Wednesday, June 22, 2011

| R4ND0M | * Feel like wanna die.

woke up at around 1030am, had enough sleep for like more than 8 hours? then out to college to met up mua friends. planned 1pm had lunch together with the dears. reached college area like around 1140am, the first round i've found parking, but i dont know what the hell happened to the car behind, im showing signal and waiting for the car to reverse. what the hell? horn me like 3 times, the people wanted to go for toilet? or what happened? i wonder how the people find parking! dont have to wait? imagine if the people is waiting for parking and the car behind keep on horn. WHAT THE HELL. i am freaking angry about that you know. you know the people makes me find like extra 4 round. what the hell. i damn effing pekcek!

second thing, i texted few messages to few people but NO ONE reply me. and i was like, what happened today? i am no anyone else? really damn no mood. i feel like wanna leave this place just back to my house and use the pillow cover myself and just sleep! i damn effing no mood now. but at last chian replied me, thanks God. 

third thing, i dont wanna tell here. 

fourth, im not gonna tell here too.


everyone, HAVE A NICE DAY.


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Anonymous said...

ur third & fourth things veli weird...!!!!frm kinson tan