

Blogged, kell.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

| 15122012 | * Watson Music Festival.

Wooops! We were invited to Watson Music Festival! Thanks for ze invite, ChingYih. How long we never meet :P PuiYi and AiSha were there with us as well, since there is extra tickets. Seriously, I think they felt boring. Feel so guilty of asking them to go along :( Because even me myself feeling boring too. I play games until my handphone is out of battery. But anyways, get to hear Mizz Nina, Bob and Far East Movement to sing. It's pretty good chance.

- Wow, quiet crowded huh? :P

- Thank you ChingYih!

- With ling.


Because its crowded, I started to feel hot.
So I moved the cap behind, act like a kiddo :P


- Starts raining. End up we are sitting :)


After the concert, we went to Murni for dinner.
Chat a lot and we were home.

Blogged, kell.

Monday, December 10, 2012

| Ze Updates | * Working Days.

Hey, hi dudes. Anyways, I'm actually busy preparing for my final exam on coming Thursday and Friday. But somehow I click to my blog and I feel my blog is dead anyways. So while listening G-Dragon's Crayon, the song is played with fast pace and I just quickly came up for a short update about past 3 days I work in KLCC for Pikom PC Fair 2012. 

DAY I - 07122012

1030am have to meet in food court.
Got our uniform and wait for work.

With uniform on!
New uniform and not allow to wear jacket anymore.
Ahhh, damn cold :(

Fong gong! Went to Setia Walk to celebrate Calvin's birthday.
Just to show up my face and had a few cups.

DAY II - 08122012

She's being my driver for 2 days.
Pretty appreciate to her.

I'm still able to sold out 4 units today and yesterday were 4 units as well.
Luckily and thanks for everything I had.
Thanks WenHao for helping me to buy nose block medicine so that I could work well.

DAY III - 09122012

Oh? Tired look? Today let me be the one who drive! Hahaha.
Morning, we have to meet up at main booth for some briefing.
Kenny talked a lot to me and was expecting me to sell so many unit as I think it's not really possible for me to achieve.

Besides, he extra pay RM50 personally if we hit 10 units.
But I didnt reach that target but AiSha did.
And commission were pay on the spot as well, wow!
Congrates AiSha that she earned a lot because I believe she had the power and positive minded in her.
I saw the miracle happened. She did it. It proved to me too.
She said she wanted to treat me Levain. Woohoo!
But its okay babe. Keep it alright? :D

I earned RM450+RM35 today!
Thank you :D

Ee Lin and me, nice to meet ya :D

The team downstairs.