Monday, October 29, 2012

| 29102012 | * Movie with Loves.

Had dinner at SeaPark - Nasi Lemak with the ITMC. With last minute decision, they decided to watch movie at Setia City Mall, Klang, which I never been there before. So all of us ON. We watch The Thieves which include multiple languages. It's also a movie that similar to Stolen. 

After movie, we went to yamcha at Klang. Then, home :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

| 27102012 | * Big Bang's Concert.

Hohoho, it's the day! It's Big Bang's Concert Day! Woohoo! Lek, WaiHoong, Fei, YuanYuan, Andrew and me went to Aseanica for lunch because it's heavy rain :/ While waiting the rain stop, we play monopoly there. LOL! Then we starts gooooo! To Stadium Merdeka.

Met up Chian, her sister and a friend of theirs. We enter and start shouting! Too bad, it's raining again :/ Haihs. Big Bang hardly dance because the floor is wet. Even TaeYang were almost fell down because he keep playing with the water on the floor. LOL. In previous time, I dont really like G-Dragon, I like only his sound. But today, I saw he is really handsome! Seriously, I like him now. As well as Top and DaeSeung. Yup, BigBang really did well. Although its raining, but the fans were all here for you, Big Bang.

- Chian and me :)

- When they singing BLUE, all the yellow lights off :)


Then, last minute decision. They decided to watch Stolen at Mid Valley. No choice, I'm following their car and have to follow what they plan. I watch movie without jacket :(

Luckily my bag is big enough so that I'm okay. Hehehe. After movie then, I'm home :)

Blogged, kell.

Friday, October 26, 2012

| R4ND0M | * Sorry.

Hey guys!

I'm back to my blog. I guess it's been a week that not entertaining my blog. I'm busy, but in this week, everytime I told people i'm busy, what comes into my mind is only busy with badminton. Hahaha! Seriously.
Guess what? In this week, from Monday til today Friday, 5 days and I went 4 days for badminton. Oh gosh i'm seriously get addicted into it. It's just like drugs. Even my mum called, told me that badminton dont have to play everyday, and she thought my college life is free, without test and assignments. But actually I did, just that I pretty ignored it and leave it one side. But I told myself only this week. Coming week I must follow up with my assignments, stay at home often and stop spending money. 

Today, she called me and gave me a very last minute plan. She need me to on call at grandmother's house. Besides, she's like keep on rushing me like that. And I was mad at that time. But here, I feel so sorry to her that I speak to her that way. Because I just dont like repeated calls and when I ask A she answer me B. I just want the key point and tell me the exact time and that's it. 

I had a badly headache after badminton today. It stays like 4 hours, straight after badminton until I went home, finish my shower and when I reach my grandmother's house. But luckily, I recover rapidly at that moment. My mum came back at abour 1030pm and friends are actually asking me out for beer session. I looked at my mum, watching Shark Night with me, and I'm eating potato chips, at that moment, I smile and texted to my friend, telling that I'm not joining them. I disappoint my friend, he said. But, I know if I leave there and join my friends, I will missing my mum badly. 

I told that I dont wanna stay there, but when the time she is there, I actually feel like staying there until next morning. But I didnt bring my stuff there, aww mum, I miss you so much right now. Because she didnt stay at home, and when the time I went to grandmother's house, she's always out for work, so I got seldom time to meet her and to talk to her. I have a lots of things wanna share with her. But she's not there for me :(

Love you, mummy.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

| 20102012 | * Yumimi's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Yumimi!
Although we knew each other for very short time.
But I'm here for you on your birthday! Keke :)

Thanks to Chian picked me up to Calvin's house. It's a surprise party for her.
We BBQ, eat, drink, play and have fun there.
Too bad Chian have to leave early, therefore WenHao and KS follow me home and collect my car so that I can go back to Calvin's house and continue the game :P

We play until about 6am only go home, WAO.

- Chocolate ball that made by Calvin :)

- Cake from ITMC :)

- Happy Birthday!

