Wednesday, October 3, 2012

| 03102012 | * Stress!

Woke up kinda early these days, i'm having 12pm class and I purposely woke up at 930am. Usually I woke at 830am but today kinda tired because of sleeping late yesterday. Hehehe.

Out from house at about 1130am, and start hunting parking. You have to know, SS15 always got no parking, haih. The indian ask me to park the place and I plan to throw the key for him, and I got scolded from the pasar motorcyclist. Hello, how I know? -.-" Shit man, early early get scold :'(

Went to Scriptwriting class, enter the class and saw the students were all taking photos with Mr. Khairul. It's his birthday today! Happy Birthday Sir, Mr. Khairul! Thanks for being so responsible to us, teaching us with your true heart, love you! :)

After class, went to try Aseanica to try their new food. It's cheap and nice! Woah! Saw in Foursquare tips saying their service quite sux but overall i feel is good :)

Then, we ter-skipped Advance Advertising class because we have important formal presentation tomorrow. Ahhh damn stress and tension. After discussion, went to Happy Garden and today i'm gonna stay here and the following days too.

Take my shower and dinner there. Then start blogging and make a IPod guidance for my mum, write all the note out and start closing all the notifications center, this and that. About 10pm, she came back and I start teaching her, we had chat a lot and laugh a lot, and I start missing her when she left. I feel like crying. I still remember when I was a kid, she always went overseas and I cry badly, until I cannot breathe :(  And now, I feel like crying the same way too. I actually wonder for about a week, will I feeling helpless in these 2 weeks time? Nobody call me and nag me, nobody call me and ask me where I am, ask me dont back home so late :( Maybe she will through Kakao Talk or Talk Box if she successfully connect and still remember how to use. But if not? We only can chat through sms :( Ahhh I start missing her right now :'(

I better sleep now and get ready for tomorrow's presentation :'( Good luck for me.

Love you, mummy, kell.

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