Sunday, December 28, 2014

| 24122014 - 28122014 | * Christmas London Trip 2014"

First of all, Merry Christmas Eve 2014'
Was planning  to come over to London to celebrate my Christmas this year.
Since its the only year in England.



930am, me and Janet (my all-time celebration partner/flatmate/silly piggy or whatsoever) reached Newcastle train station.
Then we take train, I slept in the train and Janet watch movie.

1250pm, finally reached London King's Cross Station.
First thing, we are looking the way to our hotel - Travelodge.
Left our bag in the hotel and start our journey!

First stop - Buckingham Palace.
Mission: To get my English Lavender Perfume.
Bonus: Bump into the Paddington Bear.

- She's cute right :D


Next stop - Big Ben
Mission: Take pictures and see what is the time.



530pm - London Eye, meet up Payton & Laris, uni mates from Hong Kong.
We've under estimate the weather in London, it's way more cooler than Newcastle!
This is ridiculous, unbelievable. 
Yet, there is a Christmas Market near the London Eye, there's a lot of foods and stuff selling there.


Next & last stop - Winter Wonderland.
It will be open until January and it's a MUST GO place if you were in London for Christmas.
It's a very very very awesome place.
I never take part in their games and all that, but it's very awesome there and you will never regret.

After this, we're almost dead x.x
We took tube and back to our hotel.

Tomorrow will be a challenging day which without any public transport.
YAY =/


Merry Christmas to all x!
A day in London without any public transport, only taxi but with additional charges, and bicycle.
Schedule of the day - Tower of London, Tower Bridge of London & London Bridge.

Had breakfast in ze hotel.

Met Payton and Laris, walk all the way to Tower of London.
Look around and capture some beautiful moments/buildings.


Passed by St. Paul Church.
Captured some beautiful moments and have a cup of Starbucks drink.

- Laris & Payton.


Tower of London

Yeap it's closed today.
We never manage to see anything but beautiful castle.


London Tower Bridge

- Janet with ze selfie stick.

- Trying very hard to act like Jay Chou's Big Ben music video although Big Ben is not the background.

- This?

- This?

- Or maybe this?

Hahah, just having fun time :D

Basically I'm freezing there.
The wind is strong and I have no place to hide at all.
Due to no transportation, I'm tired and we rest and have a seat there.
Took some selfie, wefie and whatsoever.

- Laris & Me.

- Janet & Me.

- Gadgets on, heads down.

- Janet, Payton, Ninja and Laris.


We finally cant stand the cold and try to get taxi on the street, and we passed the London Bridge.

It's too cold and I have no guts to get my hand out of my pocket,
so I never take a lot of photos here.

Then we back to place where near our hotel,
had our Christmas dinner in a restaurant named Taste of Asia.
The food is nice and we're so full!

After that, we went for a small walk, although it's cold but we're too full!
Spend about 45 minutes walk, then we back to our hotel, have a good night and continue our boxing day tomorrow.

Merry Christmas peeps x!


- Breakfast in ze hotel.


Boxing Day, I know it must be crowded out there.
Schedule today, not to help myself to get something but to help others to get something *headache*

KAYY Schedule today - Harrods, Longchamp stores, Burger & Lobster , Phantom of The Opera in ze Theatre.


Very long queue and it's very crowded inside, but still manage to help my sister to get a Longchamp bag.

Then we went to Burger & Lobster and we have to wait for an hour.
Therefore we went to New Bond Street, look for Longchamp's main store.

Then we back to Burger and Lobster again.

Burger & Lobster at Knightsbridge

I ordered a lobster and Janet ordered a burger, the price are same.
We shared and therefore we have half lobster with half burger.
It taste amazingly good!
I definitely want to eat that again!

Then, rushed to Haymarket - Her Majesty Theatre.
Finally met up with YenWern and watch Phantom of The Opera.

- Janet & Me.

- YenWern & Me.

We went for a short walk, and then back to hotel.
It's a tiring boxing day.
And these is what I got today.
Save all the money and spend it all today.



Had a bad news while we're having breakfast in ze hotel.
We saw news from BBC saying that King's Cross station is over running engineering works services and all trains from King's Cross station is cancelled. If we want to go back we can take the train from Finsbury Park station. Therefore, we have to extra one more night and look for hotel in last minute.

Thanks God that our hotel still have rooms available.
At the same time, Payton & Laris stayed in our hotel as well.
Oh God, over budget trip =(

But still, journey goes on.
Schedule today: Brick Lane & Portobello Market.

Met up 2 korean friend in a cafe - Jennifer & Crystal.
And then met up new friend - Vincent and head to Brick Lane together.

- Crystal, Janet, Me & Jennifer.


Brick Lane

A place where a lot of arts on the wall and vintage shops around the street.
G-Dragon's song - Crooked music video had a few scene in Brick Lane as well.

It's here in this scene.


And this is here in this scene.
The difference is just additional art draws and different car, hahah!


Here, and this is last.

There is more where I dont know which street it was.


Then, we had lunch in a shop that looks like a food court.
There are many types of food and I have the chance to eat chinese sweet and sour chicken.

Then, we walk around the street and enter some vintage shops.

Then, move on to Portobello Market!
Unfortunately, most market stores are closed.
We only manage to walk in to some vintage shops.

Then, we seat in a cafe and discuss where should we go.
And end up we went to Chinatown for dinner.
And that's the last day to meet up with the Korean girls because they leaving UK and back to Korea.
The only chance to meet them is either we go to Korea or they come to Malaysia.

- Jennifer, Janet, Me, Crystal and Vincent.

Really glad to meet them here.
Take care girls, enjoy and we will meet again =)


Woke up - Packed - Breakfast at Wasabi (King's Cross Station) and take the Edinburgh train back to Newcastle.

I know, I blogged like I feddup.
Because I wanted to go back so badly.
London is too cold and tiring.
I need rest x.x

Finally, about 5pm we reached Newcastle.
We took taxi and back to our accommodation.
And gonna rest like no tomorrow.