Tuesday, June 28, 2011

| 28062011 | * Look Out Point :D

hurayyy! i am here to announce that i skipped today! why? because this is my first time to skip my class, in this semester :D hence, i dont care so much lah! just take a rest at home :D

night time, Joseph pick me up and went Look Out Point with Leong, ZhengYi aka Duncan and Sha. we had dinner there, what i ate is tomyum. i think everytime i meet them i also have to eat tomyum. because Joseph said that if i eat tomyum, i can save money for cosmetic, i look maked-up. natural beauty i am :p hahahaha.

after that, went shisha with them. i dont feeling well after shisha. even i vomit in Joseph's car, after dropped Sha. everyone is so ganjiong .__. make me ganjiong also. LOL! Leong get down from car and buy water and sweet, Joseph walk to me and beat my back so that i feel better. and about ZhengYi........ he went toilet. HAHA. anyway thanks so much, i really feel the concern :D

12am, wishing Joseph happy birthday :D miss and love you 


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