Friday, December 28, 2012

| 28122012 | * Results Out.

Got a called from my mum. Well, she greet me early in the morning and makes me cant fall asleep, as usual. I'm used to it to get annoy by her. Oh well well well, it's 28th December, our results is out and I was worry about my Advanced Advertising because I feel like I learn nothing and even the project, I didnt touch at all, I was in Bangkok. I am so thankful to Chian, ShiQi, HuiBin and Jason for cover me. Thanks so so much, if not I guess I will be resit or fail :/

Really thanks that I passed my subjects although it's a C but better than nothing :) I'm satisfied. 

Noon time, me and mua sixta went to out to have lunch. I thought I will have a way or an idea where should I be after I knew my result. It's a pass, so I should move on to other university or to wait Inti until August. If I would like to wait, then what else should I do? If I dont, which university should I apply? These are the questions that stored in my mind. Today, having lunch with my sister and she told me something and she wish I could help her out. She told me, I can take January intake and also help her out at something. But after I heard what she said, I actually wish to help her and maybe wait until August. Hell, what should I do and where should I be? I'm very confused. I am unhappy. I dont know how :(

Got these from mua sixta, thanks.

Love, kell.

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