- ITMC :)

- The girls, Calvin's Mum, me, Chian, Yumimi and Crystal :)

- Thanks babe :)

Love, kell.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

| R4ND0M | * 人,为什么可以那么冷血?








我心中有个疑问,是在几册的 《十万个为什么》也得不到到答案的,

Monday, October 8, 2012

| 08102012 | * Happy Birthday Brother!

Yoohoo. It's Monday. Went to play badminton with ITMC-ians. Then faster shower and quickly rush to RT Pastry to buy cake. Then rush back to office, I was starving! Called mua sixta and she buy me some food. Once I reached office, had my meal first, if not I think I'll gastric again. Then wait for other workers back together, we celebrate my brother's birthday! 

Happy Birthday Bro! Dai Gor Zaii liao, don't get mad so easily nar you, you'll get old very fast. Try to control your hot temper. But no matter what, I know you're still a very caring brother, take care of me and very sayang me one :)


And, when we were kid.................


TAHAHAHAHA, me and my brother :D

Love, kellye.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

| 07102012 | * I'm Feeling Different Today.

Hello! Planned to go home today, but I fail to do so. Because when my grandmother knows I wanted to back home, she was shocked. So I plan to back tomorrow when my cousin auntie is here. 

I'm feeling different today, without any reason. I did not sleep well yesterday because of waking up few times because my grandmother wanted to pass motion. I delayed my wake up timing from 830am to 930am. Wow, satisfaction with the extra an hour :D

Went to buy some food for grandmother. Besides, I went other places to search for more foods so that I can buy varieties of foods for her next week.

I'm feeling different today, not because of waking up middle of night. Just without any reason, I feel good today. I does not have any negative things in my mind. I smile a lot, I did not purposely thinking positive things to cheer myself as well. But just feeling calm and comfortable, although the weather is hot. I'm feeling forgiving, I'm feeling tolerating, I'm feeling understanding, I'm feeling believing. Even I talked to cousin auntie that our family used to dislike them because of being irresponsible and always giving a lot of excuses of not taking care my grandmother. I used to hate her, I used to curse her, I used to have anger on her. But unexpected, I asked her whether she wanted to eat foods that I bought? Is without any reason, without considering, I'm just asking her like I used to talk to my friend. This is weird. She even watch movie with me by using my laptop. She also asked me whether want mooncake or lunch? After a few hours of that kind of situation, I starts wondering, is it what you receive are what you give out? In the book of The Magic, it talks about what we receive are what we being gratitude of, the more we being grateful of, the more we'll receive on.

Oh what happened today? I seriously feel calm and I'm still feeling this is unbelievable. It's just a random naturally to do so. What happened? But I feel good, really. How I wish I could have this feeling everyday. The feeling is just like you have nothing else to hold on, to rise up your anger, you are just being calm. I'm just live so peacefully today.

Thank you, kellye.

Friday, October 5, 2012

| 05102012 | * Badminton ❤

Yooboo! It's Friday. Nurse is not coming today. Woke up at 8am and ready some light food for grandmother. She has a bright smile today! And this made my day :D Please smile more yo! Hehehe. Besides, take shower for grandmother today. Other than that, what I did is study The Magic.

12pm, went to Subang for badminton! Yohohoho! I'm gonna sweat a lot today. Yeeeeha! Yup, I play a lot today. Very fun because still have other friends all play together. I enjoy a lot non-stop. Did you? I've started to loving badminton 2 versus 2. Because last time, I dont play 2 versus 2. I only play single player. Perhaps that time I still not close with them yet? And now we are close so I dare to team with them? Hahaha maybe :D How I wish I could play EVERYDAY. Maybe if I really do this, I will become more slim, hahaha! Just maybe?

4pm, finally end our match and went to Fei's house to discuss where to yamcha. Final decision is First Subang's Wong Kok again LOL! We were all plan to yamcha there but automatically, we're hungry. Exhaust! We had our tea time with Chian, Fei and Yaw. Lek also dont join us, maybe he wants to eat kitten food LOL! 630pm, we left and I back to grandmother house. Hi grandma :D

Xoxo, kellye.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

| 04102012 | * Last Formal Presentation.


