Saturday, June 4, 2011

| 04062011 | * Treasure Hunt Day :D

its day of treasure hunt, the 16th. last year i did joined with my family as well. for your reference, click the links to refer back the last year. [link] and [link]

okay this year! where is the location? port dickson! i was like.. ehem.. *counting with my fingers* and *mumbling 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.....* 10 years i didnt went there? OMG i grow up already yay! LOL!! yeah seriously i already forget how is the beach looks like. LOL.

okayyyy back to the topic. around 7am, reached Ampang and had breakfast. still blur blur. this year we got 8 for our number! match our civic number plate :p listen to them for some briefing and then, finally. first station head to PJ, then puchong bandar puteri for hunt! all the way hunt until port dickson :D

* Progress of hunt i dont have to be that details *


around 3pm, treasure hunt end. heading to our hotel room. omgbbq the air cond so damn hot! -.- even after shower, or u nap, just cover your blanket then you're sweating already LOL. serious okay im serious. .__.

after nap, around 630pm, woke up and shower, then went to a place nearby to had our dinner! wooyeah ♥♥♥ 

besides, they announce the result as well, wooyeah! we improved already wakakaka .__. we got number......? 16!! yay! :p last year we number 20 plus weih! LOL. yay yay! :p

finally ends, then still not full. went to hunt for food. but there's nothing much to eat, but we found a malay restaurant and their tomyum and food were overall not bad. after that then, went back to hotel and sleep! :)

Nice weather :p


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