Friday, June 24, 2011

| 24062011 | * Secondary Teachers' Day.

woke up darn early this morning, 6am. get ready everything and wait for puiyi come and pick my up. then pick teckseang up. reached out secondary like around 645am? met up zhihong. then went kanna curry house to had our darn early breakfast :)

after makan, walked into the school and sit in the reading corner which is a place that i hate damn much. cause.. i kena bully at there, always. wait for kokming and kaijin. more while then they finally reach.

walked around and meet up the teachers that in our list that buy the egg tarts for them. they are Mr. Michael, Puan Chee, Puan Chia, Puan Teh and Encik Lim.

Mr. Michael- our 2 years class teacher, although he always shout at us but he's nice ''sometimes'' :)

Puan Chee- taught me like once for sivik, but she is damn kind. she saw my school uniform kinda old then when she asked me why dont buy new one. i was joking with her and tell her no money. she said she buy for me. HOW NICE RIGHTTT!? :)

Puan Chia- our LM [ Lembaga Maintenance ] teacher :)
* she ignore us......*

Puan Teh- chinese teacher which always shout my name when i sleeping in her class :p

Encik Lim- the always kena bully teacher. not really close with him but he's pity always kena bully. HAHAHA.
*photos not with me?*

met them up and gave them the egg tarts, the most longest time to chat with - Puan Teh. second is Puan Chee. the most kena abandon- Puan Chia ;'(

after that, went to Ipoh Chicken Rice and had our lunch there. more while then, left to sunway pyramid walk around and find friends in Machines. after that, went papa rich to makan again. teehee ;)

5pm, we left ;) i am tired ;(


- Puan Teh, me, puiyi and Puan Chee.

- zhihong, kaijin, kokming, me, Puan Chee, Puan Teh, puiyi and teckseang.



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