Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Today *\\30.09.2008//*

today is the last day of September.
the 30th of September in 2008.

wake early in d morning.
brother fetch me go tempua.
actually tuition.
but feeling wanna eat with amanda and see hui.
so i ask teacher for delay half an hour.

then went mamak eat with them.
thn walk to teacher's house lu.

im not clear as well.
im still in sleeping mood.
i think da also.

teacher talk many things.
i mean those karangan isi.
but i didnt listen at all.
at last she ask us do the karangan tim!
how i gotta to do?
i didnt copy down all d isi.
cham lur..

after tuition,
me, see hui and amanda walk to around that area.
we go yam cha.
yam what cha?
ice thingy.
the shop named Pao Bing.
my brother say comes from Kepong der.
very very nice!

the ice are very very soft,
just like the real snow,
its very smooth.

before order,
see hui stay there and i go bank with amanda,

to take money.
on the way walking saw Digi thingy,
open ampre fire everything.
tot got what something free can get.
we walked there,
they ask us buy number.
got many many number.
quite nice.
RM8.50 with RM27 inside.
then still got t shirt they give us.
then we reserve for 5 number.
2 numbers for amanda and 1 is see hui wan de.
another 2 i buy for myself and my dear.

the numbers stick together der.
couple number,
teehee =D
see hui der also stick with me and dear dear der.

but dada der abit far. but it's her birthday date and someone's.
then we get 2 t-shirts.
i like it.
but XL size.
then some junk foods,
we still got 5 lucky draw.
then get something again.
DVD porch all that.

then my brother fetch me back from there lur.
fetch mai see hui and amanda lur..

then brother fetch me to shop.
actually work der.
but i wan die wan die like that.
then go in room sleeeeeeeeeeep.

around 4pm sleep til around 7.30pm.
actually wanna continue sleep,
but d room is dark.
even outside d room also.
and there's no phone.
im scare.
i get nightmare yesterday night.
i dreamed that im stucked in d lift.
without anything even my hp.
it's dark and im alone.
nobody help me.
just like when im in room,
and my hp low battery.
im scare so i wake up and go down shop there.

then eat with sister.
hehe. =D

- i very mang zhang edi. xD

- the menu book.

- mine~~

- theirs~~

- the environment there. =]

- by kellye tan

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Today *\\29.09.2008//*

wake at morning around 8.30am,
pack up everything ready go mid valley!
wake my sister up cause she fetch me.
shock me,
suddenly told me she dizzy and ask mom to fetch me.
no one can fetch me.
luckily while im calling someone for help she told me that she can fetch.
hehe. =]

around 11.30pm,
me and my sister reached.
we went sushi king mum mum and my dear meet us up also.
sit together eat eat eat.
after that see hui and amanda came.
they sit another place woo.
sis bought something promotion from sushi.
got 20 dolla voucher,
a calender 2009,
a food set,
and a member card for discount everything we eat thr.
deno when when when we eat every plate of sushi also charge 2 dollar oni.
sis buy for me.

then then then,
me and dear follow sister go bank.
then sis also back le lu.
went cinema there meet see hui and amanda up again.

we go for pool.
and we also play for the what?

deno what ball it call.
then tot wanna go watch movie lur.
no movie watch.
some movie they wanna watch i duwan watch,
some movie i wanna watch they dun wanna watch.
and the timing also not ngam.
so didnt watch liao lur.
then we go walk walk,
look look like that lur..

then amanda meet samantha.
she's pretty.
then we went food court sit down and just looking around,
nothing do.
dear deno walk where edi.
dump me again.
then i also walk alone.
i go and buy ice cream eat.
sad sad, eat some sweet thingy.

after that meet up together again and went pool again.
but there's no table so we play the ball thingy again.
then meet up nen lin also.
she's pretty also.
then after game,
see hui and amanda also back le lur.
dear also accompany me to go the gardens to buy food for my sister.
then he accompany me to wait my sis.
then i also back le lur.
actually can fetch him der.
but then mami suddenly say back to puchong shop.
no choice.
soreee. =[

then went shop and work again.
my hand black black.
so damn dirty.
cause clean up store room again.
clean for around 2 hours plus plus.
feel so sleepy.
so many stock.

also deno order so much for what.
no place edi larh~
clean until wanna dead liao.


Happy Birthday Mr Soo Teck Seang..!!

Stay cute, stay healthy.
Happy always =]
Study hard and good luck for exam.
Jia you for SPM!!
Happie Birthdae =]

- present for teck seang. =]

- sushi thingy.

- kell eating. ^^

- dear eating. ^^

- we're eating. ^^ [capture by sister]

- kell poooool~ [cacat ==0]

- dear's teaching amanda poooool~ xD

- amanda's teaching see hui pooool~ xD

- fuiyohhh. xD

- aiyer, damn cacat one.

- dada's pooling. =]

- the ball thingy. xD

- start my work. =]

- sooooo many things... ==0

- by kellye tan

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Today *\\28.09.2008//*

went shop work today.
quite tired der.
clean up store room.
and sleepy tim.
cause wake quite early but sleep very late.

i had cut my hair.
not bad,
i quite like it der.
abit lala?
and abit yeng?


deno nar,
see own's opinion ba?
i feel not bad lur.
my sis and mom also say nice.
the hair stylist cut for around 45 minutes.
take so long time to cut.
but really pro~
the way he cut.
like movie like that.

then at nite went dinner with mami, baba and sister.
im just boring and sleepy there.
the food just normal.
lame lame deii like that.
what i want is back home and sleeeeeep!!
tmr still have to go mid valley.

just wanna write out my feelings today.
gotta have a nice sleep right now.

