Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Today *\\06.09.2008//*

how should i start my blog?
early in the morning,
i sleep late again.
ytd WHATEVER and yi xuan plan to go sunway.
[ except amanda ]

what to do?
ask baba fetch me.
on the way going to school,
saw baba yawning. he look so tired.
so i told him i didnt went in sch.
i'll go ttc study myself.
i pleased him to keep this as secret.
better dont let my mum know about it.

then morning we go kanna curry house meet up and have some food there.
then went to ttc,
haven open.
and then we went to satelit yum cha and do our study.

after all,

ttc open d lu.
and we went thr.
continue our study.
then then lazy type darh.

went sunway by bus.
in bus i sleep dee lu.
i sleep on my dear's shoulder.
it's so warm and confortable.
i hope that the way to go sunway still far.
i duwan the bus stop at sunway.
i duwan to let go his shoulder.
i feel very filicity.


i love you.

after all,
we take pics also.

then see hui and yi xuan back sch lur.
then dear and me, puiyi and teck seang, we go watch movie.
yeah yeah.
watch Money Not Enough 2.
quite a touching movie.

oh ya,
i also meet ai sha there.
long time didnt meet liao,
we didnt talk much also.
after movie,
we went gasoline lur.
ai sha also go there ber.
meet a while only lu.
after all,
we also back ttc lur.

- my sharkfin's soup. teehee =D

- dear dear's food. =]

- our love in the house. xD

- double lamer by kell & dear.

- the cake for teck seang. =]

- surprise!! xD

- say cheese.. =]

- happy birthday to you..~

- fuuhhh.. =]

- the last candle must use the mouth.. xD

- cut da cake. =]

- aiyer aiyer aiyer... xD

- by kellye tan

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