Friday, October 26, 2012

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Hey guys!

I'm back to my blog. I guess it's been a week that not entertaining my blog. I'm busy, but in this week, everytime I told people i'm busy, what comes into my mind is only busy with badminton. Hahaha! Seriously.
Guess what? In this week, from Monday til today Friday, 5 days and I went 4 days for badminton. Oh gosh i'm seriously get addicted into it. It's just like drugs. Even my mum called, told me that badminton dont have to play everyday, and she thought my college life is free, without test and assignments. But actually I did, just that I pretty ignored it and leave it one side. But I told myself only this week. Coming week I must follow up with my assignments, stay at home often and stop spending money. 

Today, she called me and gave me a very last minute plan. She need me to on call at grandmother's house. Besides, she's like keep on rushing me like that. And I was mad at that time. But here, I feel so sorry to her that I speak to her that way. Because I just dont like repeated calls and when I ask A she answer me B. I just want the key point and tell me the exact time and that's it. 

I had a badly headache after badminton today. It stays like 4 hours, straight after badminton until I went home, finish my shower and when I reach my grandmother's house. But luckily, I recover rapidly at that moment. My mum came back at abour 1030pm and friends are actually asking me out for beer session. I looked at my mum, watching Shark Night with me, and I'm eating potato chips, at that moment, I smile and texted to my friend, telling that I'm not joining them. I disappoint my friend, he said. But, I know if I leave there and join my friends, I will missing my mum badly. 

I told that I dont wanna stay there, but when the time she is there, I actually feel like staying there until next morning. But I didnt bring my stuff there, aww mum, I miss you so much right now. Because she didnt stay at home, and when the time I went to grandmother's house, she's always out for work, so I got seldom time to meet her and to talk to her. I have a lots of things wanna share with her. But she's not there for me :(

Love you, mummy.

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