Monday, March 31, 2008

My Today *\\31.03.2008//*

everythin g is normal luu.
early in the morning,
First period.. BI~
The teacher likes to schout one nor.
well, everyone agree about that.

Annice was standing outside my class,
she asked me go out of the class.
Then i just go out as usual,
she asked me :" Your parents work at Puchong?"
"Yea, why?"
Annice said:" Oh shit..~"

"Girl, why you go out there...........~"
Then shout what go out without his permission, did i allow you go out, what this is ur manner ar.. bla bla blaaa...~

Oh please lar,
scolding ppl didnt do homewrk but dont turn the arrow on me and shoot me okay?! do you know manner too? do not shout alright? understand?
Damn fish wei~
whole class so quite suddenly..
i juz look his eye, act like nothing.
Bluekz~ sobs er.
but i juz try to tell myself,
dont because of him and change my mood.
so i juz didnt care him nor.
i think he's second teacher who shout on me.
first was in form 3, Pn. Fong.
tQ her. shitz. the fuc*ing.
i hate her and she hate me too.
so just like that, she always stare at me.
even during her class, science, i also didnt study well.
that's why i hate science.
every science teacher not good with me include my tuition.

Hmm but i notice one thing today,
CHS teacher like to shout?
form 1 at seksyen 4 didnt get shout before a;right?
even im so so naughty.
It's okay.
let it be.
just feel that im so so innocent.
It's okay.
second thanks to him again.
i wont forget teacher who shout on me.
there's always in my heart.
that i always remember what the teacher's disposition. maybe he's getting menstruation even he's a guy.
terrible man!
im just fire with it.

then then then..
BM change teacher dee luu.
This teacher sound so small, and writing also.
not much studentslisten what she teaching.
include me..
i prefer Pn. Zaipah.
she's d better one. =]
But i always sleep during her class.

then then then..
tuition nor.
so many new students..
all, CHS..~
mathieu tan tan also tuition with me er.. =]

then then..
koko fetch me n puiyi back..
he drive so fast today.
dono what happen nor.
but he go back also oioi oni.

then then,
tmr many books er.
go sleep in class tmr ba. =]

-by kellye tan

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Today *\\29.03.2008//*

Nice day!
I get enough sleep today.

Morning tuiton with Sha..
But today dun hv d tuition mood.
Sienz ni..
Finally reached 11pm!
end my tuition.
Take my breakfast..
Then Sha also back dee nur..

Then i watch movie.
Rest rest.
abit sleepy again.

Around 3.30pm,
i went up stair to change my LM shirt,
wear badge, make leng leng.
Then took some pics. =]

Then sleep on d sofa wtch movie again.
Around 4.30pm,
puiyi reached dee luu.
her baba fetch me thr. =]

Then we go in d room,
listen song there got loud speaker.
cause haven start duty yet.
then then then.
have a briefing.
then then then.

Duty nor.
Until shoulder also going to patah.
But its nice. =]
I love LM!

Besides that,
today evening someone call me er.
tell me they won edi.
someone sounds soo happie siaa.
today is third month we knew each other.
cheers =]

-before going out for LM

- going out

- during LM

- after LM, isn't look more diff?

-by kellye tan

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Today *\\26.03.2008//*

Today sleep le 1 hour in class luu.
Sleepy er..
and i get my seni marks edi.
i forget what my marks edi.
post it for my nez blog baa. =]

After school,
me, PL and Tong walk far far.
To d bus stop.
Shit, damn hot!
Until PL's karateh also.. [Ehmm..]
After that,
we reached Sunway!
Then we went to toilet and change our clothes.
After that,
during the way we walking out d entrance of Sunway,
I saw Chor Ee, Calvin, Wai Yin and Wei Yeik they all luu.
Talk talk a while luu.
Then we went to mum mum luu.
Then saw Wendy ooh!
Then we eat eat eat thn walk walk walk back Sunway.
Then we went to da gei cheong find Nicholas.
I gave him present, his birthday ner~
Happy Birthday Dee~!
Walk in thr,
Swts, play gun again.
Everytime saw him also was playing gun der.
He pro i knw.
Then we play d 3 colours after that play Mario Kart.
Nice game man~
Besides that, me and PL also got play the push push d.
Knee there blueblack again.
Deno why?
When i da gei until blueblack.
I felt happie. =]
Mayb i feel that's fun?

Then we walk walk, kao zai..~
I wont go in Padini Konsep anymore man!
Hate it. inside d ppl damn damn perasan and 38!
Me and Tong help friend take a guy's number.
The guy lansi lansi dwn give.
Like tot himself very very handsome like that.
Ohh please larh. Need i borrow him mirror ernot?
He tot i want his number.
Damn shit.
He deno how to write d word lan yeng izzit?
Hate it~!

