Sunday, October 7, 2012

| 07102012 | * I'm Feeling Different Today.

Hello! Planned to go home today, but I fail to do so. Because when my grandmother knows I wanted to back home, she was shocked. So I plan to back tomorrow when my cousin auntie is here. 

I'm feeling different today, without any reason. I did not sleep well yesterday because of waking up few times because my grandmother wanted to pass motion. I delayed my wake up timing from 830am to 930am. Wow, satisfaction with the extra an hour :D

Went to buy some food for grandmother. Besides, I went other places to search for more foods so that I can buy varieties of foods for her next week.

I'm feeling different today, not because of waking up middle of night. Just without any reason, I feel good today. I does not have any negative things in my mind. I smile a lot, I did not purposely thinking positive things to cheer myself as well. But just feeling calm and comfortable, although the weather is hot. I'm feeling forgiving, I'm feeling tolerating, I'm feeling understanding, I'm feeling believing. Even I talked to cousin auntie that our family used to dislike them because of being irresponsible and always giving a lot of excuses of not taking care my grandmother. I used to hate her, I used to curse her, I used to have anger on her. But unexpected, I asked her whether she wanted to eat foods that I bought? Is without any reason, without considering, I'm just asking her like I used to talk to my friend. This is weird. She even watch movie with me by using my laptop. She also asked me whether want mooncake or lunch? After a few hours of that kind of situation, I starts wondering, is it what you receive are what you give out? In the book of The Magic, it talks about what we receive are what we being gratitude of, the more we being grateful of, the more we'll receive on.

Oh what happened today? I seriously feel calm and I'm still feeling this is unbelievable. It's just a random naturally to do so. What happened? But I feel good, really. How I wish I could have this feeling everyday. The feeling is just like you have nothing else to hold on, to rise up your anger, you are just being calm. I'm just live so peacefully today.

Thank you, kellye.

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