Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Today *\\31.05.2009//*

went giant supermarket today.
sister fetch me there and meet up puiyi.
i walk alone and actually i dont know where is the way go in the supermarket.
my map doesn't good.
so i called puiyi and she told me the way.

went giant and buy those camp stuff and then went amanda's house.
draw our own camp shirt at her house.
then went garden to pick those wood for our own camp fire.
but then unfortunately,
they forget to bring along the plastic bag.
we only can use both hands to bring the wood back.
but only few but not much.
its only enough for around 10 minutes.

around 7pm,
puiyi's dad fetch me home and i pack all those camp thingy for around 2 hours.
cause my mami dont wanna help me.
and she laugh at me that first time see people pack things pack for so long.
so bad arh her.

hope tomorrow i didnt get bite by ants and wish me have fun!

- at first, my shirt. (:

- puiyi's panda design. (:

- amanda is drawing. (:

- this is mine, damn scary. ):

- amanda's name. (:

- amanda's loves design. (:

- after modify. (:

- by kellye tan

Saturday, May 30, 2009

i love him (:

- by kellye tan

is your name there? :D

other than that..
I LOVE.....

▪ amanda
▪ puiyi
▪ tongxuan
▪ aisha
▪ evelyn
▪ jasminechan
▪ audreylim
▪ joyee
▪ kahyee
▪ seemun
▪ wenbin
▪ munmun
▪ jianan
▪ jiayuen
▪ munling
▪ tsuiling
▪ yeeshuang
▪ euginie
▪ joseph
▪ darren
▪ shiangsheng
▪ jared
▪ yongqing
▪ joshua
▪ karhoe
▪ karyaw
▪ leepeng
▪ tzejiun
▪ seehui
▪ yuxun
▪ annice
▪ youhung
▪ yinghong
▪ choree
▪ daniel
▪ shufei
▪ shumin
▪ genny
▪ mathieu
▪ kokjun
▪ joonkit
▪ zhicheng
▪ wendy
▪ peishan
▪ ronald
▪ nicholas
▪ junsam
▪ teckseang
▪ winston
▪ yixuan
▪ yongyeow
▪ chingwei
▪ wenjian
▪ chunyuen
▪ ziyang
▪ jessie
▪ chunkang
▪ chingyih
▪ boonwei
▪ jiachie
▪ fiona
▪ yongliang
▪ junyang
▪ xinyuan
▪ kaijin
▪ raylene
▪ ernnee
▪ yongyeow
▪ maywong
▪ shiyun
▪ suping
▪ yunyee
▪ jooyeong
▪ suetlee

▪ sorry to anyone that i didnt type your name out, maybe i have forgotten. (: but i still love all of you! :D :D :D :D :D

- by kellye tan

My Today *\\30.05.2009//*


damn bored today.
doing nothing.
sms, house work, tv and computers.
so damn lame.

woke at around 1pm and recieved msg from kok meng.
getta bad news!
he told me that he's noy going too.
chor han is not going and now kok meng is not going.
we already bought 7 pax der food ler.
why you all wanna like that ler?
means our budget increase already ler.
you gonna pay for it?

wanna die already lur.
this camp so bored.
dont feel like going anymore.
meaningless i guess.
and everything comes so suddenly.
i prefer study at home or shopping around.
but its too late to say NO.

what can i do?
really dont feel like going already.

I miss you lots..!!
where have you been?
didnt find me for whole day.
gonna cry already~
dear went kedah for friends party and stay overnight for 2 days.
he duwan me niao..

miss him lots.
with Lovesss.

-by kellye tan

Friday, May 29, 2009

My Today *\\29.05.2009//*

i sleep late today!
im having moral and chinese essay paper today.
guess what time i wake up?
first time i miss exam.
luckily mami didnt scold me.
because she also didnt wake me up.
but actually also my fault nar.
cause im a student should wake up myself.
but besides that,
i angry dear that he break my promise once and once again.
really disappointed on him.
a lot.

i went school at recess time and continue take the chinese exam.
i dont have purata.
but i hope i have.
dont know ler,
dont have purata let me feels that i dont know take exam for what already.
and feel that like,
been left out or dont know how to say.
but just,
i hope that i have.

how's our camp goes on?
me, puiyi, amanda, kok meng, teck seang and stephen's going.
who else?
some not confirm yet.
dear's not going.
i also no heart to go there.
cause i feel like,
dont know why.
sorry guys.
sorry to telling this.

after school,
went ipoh chicken rice eat mum mum and then went mid valley with amanda, puiyi, kok meng and chor han.
we went there buy camp der food and things.
we spend RM80+ on food.
cause we bought 7 pax food.
after that,
we take taxi back ttc at around 5pm.
then we stay there for a while and take taxi back home again at around 6 something.

we design our own shirts and me and puiyi bought the same slippers.
just like last year.

oh ya,
mid valley middle court there got sell something about animals.
hamster cage also.
anyone wanna buy?
their cage very nice,
i wanna buy.

back home,
and around 9pm,
go tesco with sister again.
shopping lur.
i loves her and she loves me.

and guess what?
she buy KODOMO LION toothpaste for me er..!!
thanks you.
i want it long time ago!
around 11pm,
we back home.

oh ya,
Happy Birthday to Jo Yee...!!
you're always the cute one.
loves you very much.
you are sooo cute and your face just like what i love the tomatoes!