After that, Tong back dee luu.
Me and PL went to buy coffe and drink.
Then we also went to outside d In Q Box d chair there.
Sit there, keng gai gai and drink coffee.
Then we walk walk..
saw Wai Yin sit outside Pink Pussy Cat..
I guess i know what happen?
He find his friend there, so i also didnt cross over there luu.
After kacau kacau, haihz.

Then me and PL went to da gei again!
Da da da da da da da !
I spent around 15 bucks for da gei.
My sister went to cut hair.
Then me and PL walk walk walk again.
Then 3 of us went to Dragon-I mum mum..
Order so many things.
Full er.
After that, around 9 something luu.
We back home luu.
Back home,
i do my BI homewrk.
Going to dead.
So so tired n sleepy.

- xiu long bao

- chicken

- chicken

-owhch my leg!

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Today *\\24.03.2008//*

tired tired.
Today slept around half an hour in class luu.
For my BM period.
When i got my BM paper,
i totally shock.
I dont even wanna think anything,
i juz bend over the table and sleep.

Then i got my moral paper too.
As usual, fail one.
Its okay cause i guess that edi.
But my BM arh man~!!
I guess i may be fail but i juz espect i'll be passing~~!

Gambartaeh again nor for nez term.
If not still got what i can do?
Haihz so now i got 3 failure.
But d next term exam i will not take add maths dee luu.
Juz drop it.
Useless i guess for future multi-desinger?

Today my tuition class..
everything is still fine.
Maths and sejarah fine. =]
I'm understand sejarah!
I gotta point~
But for today oni.
Maybe coming chapter not that easy huh?
Hmm, gotta gambartaehss!!

Then back home have an hour nap.
Woke up oni i have my dinner.
After that do my homewrk and pack my stuff.
Then refresh!! shower..~
After that i gotta study for an hour for my studies?
Then only online write my blog.

That's all for my today luu.

Bahasa Melayu - 32%
Moral - 12%

-by kellye tan

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Today *\\23.03.2008//*

Yesterday didnt sleep well.
Today woke up at around 12pm,
then go and refresh myself..
and change clothes too.
Wear boots.

Me, my sister, bro and grandmother went to KL deno where eat high tea.
Something buffet.
On the way going,
in d car damn sien..
because many way that can go through KL all block edi.
So in d car for so long time.

Think something.
Quite down..~
Then think about someone with lychee straw.
my smile comes back again. =]
And i think back the shy thingy with ii yier.
[no one knows? xD]

There's many type of cake..
Woah i like it~
Yummy yummy.
Tat day i tot i wanna buy whole cake back home eat eat eat only!
Today finally got many choices.
Have chocolate? No way..
Have cheese? OMG..
Have Mango? The looking not good.
Have black forest? Yea i want it.

There's also sushi, fried rice, curry laksa, rendang, chicken rice, curry kambing, and many many...~
And there's many chocolates too.
well, someone likes it. =]

First round,
i get one spoon of fried rice, curry kambing and rendang.
Just try..
Second round,
my sister get Indian Tomato soup.
We share.
Because i like to eat but not really like to drink.
Cause d taste abit weird weird one.
Then also eat many many luu.
Lazy to list out.

Around 5pm,
we fetch grandmother home and we went home too.
At home,
juz watch movie, sms and online only.
Do nothing.
Didnt even study today.
Sorry mami..
I'll study if i got time tmr. =]

alright, i would like to share d picture now. =]

-on d way going..>>>

- i was thinking about that thing.. its make me hurt!>>

-im sleeping, tired man..>>>

- she's a girl!>>>

- my brother ask her make something special, she make's a MY V? for my bro~ realli special...>>

- my sister wants hearts with flower, she make for her..>>

- she makes a doggy for my grandmother...>>

- i wants carrot, she bring a toy carrot out. zha dao. i tot realli have it, but she say its inside d rabbit's stomach...~>>


- this is me lar wei.. of course this is me?>>

-cheers. :) >>

-love u love u! mwahx! =]

-there is it?>>

-they help d dog and rabbit to communicate? xD >>

-by kellye tan

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Today *\\22.03.2008//*

today sien er!
Woke up at around 1pm,
then take my food.
After that do nothing.

Then heavy rain,
cant go Giant buy vege.
Whole day stay at home.
Sien ner..

But at least i got study luu.
Besides that,
i also make a card for Nicholas Dee de.
His birthday coming soon nor.
But i make til not nice ler.
Weird weird de nehs.

Then online,
nobody on.
Sien oni..
leng zai got on wor.
Chat a while ni luu.
Mayb continue nez time ba.
I wanna go sing k ner!
Boring nya.

-by kellye tan