- new hair style.

- by kellye tan

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Today *\\26.09.2008//*

finally finally finally!!!
finally its Friday baybeh!!
i've been waiting for so long!
im so so tired and desperate to get a rest.

after school,
went ipoh chicken rice mum mum again~
with da WHATEVER,
after eat,
dear dear back lur..
he ffk me,
suan le ba~
used of it dee.

then 5 of us [ amanda, see hui, puiyi, teck seang and me ]
plan wanna go visit aaron,
im sad to listen that he get an accident,
i;ve msg him but pending,
i guess he lost hp also?
hope he's fine now.
but its having rain so we didnt visit him.

we went mid valley gaii gaii,
buy some one's present.
and look for some one's present.
then we went Big Apple and bought some donuts and we having there.

we bought fruits also.
after that,
we went MPH bookstore and looking for something.

after all,
we take bus back lur.

at ttc,
we mark accounts paper,
i only get 12 correct upon 40.

and after that,
puiyi back le lur.

then amanda, see hui and me sit LRT back to sri petaling and take taxi back my home.
we learn to take LRT back to puchong area.
that time so many ppl lar.
3 of us just like sardin.
but its first experience for see hui,
she said she wanna try.
she never take LRT for around 9 years.

around 7 we reached seksyen 4,
and we walk to buy those puasa food.
then we walk back home.
teehee =D

then they eat d food at my house lur,
see hui back at around 8pm,
amanda still stay at my house watch movie.
she loves the movie very much ler.
watch until dowan back home,
first time first time..
she back at around 9.50pm ba?
then my sister and my maid back.
i continue sleep on sofa and rest,
feeling to shower but i've no energy more.
rest, rest and then sleep liao.
promise ppl wanna online and promise myself wanna shower also didnt do it.
im so so tired ler.

but it's happy to be with them.
teehee =D
love you all, muackz !! =]

- lik chin draw for me, my hand there. so nice er. [melody] thx. =]

- big apple donuts.

- by kellye tan

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Today *\\21.10.2008//*

early in d morning have to wake.
accounts extra class is having from 8am to 11am and continue 12pm to 4pm.

inside d class i just dreaming only,i feeling to sleep,
so damn tired.
too early lar.
i dont know at all.

tmr exam lur,
ready to fail my acc ba.

after ttc,
d girls went to amanda's house.

her house so nice.
got lobak tomato tim!
stick together de tim!
so nice.

she teach us acc there.

- lobak!!! xD

- im pointing lobak..!! xD

- lobak tomato, can u see! xD

- i'm tired studying..

- by kellye tan

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Today *\\20.09.2008//*

today got science extra class on 10am to 1pm.
im just dreaming inside there.
damn blur.

after the extra class,
we stay at ttc study accounts,
puiyi and amanda teach,
their account pro.

after a moment,
dear and teck seang come to ttc.
we continue study,
just like a study group.
after that,
amanda and see hui back le.
then brother come and fetch me, dear, puiyi and teck seang to my house,
to continue study.

they study at my house,
and around 6,
we walk out and buy puasa food,
we bought alot!
eat til fat fat.

we walk back home,
their coconut water pour on d floor!
then we busy mop mop mop.
we just look so busy.
[ if got ant i'll find teck seang!! ]

then we eat eat eat,
the rojak so nice!

after that,
my brother fetch 2 boys back lur.
then my cousins came.
oh my..
we wanna study ler.
and girls come,
means see hui and amanda.
the cousin baby,
we exam ler man..
we didnt care and continue study.
then they hungry dee also call delivery food.
eat eat eat,
continue study a bit,
then they all back lur.

- by kellye tan

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Today *\\18.09.2008//*

school life as normal.

after school,
went ipoh chicken rice mum mum.
then went seven eleven walk walk.
deno why dear suddenly give me a small cake.
but anyway thanks.
lovess <3

then went ipoh chicken rice again,
yum cha.

- dear lame+ing me. xD sor poh!

- small cake. =p

- lovess <3

- dear dear. ^^

- 2 of us, lovess. <3

- sa poh kell. xD [ i feel fresh ma, dont laugh at me nar. xD ]

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Today *\\17.09.2008//*

today is kell kell and dear dear de 5th month anniversary!!

today was holiday,
me, dear, puiyi and teck seang went ampcorp Mc D to study.
we study there and eat there.
after few hours,
dear back lu.
i cry er.
i duwan dear go.

then they decide go A&W wor.
thn i call dear i will go A&W lur.

he come back!
dear go there with us only,
then he go back again.

reached A&W,
dear gave me a 5th month anniversary present,
i didnt know!!
thanks dear.
he gift me a bear hugging chocolate.
so cute!
love it. =]

too bad,
i didnt prepare anything for him.
i have no money.
then i back home and design a card immediately.
simply design.
not nice, haha.
hope he'll like it lur.
i'll give him the next day.

Love Dear,
5th months anniversary!

- kell and d present.

- lovessss one. =]

- cards that for him.

- by kellye tan