Monday, December 10, 2012

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Hey, hi dudes. Anyways, I'm actually busy preparing for my final exam on coming Thursday and Friday. But somehow I click to my blog and I feel my blog is dead anyways. So while listening G-Dragon's Crayon, the song is played with fast pace and I just quickly came up for a short update about past 3 days I work in KLCC for Pikom PC Fair 2012. 

DAY I - 07122012

1030am have to meet in food court.
Got our uniform and wait for work.

With uniform on!
New uniform and not allow to wear jacket anymore.
Ahhh, damn cold :(

Fong gong! Went to Setia Walk to celebrate Calvin's birthday.
Just to show up my face and had a few cups.

DAY II - 08122012

She's being my driver for 2 days.
Pretty appreciate to her.

I'm still able to sold out 4 units today and yesterday were 4 units as well.
Luckily and thanks for everything I had.
Thanks WenHao for helping me to buy nose block medicine so that I could work well.

DAY III - 09122012

Oh? Tired look? Today let me be the one who drive! Hahaha.
Morning, we have to meet up at main booth for some briefing.
Kenny talked a lot to me and was expecting me to sell so many unit as I think it's not really possible for me to achieve.

Besides, he extra pay RM50 personally if we hit 10 units.
But I didnt reach that target but AiSha did.
And commission were pay on the spot as well, wow!
Congrates AiSha that she earned a lot because I believe she had the power and positive minded in her.
I saw the miracle happened. She did it. It proved to me too.
She said she wanted to treat me Levain. Woohoo!
But its okay babe. Keep it alright? :D

I earned RM450+RM35 today!
Thank you :D

Ee Lin and me, nice to meet ya :D

The team downstairs.


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