Saturday, September 20, 2008

My Today *\\20.09.2008//*

today got science extra class on 10am to 1pm.
im just dreaming inside there.
damn blur.

after the extra class,
we stay at ttc study accounts,
puiyi and amanda teach,
their account pro.

after a moment,
dear and teck seang come to ttc.
we continue study,
just like a study group.
after that,
amanda and see hui back le.
then brother come and fetch me, dear, puiyi and teck seang to my house,
to continue study.

they study at my house,
and around 6,
we walk out and buy puasa food,
we bought alot!
eat til fat fat.

we walk back home,
their coconut water pour on d floor!
then we busy mop mop mop.
we just look so busy.
[ if got ant i'll find teck seang!! ]

then we eat eat eat,
the rojak so nice!

after that,
my brother fetch 2 boys back lur.
then my cousins came.
oh my..
we wanna study ler.
and girls come,
means see hui and amanda.
the cousin baby,
we exam ler man..
we didnt care and continue study.
then they hungry dee also call delivery food.
eat eat eat,
continue study a bit,
then they all back lur.

- by kellye tan

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