It's a tension day, for me. LOL! But luckily everything still used to be fine today, oh thanks God! We're actually having a very formal presentation, to present our script, which means our stories to the real life producer and video editor and actress. WAO! This is amazing i can said. This is really amazing if our script were to be chosen. But secondly, a very sad case. Our representative, Leena is too nervous and she kinda present not very well. HuiBin even cry because she feel like our group has screwed up the assignment. Honestly, I also think that we screwed up everything and i can said its totally fail. Kinda unhappy for that, but it's already over. We can do nothing, so i wont put the blame on Leena also. She had tried her best. She sent sms to me and apologize to me, and she felt bad she said. I can feel that she's really feel sorry to us.

- Group mate : Leena, HuiBin, Chian and Kavitha :)

- Chian and me :)

- Jason and me :)

- Andrew and me :)


After present, my stomach was starving and went to Jojo for brunch with Chian. About 1210pm, we left. Went back to Happy Garden alone. Took my shower and rest. I tell you, imma getting fat! Know why? Because in here, there's no wifi, what i can do is using my broadband and access limited website T.T If website that involve in a lot of media, i wouldn't access the website because i scare my broadband goes damn slow and i have no idea how would i continue my future. LOL. So when i got nothing to do, i start finding food to eat, so im actually keep on eating and eating, therefore, i gain weight! Argh! I need to go exercise! :(

Have a safe flight mum, kell  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

| 03102012 | * Stress!

Woke up kinda early these days, i'm having 12pm class and I purposely woke up at 930am. Usually I woke at 830am but today kinda tired because of sleeping late yesterday. Hehehe.

Out from house at about 1130am, and start hunting parking. You have to know, SS15 always got no parking, haih. The indian ask me to park the place and I plan to throw the key for him, and I got scolded from the pasar motorcyclist. Hello, how I know? -.-" Shit man, early early get scold :'(

Went to Scriptwriting class, enter the class and saw the students were all taking photos with Mr. Khairul. It's his birthday today! Happy Birthday Sir, Mr. Khairul! Thanks for being so responsible to us, teaching us with your true heart, love you! :)

After class, went to try Aseanica to try their new food. It's cheap and nice! Woah! Saw in Foursquare tips saying their service quite sux but overall i feel is good :)

Then, we ter-skipped Advance Advertising class because we have important formal presentation tomorrow. Ahhh damn stress and tension. After discussion, went to Happy Garden and today i'm gonna stay here and the following days too.

Take my shower and dinner there. Then start blogging and make a IPod guidance for my mum, write all the note out and start closing all the notifications center, this and that. About 10pm, she came back and I start teaching her, we had chat a lot and laugh a lot, and I start missing her when she left. I feel like crying. I still remember when I was a kid, she always went overseas and I cry badly, until I cannot breathe :(  And now, I feel like crying the same way too. I actually wonder for about a week, will I feeling helpless in these 2 weeks time? Nobody call me and nag me, nobody call me and ask me where I am, ask me dont back home so late :( Maybe she will through Kakao Talk or Talk Box if she successfully connect and still remember how to use. But if not? We only can chat through sms :( Ahhh I start missing her right now :'(

I better sleep now and get ready for tomorrow's presentation :'( Good luck for me.

Love you, mummy, kell.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

| 02102012 | * Sun of The Day.

Hi, have you see this today?
It's sun of the day.
I heard my friend said this happens once in a life time, it might be.

Nothing special? 
It's actually the rainbow surrounded the sun.



Monday, October 1, 2012

| 01102012 | * Work!

Hey hey! It's 1st of October. It must be a good day!

Owyeah! Gotta work today with YiLin. Had breakfast at Ikea, curry puff before work, yummy! Enjoy working a lot. 

10pm, went to Station One Signature at Sunway to have dinner together with Yaw. Then listen music, today's singer is damn nice! 12pm, we left :)