- this hamster is cute and gong gong blur blur der. xD

- unagi. yummy (:

- the trolly~

- so many potato wooo.

- i am so crazy seeing all these, until my sister gonna run away from me. ><

- this mc flurry small small short short, very cute. xD

- the new brand? very nice. (:

- my sister is hello kitty's lover. (:

- i am kodomo lion's lover. (:

you told me that you need me,
you told me that you want me,
but i couldn't feel any of that.
i'm just like a whoever waiting for you,
and when you need me,
only you find me.
i start to feel that our relation is sux and we're going far apart.
what can i do?
- by kellye tan

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Today *\\27.05.2009//*

having exam today.
english essay paper and history paper 2.
so damn nervous about it.

bi essay is kinda difficult but i hope i can score a better marks.
and about history,
my friends also giving up,
me too.
dying soon.

after school,
went old town together with amanda, puiyi, see hui, jun yong and a guy.
we eat ban mee there.
and then went old town kopitiam again and after that we went library.
amanda teach me and puiyi accounts.
thanks a lot darling.
really very, very thanks to you.
you really help me lots.
belanja you makan ya!

after library,
me and puiyi follow amanda back her office.
cause tmr she need to take violin exam,
so she need to practice and she also teach us accounts.
good luck to you darling.

around 9pm,
her dad fetch us back to her house and we eat maggie cause we are really very hungry.
puiyi's dad fetch me back at around 10 something,
thanks again!

reached home,
shower and do accounts once again.
every type of question do one time then keep and gaogao.
worried about tmr.
hope everything is ok.

- she is teaching. ^^

- jiayou. (:

- good luck darling. (:

- accounts work at home.

- before i close my eye and sleep. :D

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Today *\\26.05.2009//*

skipped school for today again.
because sleep late.
why sleep late?
because yesterday night something happened between me and my dear that made me feel so unhappy.

back to the topic.
drink enzymes for memorising.
mami fetch me to school and pick up amanda, puiyi and teck seang and drop us at old town.
cause i wanna eat ban mee there.
thanks mami.
after that,
took taxi went ttc study together with friends.
after study,
went amanda's house.

we didnt really study at her house.
so after that,
puiyi's dad fetch me home.
and after that went out eat dinner together with mami and sister.

finished dinner and home again,
continue study til late midnight.
i am very tired.
hope that everything goes on successfully tomorrow.
wish me good luck.

- enzyme. (:

- lobak is always with tomato. (:

- lai lai. (:

- sejarah note at ttc.

- sejarah note at home.

- im bored. xD

- note note. xD

- by kellye tan

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Today *\\25.05.2009//*

early in the morning,
im not late but im early!
so i took photo for myself.

and i tell myself,
its another day,
makes it meaningful for today.

and i tell you all,
i loves my hair very muchiieeee!
i dont know why.
but i just love it.

school as usual.
playing around with those crazy friends.
i also crazy with them too.

after school,
went puiyi's house and im so tired.
i wanna sleep.
but guess what?!
they bully me and dont let me sleep..
they raped me.
they not only rape me but took photo also!
they pull my shorts and open up my button what the f***.
at last i wake.
if i dont wake i scare i left underware only.
i gonna go police station and tell Othman Yusof about that, i know he's a responsible police.
[ main character from novel form 4 - Bukit Kepong ]

tuition teacher eat lunch together with us.
and we're still crapping something about the camp.
lame us.

after tuition,
back home and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

- really loves my hair. xD

- limited edition ferrero rocher.

- this is puiyi, she always hide for no reason like dont know what animal. ==0

- see, they took photo!

- by kellye tan

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Today *\\24.05.2009//*

went mc dong dong ( Mc Donald ) study accounts together with puiyi.
our young tutor --- daniel liang.

me and puiyi went old town and eat some food and after that,
because there is too hot.
we walked to mc dong dong and study.
there are a lot of students studying.

we stay at mc dong dong from around 2pm to 8pm.
daniel leave at 6pm.
after 6pm,
me and puiyi walk to old town and eat mum mum again.

around 8pm.
my baba fetch us back.
and at night,
i saw a letter from sunway college!
finally i get the VIP card!

- it looks yummy?

- but.. see my face when im eating..? xD

- woohoo!

- by kellye tan