Wednesday, June 29, 2011

| 29062011 | * Happy Birthday Joseph! ♥

first of all, happy birthday to Joseph..!! Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to you..~ Although you are so far away from me, but must take care yourself and please come back often! I want go drink ku cha at Kong Woh Tong! :p and want go Genting, The Lost World and eat Bakuteh ;) You are so far away from me, but our heart is near to each other. My heart got you, your heart got me. We love each other aren't we? OHMYGAWD i seems like proposing like that :p i mean friendship's love nar, you know i know kan? :) all the best to you! miss and love you 

Happy Birthday Joseph, Shy! 


back to the topic. went college and have to see our supervisor about the project thing. but before that, we, ze girls - Chian, Yilin, Huibin and me went Ampcorp Mall and had our brunch - Korean food! wooyeah! yumyum so damn nice :D after that, back to college and look for supervisor. then, class as usual :)

class end, went home and for a while, went IOI with mua sixta eat mum mum at Esquire Kitchen. after that, went Jusco and met my mami up because she wanted to buy swim suit. after she left, me and mua sixta had Tutti Fruitti. then here wr are home! :D


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

| 28062011 | * Look Out Point :D

hurayyy! i am here to announce that i skipped today! why? because this is my first time to skip my class, in this semester :D hence, i dont care so much lah! just take a rest at home :D

night time, Joseph pick me up and went Look Out Point with Leong, ZhengYi aka Duncan and Sha. we had dinner there, what i ate is tomyum. i think everytime i meet them i also have to eat tomyum. because Joseph said that if i eat tomyum, i can save money for cosmetic, i look maked-up. natural beauty i am :p hahahaha.

after that, went shisha with them. i dont feeling well after shisha. even i vomit in Joseph's car, after dropped Sha. everyone is so ganjiong .__. make me ganjiong also. LOL! Leong get down from car and buy water and sweet, Joseph walk to me and beat my back so that i feel better. and about ZhengYi........ he went toilet. HAHA. anyway thanks so much, i really feel the concern :D

12am, wishing Joseph happy birthday :D miss and love you 


Monday, June 27, 2011

| 27062011 | * Happy Birthday Chian! ♥

guess what? it's Chian's birthday today! Happy Birthday mua dear! 

went to class as usual, but there are someone damn pretty and sexy today. who else? of course ze birthday girl lahh! ;D

class end, back to mua house rest. cause we are so damn tired. rest for a while then, start helping her to make up, so damn got image today :D then get ready and wait for Lek come and pick us up.

after that, gather location are Fei's house 

then move to the place - Yuan's Steamboat! :) we celebrate her birthday there for her, hope she dont mind :D

after that, gave presents and cut cake session :D

then, second round at Canai, Subang. yamcha there and mua brother so damn give face. he 
went there and wish Chian also. and also took photo as well :D 

late night, thanks to Lek sent me home :) Once again, Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy! 


Sunday, June 26, 2011

| 26062011 | * Genting Highlands :D

today, we've planned to go Genting. wooyeah! together with Joseph, Sha and Leong but Leong cant go. then 3 of us headed to Mc Donald's in PJ area. Sha had her very first breakfast meal in Mc Donald's for her very first in life time ;) plan plan plan, talk talk talk. then we foung ZhengYi aka Duncan. went puchong to picked him up and goooo!

oh yeaaaaa, today im gonna be the driver. i fetched everyone and my first time drive to Genting. feel so proud mannnn ;p

with K-Pop in car, chit-chatting around. very funnn and i do really enjoy you know ;) although im driving but i seriously enjoy a lot :)

reached half mountain, Joseph take over my place and drove until the Genting Highlands. at the moment, i really feel so thankful to Susan - ze Garmin GPS *although im Papago promoter*

first thing, we went into the theme park. but we only play for few things. even the roller coaster also we didnt get the chance to play. actually we do, but we let other people play ;( then its raining already. haiks. kinda lots of people, especially kids. perhaps its Sunday?

after theme park then we also walked around and hunt for food courts food- tomyum ;) until around 5 something, Joseph drove and we left Genting. headed to Sunway Pyramid. walk walk around, had our bitter tea at Kong Woh Tong. then still walk walk around, lepak in Popular. then finally we went to Ru Jia to had our dinner. everyone seems soo tired!

last round, i sent everyone home. then im home :)

- woo i want thisss :D

- mwah! 

- sha and me - Dabez ;)

- Duncan and me ;)

- Joseph and me ;)

- dont get the chance to play ;(

- after tomyum :D

- its raining oh its raining ;(

- heavy haze..

- at kong woh tong : >


- Friendship Forever! ♥ -


Friday, June 24, 2011

| 24062011 | * Secondary Teachers' Day.

woke up darn early this morning, 6am. get ready everything and wait for puiyi come and pick my up. then pick teckseang up. reached out secondary like around 645am? met up zhihong. then went kanna curry house to had our darn early breakfast :)

after makan, walked into the school and sit in the reading corner which is a place that i hate damn much. cause.. i kena bully at there, always. wait for kokming and kaijin. more while then they finally reach.

walked around and meet up the teachers that in our list that buy the egg tarts for them. they are Mr. Michael, Puan Chee, Puan Chia, Puan Teh and Encik Lim.

Mr. Michael- our 2 years class teacher, although he always shout at us but he's nice ''sometimes'' :)

Puan Chee- taught me like once for sivik, but she is damn kind. she saw my school uniform kinda old then when she asked me why dont buy new one. i was joking with her and tell her no money. she said she buy for me. HOW NICE RIGHTTT!? :)

Puan Chia- our LM [ Lembaga Maintenance ] teacher :)
* she ignore us......*

Puan Teh- chinese teacher which always shout my name when i sleeping in her class :p

Encik Lim- the always kena bully teacher. not really close with him but he's pity always kena bully. HAHAHA.
*photos not with me?*

met them up and gave them the egg tarts, the most longest time to chat with - Puan Teh. second is Puan Chee. the most kena abandon- Puan Chia ;'(

after that, went to Ipoh Chicken Rice and had our lunch there. more while then, left to sunway pyramid walk around and find friends in Machines. after that, went papa rich to makan again. teehee ;)

5pm, we left ;) i am tired ;(


- Puan Teh, me, puiyi and Puan Chee.

- zhihong, kaijin, kokming, me, Puan Chee, Puan Teh, puiyi and teckseang.